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Till date I am madly in love with the unfaithful.

I am a prisoner myself, now I am mad


I have done immense love with eyes closed.

I am crazy without any doubt


Everything came and went with time.

I went back where I was, I am mad.


has been reconciled every time

I have succumbed to the situation, I am mad.


Naad sat trusting in love.

Listen friend, now I am mad in chatter.



Look at the hobby, he is a Nawabi.

that's the only drawback


It is an old bed, it will not leave.

I am a lover of love


to do in life

in which god is pleased


Must win at any cost

This is the last game


be punished today

accustomed to the pain


Why shouldn't there be love?

beautiful princess


I came out in Fizao

Friend is fragrant



God just need a little mercy.

Heaven is now needed in the universe.


Lived a lot with your friends.

I need your company for the rest of my life.


Relationship with pain and sorrow is old.

I need my participation in happiness.


remember while gathering happiness

Now there is no need for any mistake.


No one can give you a garden.

Sakhi Khuda's health is needed.


Do not be careless in justice.

Martyrdom is required at the time of doomsday.


martyrdom - testimony

health care



Memories bring tears to my eyes.

Sakhi dries the eyes like a lake.


Today to woo the lover

Decorates the courtyard of the house with flowers.


Mad in carelessness and ignorance.

Every day the river of love flows.


The doors that have been bound for many ages.

knocks him even today


not reaching the destination

Barha goes on that path.


where piya is with you

find peace and tranquility there



need support to live

just a hint


written with love

the song must be sung


From the rain of Tabassum

Rutho should be celebrated.


by making dreams

Asia should be made



The journey of the bird of dreams never ends.

There is no cure for old canker sores.


Something has happened that has made my heart sour.

There is some thing that does not happen every time.



Listen, there is a huge mistake of many births.

God would not have been so heartless by trusting.


Keep your mind and heart cool

Most of the day is not hotter than the night.



the pain bothers me

heart is full of memories


to identify myself

life has been preserved


lest there be any mistake

Always have the fear of God.


Staying in the shelter of God

The soul has been kept strong.


to find peace

Today I have put my head on my shoulder


Light the fire after seeing Taufik

Friends have kept the eyes moist.


Look at the guidance of friends.

Shivering in the morning and evening



Love is the most beautiful of all

you wanted to talk


Stop for a moment and let me walk

Wired to the wishes ll


That secret love

Every gesture shows your acceptance.


Deeply in love with my heart

waited for you for hours


I know you are very stubborn.

will accept with consideration


Humsafar, Humsaaya, Humnawa ho.

I will cry for you in separation


My heart is filled with your world.

Friend will leave this world now.



Someone's soul wanders in fissures.

They too are definitely looking for someone.



I got angry, what happened?

heart roars what happened


The gardener had killed himself in the garden.

What happened?


Listen, there is no going anywhere from here.

be sad what happened


The sun was out just now.

thick fog what happened


you just stopped talking

Just kidding, what happened?


He used to come to meet on time.

Sorry about what happened, what happened?


Live in your own fun like this.

Leave it all, what happened?



It is important to be happy.

It's a beautiful illusion


garden decorated with flowers

God has mercy today


someone is waiting

We are lucky friend


The name of Sajna has come.

Wounded Heart's Ointment


written with love

His name is Farham.



Life needs pause.

Friend, want desired shade.


sweet smell of earth

We need a village decorated with gardens.


moving towards the floor

Need feet full of courage


to live the best life

Life boat needs Rao.


innocent shy beautiful playful c

Chow is needed to reach the soul.



The day of Lohri has come.

lit the fire of love

There is peace in Fiza.

celebrate with brotherhood


The sound of spring has come

Mustard cultivation

The enthusiasm of happiness arose in the mind.

decorated with different types of wood


Revdi, chikki with peanuts offered.

Surrendering body and mind with joy and glee

Let's celebrate Lohri together today.

Happy Lohri to all



seen from afar

waited for hours


nice meeting

prepared myself


Friend, give me lots of oaths.

Will fully wasted


listening to the heart

the heart expressed


Leaving worldly life today

Fakir will be loved



Existence cannot be separated from the soul.

no one keeps on giving forever


Fair fair innocently on the face.

Tabassum style suits very much


I longed to see

Abida ll became by waiting


just say what you want to say

Don't scold me while leaving


Sometimes I get tears, sometimes I feel sad.

Love has a different law.


If you can come, you will come to say.

promise never to lie


Lovers are soft hearted.

God only believes in love


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