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My Independent Identity - Part 1

She distributed everything equally. Did not want to be unfair not suffer injustice. She wrote a complete account on a piece of paper so that Ravi would not feel that she had absconded with the money.she also wrote on what basis she had done the distribution.a cash saving of Rs. 10,000/- was lying in the cupboard they had. Planned to have it credited in a fixed deposit account in the bank.but before it could be done,she had to leave.she took exactly five thousand from the savings.even if that earning was Ravi's , she had a share in the savings. Exactly half.wouldn't her savings be a lot more than this if she had been working? She had been a teacher in high school. She used to gate a couple of tuitions. She easily earned about a thousand rupees,but after marriage Ravi said , ' I get enough money. Why do you have to go to work? Instead you could undertake any other activity you like , She was convinced of what Shyam said. One would earn and one would look after the house. Division of labour. Equal labour for both of them and also equal reckoning. Right from childhood she had been aware of this reckoning, this equality At the time of marriage she had told Ravi , 'I had wanted to marry a man who would accept a woman's independent identity; one who would accept'her equal right in everything. I can tolerate anything, can eat even a dry chappati, but I cannot tolerate the violation of my, pride in equality.
Ravi put his hand in hers, 'I too believe that Hindu society has committed a great sin by subjugating a woman. Creating life, advancing it and sustaining it requires the effort of both equally, There is no question of one being superior or inferior.

Isha entered married life happily. Ran the home efficiently. She'd wanted to learn music so she started attending classes. She liked doing Rangoli. She even got a booklet of designs printed. Everything is moving fine, she felt but
But Ravi 's story turned out to be different. .
In the beginning it looked as if he too was very happy. He would come home early. Isha would still not have got ready and he would come and press her eyes; if she caught his fingers, he would kiss her hand. They would eat together, go out together.. They would tell each other every small and big incident of the day. Isha would listen attentively to the happenings of Ravi 's. office. Ravi would look intently at the changes. Isha had made in one of her new designs. .
But now .
She went on reminiscing as she put the money safely in her suitcase. How things began to change slowly and gradually. She did not realize when in this happy marital journey of equal rights Ravi began to search for his domainance. Gradually he began to say: . . . . . .
.: "You should remain at home only, when I come back.' Isha had assumed that he did not relish her absence or he was saying this because he was getting impatient to meet her after remaining away from her for the whole day. So, she changed the timings of her music classes. But even then she would get late sometimes.
One day Ravi said with irritation : "I do not at all like the idea of your not being home when. I.come back.'.
Isha was a little surprised and said: 'It is just likely that sometimes I get late but aren't you also late from office sometimes?'
Ravi said : 'It is a different matter where I am concerned.' Isha was furious: Why is it different for you?': Ravi kept quiet.

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