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“Kiku! Help…”, said I, heading towards him. I was about to hug him when he displayed his right palm and stepped back.

“Sir?”, asked I, with tears accumulating in my eyes. He slapped me. Drops of tears rolled down my cheeks. None had ever slapped me-not even my parents or school teachers. But, I don't know why I couldn't be angry at his action.



Naomi’s POV

“Sir, can you please extend my case-study submission deadline to next week?”, a junior guy requested. He stood at Akshat’s table in the faculty staffroom.  

The other tables housed handbags or laptop bags along with either a bundle of papers to mark, a couple of stick file submissions, or a few textbooks. Papers, I guess, must be those of the backlog. Another backlog batch, so soon? Fine, it's the university’s concern!

I stood at the entrance. The air conditioners were turned off; thanks to the initiative towards saving electricity.  The door was thrown wide open. Undoubtedly, it was the perfect spot to stand and watch Kiku…I meant to watch their conversation.

“No worries, I understand the importance of compassionate leave”, replied Akshat, closing the fat and tall textbook of at least five-hundred pages with a plain and simple bookmark. ‘Public International Law’, it announced, in a shadowy dark green color on the milky white background.

As the student smiled and swallowed his tears, Kiku reassured him, “We are all born to die one day. Don’t worry, your granny would have rested in the great heavens by now. But, remember the point of fact that none leaves our lives. Although the body is gone, their memories stay with us forever.”

“Aww! Akshat is very understanding. How can you understand and solve everyone’s problems?”, I wondered, letting out a secret grin at him. He wore a light brown shirt with gray vertical stripes. He was clean-shaven. It also seemed as if he had done a bit of facial too, for, he looked extra fresh that day. Huh! I wonder how he isn’t stare-conscious. Urgh! Stop it, Naomi…he is your lecturer. Don’t stare at him like this. It's wrong.

Akshat patted his student. “Take your time to heal and finish the post-death rituals or formalities. Your reason is genuine so I have agreed….”The two nodded at each other as Akshat continued his attempts to make him feel better.

“Hi sir, how are you? Naomi is here! Hello!”, thought I, staring at Akshat who was engrossed in his conversation. “Why doesn’t telepathy work with him? Isn’t it a crucial element of love? Nope, love is a feeling. There are no prerequisites for love…”

Wait! Have you lost it, Naomi? Urgh! How is it love in the first place? Naomi, listen, he is Akshat sir-not your lover…Bah! Love? No, Naomi, no way. Don’t overthink. There isn’t anything beyond his mentorship toward you. Stop! I kept advising myself looking down at the floor.

“Naomi!”, he called me. I lifted my eyes up at him. The student crossed past me. Akshat blushed as I walked inside. He got up from his seat. He rushed to hug me. He wrapped my cheeks in his cozy arms and couldn’t take his eyes off mine. I couldn’t stop blushing at his happiness on seeing me after a month. His pupils dilated; I could feel his heartbeat in mine.

“Aye! Kiku!”, said I, chuckling along, as he pulled my cheeks.

“Sexy!”, said he, “How long has it been since I saw you the last time? Hmm…See that's why I hate semester exams. I could see you but not meet you and talk to you during the entire last month…”

“Kiku!”, I interrupted him. “It's the first time I see that a lecturer hates exams! Aww!” He hugged me once again. Within a couple of seconds, he released me, as soon as we heard someone’s footsteps. 

“Oops! Excuse me!”, said Shreyas sir. Akshat and I stood close to each other. We faked a smile and shook our heads hither and thither at him. “I’m afraid I interrupted a couple’s romance. I shall come later. Bye! Enjoy guys!”

“Sir, no, we aren’t a couple. We don’t love each other…”, began I, to deny him. He nodded at Akshat, shrugging at me.  He chuckled and blushed, marching away from us.


I sat opposite Akshat by his table. “Naomi, you are a defaulter”, he commented, opening the drawer and pushing the textbook in. I shrugged and raised my eyebrows at him. 

