Chapter No: 5 Husband Material!

Joseph kept his palm on Julie's shoulder and said with a despairing tone" I tried explaining to her before too but she is not ready to accept my points!"

"I think you should consent!" Joseph said.

Suddenly Julie raised her head, her eyes filled with a thick layer of shocks.

"Do you even want me to consent dad?" Julie vocalised, shrinking her facial expression.

"You have no options, my Princess!" Joseph said.

"Charles smith is not at all a bad choice!" He said and left her back.

Jessica was hearing all the conversations by standing beside the dining table.

Jessica strolled toward Julie and questioned, " Sis, why don't you agree with mom?"

"You both can be a golden pair, you'll already be the best on the screen too!" Jessica said.

"Yes we are the best on-screen but it's reel life and this is real life!"Julie vocalised with a strong voice.

"Don't you think he is a good one, isn't he a good choice?" Jessica questioned.

"Yes, he is not a bad choice, he is husband material but he is not my type of material, Jessica!" Julie said while strolling ahead.

"Is something lacking inside him?" Jessica questioned.

"No, nothing lacks inside him, just I don't want him as my spouse!" Julie vocalised and strolled towards the garden to feel free.

Jessica walked behind her to converse and remove a good decision from her.

"I think something lacks inside him and that's the reason for your disapproval!" Jessica said.

Julie picked a red rose from the table and said" Not at all, Jessica!"

On the other side of the tale.

Charles was driving the car as Julie left her phone in his garden. He was on his way to submit it.

He departed to the villa and he reached there soon.

He entered inside and his gaze fell on the garden. He saw Julie there and strolled towards the garden.

Julie narrated Charles's profile which was portrayed in her eyes "Yeah, Charles is handsome, charming, friendly, affluent and elegant no girl will deny his proposal in her nightmare too, he is the best actor, best friend, best businessman, best CEO, and he also has the best heart!"

"Why don't you own him then?" A question raised up from behind.

Julie turned back and was startled.

It was Charles, Jessica left the conversation half, and to show respect she headed towards her room.

Charles had a mischievous smile on his face as he stepped a bit close to Julie.

His left hand rested inside his pants pocket, it made him look more elegant, and charming.

He took the red rose from Julie's clasp.

"You think of me as a husband material?" He questioned while patting the rose on her cheek.

Julie shrugged off and smiled as she said" Yeah you are!"

"Normally when ladies conversate in such matters they reflect some shyness but your face completely denies it, why so?" Charles questioned, he anew patted the rose on her cheek.

Julie disconnected her eye contact with him and looked in front.

"Why shy off while speaking on an ethical note!?" Julie said with a mischievous smile.

"So why don't you own me?" Charles questioned her with the same mischievous smile.

"Because you are not my type of material!" She turned to look into his eyes.

"What type of material do you need?" He patted the rose once again on her cheek.

"How can I assent you as my spouse, we were good friends and I desire the same for the rest of my life!" Julie said looking into his eyes.

Jasmine was relishing nature that's when her sight met Charles's presence.

Jasmine rushed down elegantly.

"Charles!" Jasmine vocalised heartily.

Charles turned, "Hi!" He said with a pleasant smile.

Julie predicted that everything hereafter will betide out of her fondness nothing will contain her happiness, she thought it scratching her temples.

"Why are you standing here, come inside!" Jasmine vocalises exuberantly.

"What the hell are you doing here Julie? Julie, you should have invited him inside!" Jasmine verbalised.

Julie took some steps in front and bowed down and articulated" Sorry!"

Charles enormously loved the way Julie bowed down even when her mistakes were zero.

All three stepped into the interior of the hall.

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