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"Change and Life"

Nowadays it seems as if there is no time. That's just something strange in everyone's life.. As there are so many options, sometimes you don't understand exactly what to get, sometimes the time is going so well that it happens that it will stay like this forever.. sometimes just see the whole life by memory or that moment what you wanna live in future with your wish..

From the beginning of the day, many questions come to the mind and when there is office work, the brain runs at such a speed that even if we are sitting in one place, it seems as if we have circled the whole world. But what happens now, there are feelings and also responsibilities.. The tension that comes from certain things has become such a part of life that without it, it seems that there is peace in life. No tension, no competition. No pain, not feel the moment, even not time to listen what soul needs or what you do.. Yes, I know that time has become busy with tension and competition. Even then, if I say that there is no tension, no competition, it is not reasonable, but it is true. "Because it is only when these expectations and frustrations exceed a certain limit that tension and competition take place in life." Sometimes the change that comes in life is not acceptable and maybe we don't like the change.

To give a general example, it can be said that when a teacher is appointed for a subject in a class in a school, the students do not like the change because they are "in the habit" of studying with the teacher they had before. " has fallen, and for some time this change is not acceptable because the teaching method of the newly appointed teacher is different from that of the previous teacher, the "acquaintance with the students is still new", but after some time the change is acceptable. . Why..? Now you must have understood, and this is to say, that everyone has had this experience.

There is something similar in life. The thing that is taken away from us is very harmful, or the second thing that is to be found is better than the first thing. And "we cannot accept this state of change until we are properly acquainted with it." happening." As soon as we understand what these changes will bring, we immediately accept them, and competition is normal. And saying "competition is motivation..." So..? Now think if there is no competition how will you do your job? When will you strive to produce the best results possible in your work? If there is competition, you will put in a lot of effort to improve your work and you will be happy with the success you get. Tension.. "The things or situations that are going to happen in the future come from thoughts. And while competition always inspires to try better and succeed and stay active."

- Snehal Pandya