“Yes, you are. If not, where is my assignment?”, asked he, shrinking his eyes. “I know that we couldn’t meet in person. But, you could have shared your answer through WhatsApp or a simple mail too would have served the purpose. But, no response?! So undisciplined of you!”

“Sir, which assignment? I have always submitted my assignments on time. The semester is done now…”

He chuckled. He stretched his hands on the table and leaned forward. I bulged my eyes and leaned back in my seat.

“Oh looks like you studied way too much for the academic semester. Have you forgotten the dairy milk assignment? If so, shall I remind you of the same?”, he whispered.

Scenes of him falling upon me in the store room and applying the liquid chocolate on my face flashed in my mind. I looked away from him and blushed secretly; I felt my heartbeat freeze as I remembered his question: “Can you stop me, Kiku?”

“Akshat sir, why are you putting me into the dilemma again and again? How I wish we never spoke about the intimate incident…”, wondered I.

He gave a soft knock on the table. I turned at his closed fist and slowly looked up to catch him blushing and looking into my eyes. I pushed a strand of my hair behind my left ear.

“Mhmm…Ummm…What sort of question was it, sir? Why should I stop you? I mean…how do you think I can stop you?”, asked I. He responded with a puzzled face.  “Am I a station master to display a red flag to stop the railway bogie?”, I clarified. 

While he nodded and let out a long deep sigh commenting that I was good at managing that question, I stood up. I took my bag and headed back towards the entrance. “Go, sir, I came to say something and you are just distracting me”, said I.

“Hey, cool! Cool!”, said he, appearing in front of me and blocking my way, expanding both his hands sideways. “Sorry, Kiku!”, he apologized, shrinking his eyes and holding his right ear. I folded my hands and stood blushing silently.

Aww, Akshat sir! You’re so cute and sweet. You are such a supportive partner…Naomi, stop. Why are you noticing him with a bad eye again? Urgh! Why a partner? Beware of the fact that he is your lecturer.

“Finally! I’m glad you arrived at my point. Phew! Kiku is listening to me after so long. I can’t believe this”, said I, looking up at the ceiling and dragging my observation. 

“Ahh, sir!”, I exclaimed, as he tickled me. 

“Sexy! Do you agree now that it's real? I’m indeed listening to you this one time. Now, quickly tell me what you want to do.”

I took my gold medal out of my bag. I grinned as I showcased it to him.

“Oh, screw me! How did I forget your first achievement at Janki University?”, began he. “My hearty congrats to you, Naomi! This is just a semester. You have three more semesters to finish your degree. Keep going, my dear Kiku!”, he wished me, taking the medal in his hands and massaging it. “I must have wished you earlier as soon as I saw you…but my assignment was more important…”

No no, don't let him return to the awkward topic. Naomi, do something!


Love is so blind that it just happens unexpectedly.
You may fall for anyone!
Would you let go of your policy if you fell for someone you shouldn't? What would you choose-your policy or your beloved?


“Sir, it's okay. Thanks for your appreciation now. I know you would have wished me from your seat in the auditorium as soon as I received my medal. I know that you are happy for me…Thanks again!”

This time, for a change, I hugged him. I closed my eyes and rested my head on his shoulder. “Thank you very much, sir, for all your support. You mean a lot to me. You were, you are and you will always remain a special person of my life”, said I. He too wrapped me in his cozy arms.

“Oh, another err! What’s wrong with me nowadays?”, I wondered, releasing him. “Why did I hug him?...”, I worried, rolling my eyeballs hither and thither. His eyes were on mine. He read my mind.

“Hey, it's fine. Don’t bother yourself by hugging me this time. Remember how I permitted you to hug me whenever you wanted to celebrate?”, he relieved me. I recollected how I had hugged him the first time when the registrar ma’am confirmed my transfer. I nodded and smiled widely.

“Thanks, Kiku. I hastened with a foolish decision to leave my ex-college and return to Pune. I was blank about my career until I met you. Your efforts to help me continue my degree and dreams…I will never forget you in my life even after my death…”

He placed his finger on my lips. He frowned, shaking his head along. 

