Chapter No:2 Hell or Heaven!
The next sun rose and the day began.

Julie raised and adorned herself to reach her set at a proper time, she strolled down and the early meal was decorated on the dining table. She proceeded and saw her mom.

"Hey, Good morning!" Jasmine vocalised in a blithe tone.

"Good Morning mom!" Julie vocalised.

"Come sit, I'll set your meal on a plate!" Jasmine vocalised and shifted a chair behind.

Julie settled on the seat, and Jasmine filled her plates with the early meal.

"I talked with Francesca Smith!" Jasmine vocalised.

Julie raised and glanced at her mom briefly. She was endeavouring to catch the reason behind her mom's talk.

"She desires to take you as her first daughter-in-law!" Jasmine vocalised with a smile.

"Charles Smith, she wants me to.....?" Julie left the question uncompleted as her mom nodded a yes before the question was completed.

Julie felt shocked as she knew about this matter. Her left hand instantly touches her temple; she didn't expect this to happen.

Julie had a good tuning with Charles on set as he played the main lead roles for her films and she played the female main lead role, they both turned up in maximum films they had a relationship named friends and assuming herself as his so-called wife was not acceptable by Julie. To glance deep in the matter they both were childhood friends and when recently Julie's uncle passed away she couldn't concentrate on anything she started staying dejected she couldn't gather herself for anything best but that was the time when Charles extended his helping hands he helped her to overcome the depression and she again walked back to her normal life. Witnessing this all scenes the Smith's and the Taylor's decided to get them in a union.

"No!" Julie's voice was thundering.

"Does Charles desire the same?" Julie questioned, glancing deep into her mom's eyes.

"Yes!" Jasmine vocalised.

Julie felt it as an epiphany and she wished it to be so.

"I think you should redefine this matter. He won't be your better half, he will be your best half!" Jasmine vocalised taking the beside seat.

Julie couldn't catch any words meaning she felt different till she knowledged her time with Charles he never articulated such feelings and emotions for her.

"I want some time to redefine the matter!" Julie vocalised with a plain voice, but her face reflected many ill emotions which processed inside her heart and mind.

She clutched the handbag and stood up. She directed herself towards the door. She unlatched her bag to visible her phone and dialled a call.

"This person can't even answer my call on time and he places an answer to marry me, the hell he creates for me, god!" Julie vocalised with immense irritation and vex.

She unlatched the car's door and settled on the driving seat and loaded the key inside the keyhole.

After 15 minutes of driving, Julie received a call, and she accepted the call.

"Hell!" Julie vocalised with immense vex.

"Heaven!" The person said.

"For you not for me!" Julie responded.

"What the hell is wrong with your mind, heart and obviously with your choice?" Julie vocalised out of frustration.

"Zilch, you think of yourself as a wrong choice?" He questioned.

"Stop it, why do you want this to happen?" Julie questioned.

"Meet me, after one week I am not at your current location. I am out for shoots and business work!" He said and narrated an address.

"Fine!" She responded.

They both ended up calling.

One week passed after the conversation, but Jasmine and Julie's father kept satisfying her about the relationship but she kept denying it. In between, she tried having conversations with Charles but she couldn't have any because he was very much occupied with his shoots and business work.

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