“Naomi, why are you talking like my grandma now? Death? Are you mad? Don’t you dare utter such words ever again. Got it?”

“Aww! It came out of emotions. That's it!...”

He neared me. He wrapped my cheeks in his cozy arms. He breathed hard, reminding me, “Don’t you know how much you mean to me? You are my life, Naomi.” He kissed my palms. I looked down and blushed.

“Hmmm…Sexy! Someone is blushing…someone is feeling shy…”

I looked back at him and shook my head rapidly. I blushed as he highlighted, “Naomi, there is a secret within me that you don’t know. Do you want to?” I nodded readily.

“But, leave. Why would I tell you? Why should I? After all, it's my secret…”He leaned to rest his hip on his desk.

“Sir, please tell me…please…”, I pleaded, nearing him and shrinking my eyes.

“Ok, as you are begging me so much, let me reveal it. Poor girl”, said he, holding my hands. I shrugged at his overacting nature; he was cute though.

He let his fingers through my hair. I blushed as he went on, “When you reached out to me seeking transfer, I noticed the unique combination of fun and ambitiousness in you. You were funny because you left your college due to the sunny city…Hahaha!”

“Sir! But, you never laughed at it even when you heard it the first time…”

“Cool, Kiku. That isn’t my point. Wait!”, said he, pulling me closer. Our eyes were lost in each other.  “And I could see your passionate, goal-oriented nature in your eyes. I was impressed, meaning that's when I started liking you. My like..”He quoted it, continuing, “turned into love eventually, naturally, over time, as we got along together. I don’t have a reason to love you. I just couldn’t help falling for you.”

Aww! Akshat sir, I have never been this close to a guy ever before. I didn’t know you liked my nature.

“In fact, I understood your selflessness when you helped the lady on the bus. That was the first time I met you. I wondered if a heroine like you existed in today’s competitive world. Society is offered help due to materialistic reasons, just to show off and not to serve one’s timely needs. But, you are genuine. I wanted to mingle with you but our busy Sunday didn’t let me. I was glad to meet you at the university”

“Aww! So sweet of you, sir. I was surprised and excited to see a random bus mate in a university that was my last hope to accomplish my goal. You taught me what life is…”

Oops! What are you up to, Naomi? Are you out of your mind? Why do you feel this way? Why do you feel that he taught you about life? One feels it only for one’s soulmate…No no, he isn’t…he can’t be…

I observed him rubbing his palms and blushing at me. He neared to kiss my forehead so I pushed him gently and rushed to the door.

“Naomi, did you miss me?”

I stopped. I blushed. 

“Yes sir. Of course, I would…just like how I missed Vyomi, Karan, Tanvi, and Diya. I missed you and the other faculty…”

I heard his footsteps slowly approaching me.

“Are you blushing?”, he asked the next question.

I swallowed my heartbeat. I breathed hard. I tried to turn back but reminded myself that I will fail to control my cheeks from turning pinker whenever the two of us stayed alone. I chuckled and hid behind the stairs outside. I dared not to face him that very moment. I can’t explain why but I felt my heartbeat freezing every now and then whenever he stayed around me.


Why have you been feeling so, recently, Naomi? Why like just why? I had never been this close to a guy ever before. Akshat stood at the entrance. He looked hither and thither but couldn’t spot me. Yes! Phew! I did it. I escaped!

“Sexy! As a lecturer, I am not only destined to take law classes but also teach lessons to help my lover realize her feelings for me”, he grumbled. I chuckled, squatting on the floor. 

“Pity my poor fate! How much do I need to lecture? Hmm…”

He looked at the sky, praying, “Oh, Lord Ganesh! Don’t blis (bless) another man with a complicated love life. Please! I fall at your feet.” I giggled at the water tank opposite me. As he returned to his table, I chuckled and walked away.


“Cakewala”, announced the cursive and split white font on a light brown background. I bet my toe against the newly painted green bench outside. I ailed within me as I pushed the door. I looked around and spotted Shashank massaging his nose and scrolling the mobile phone. He sat on an isolated couch in the corner.

“I’m sorry. I ran out of time”, said I, rushing to take my seat opposite him. He checked me out.

“It's okay, darling. I have no worries waiting for a beautiful girl”, he commented, leaving his phone on the table between us. He stretched his arms and yawned. He stared at my boobs. 

“Which fellow would regret waiting to see an attractive and pink blooming rose?...A body made of beautiful rose milk…Do you bathe in rose milk every day?...”

“Excuse me, senior”, I interrupted him. I got up from my seat. 

“Senior? What happened, darling? You can call me Shashank or Shashoo baby too would do…”

I frowned, opposing, “Stop this nonsense.  You are verbally harassing me. According to Section 294 of IPC, you are punishable under the law. You can be fined or imprisoned up to three years for mentally harassing a girl…”

“Wow! I appreciate your efforts to speak at the courts. I am planning for an MBA after my degree, though…”

“I don’t care”, said I, banging the table a little hard and bulging my eyes at him. 

“Do you think I accepted your invitation to treat you?”, asked I. I displayed my right index finger. “I came here to warn you. You were misbehaving with me this morning. What's this ‘darling’ all about? Am I your girlfriend or someone very close to you? Any kind of uncomfortable behavior is sexual harassment.” I pointed at him, concluding, “And you are my offender. Stay away from me!”

He shrugged as he got up from his seat.

“Wait, darling. But, I wasn’t harassing you. I was trying to get closer to you and date you…”

“Listen, I am not interested in you.” 

“I know that a career-oriented nerd won’t have a boyfriend. I am single too. So…”

“Listen! Stop it. When a girl conveys that she is uncomfortable with your approach, you must stop. What damn approach? You are legit harassing me with words…”

“Hey, stop. I just intended to romance, not misbehave. Watch your words…”

“Can you please mind your language, first? Randomly getting closer to a girl isn’t a man’s good sign…”

“What? Every girl likes it when a man romances her…Aren’t you a biological girl? Come on, hahaha!...”

“Stop!” This time, I yelled so that the gang of juniors, a mixture of guys and girls, and the shopkeepers too noticed us. Shashank looked around and frowned at me.

“Why are you creating a scene now?”, he whispered in my ears. While the others returned to their work within the next second, he highlighted, “Isn’t it always like a girl accepts a guy who proposes to her if he is pretty decent?” 

He slowly let his fingers on my right hand. Yuck! I felt creeped out. I removed my hand and hid it behind. He threw a wicked smile and let his fingers on my left hand. While I tried to escape, he stamped my feet hard. 


“Ouch! Leave me…”, whispered I.

“Girls just accept because they keep waiting all their life to find a romantic partner. Am I right?”

“Absolutely wrong”, said I, trying to release myself but he held me firmly. He was about to touch my waist when I pushed him. “If at all such girls exist, I am not characterless”, I rebuked him. I was about to walk away when he caught my hand.

“Leave me, I repeat. Just get lost”, said I, attempting to release my hand. 

“Not just physical relationships. Trust me, I will date you, get married and stay with you forever, Naomi…”

“Enough of this, Shashank. You are molesting me.”

I looked around only to see the juniors leaving the stall. The shopkeepers were busy sipping their cups of evening tea. I attacked his chest hard with my sharp nails and pushed him to the ground.

“Akshat sir!”, I wondered at Kiku frowning and closing his fists. He stood in the first passage after the lawn juxtaposed to ‘Cakewala’. I swallowed my fear at Shashank, massaging his chest, gnashing his teeth, and standing up with rage to catch me again. I hurried outside the shop.

“Kiku! Help…”, said I, heading towards him. I was about to hug him when he displayed his right palm and stepped back.

“Sir?”, asked I, with tears accumulating in my eyes. He slapped me. Drops of tears rolled down my cheeks. None had ever slapped me-not even my parents or school teachers. But, I don't know why I couldn't be angry at his action.

“Akshat sir!”, I trembled. I observed tears rolling down his cheeks as well. He raised his eyebrows and swallowed his tears. His meek and hesitant eyes had grown red at me, for the first time.

Oh no! What just happened? What’s Akshat up to?

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