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Arrange Marriage - 4

Arrange Marriage
Season -1
Episode -3
"Alan is cold?"

Alan: What? Who -

???: Oh pls- You can't find out if you kept asking. Go ahead and ask me what I want instead

-Alan hangs up-

Alan's pov - What the hell? Why would someone call it like that?

-Meanwhile with Aria-

Aria Mom-


Aria: I don't want to marry. Bob is blind.

Mylie: Ugh - Here we go again - Bob is blind you can't marry him-(Bob) But Alan isn't?

Aria: Isn't blind?
Mylie: Yes. I thought you should marry Bob cause you deserve a blind man

-Aria cries-

Mylie:Do the chores brat -!

Aria: starts to do her chores
- Meanwhile with kela and Bob-

Kela: Bob...

Bob: Yes, Kela?

Kela: I have a surprise for you.
Bob: Oh no. Kela you don't have to.
Kela: you can see me again.
Bob: What? kela don't tell me, part-time job's money -you on me? wasted all I your

Kela: Silly! I worked only for this surprise. Only if you cooperate with the doctors!

Bob: Kila! My wife! I always love you! YI that I com

Kula! Me too!

Kela takes bob to the hospital - last -Bob undergoes laser surgery-

-After the Surgery-

Doctore: Hey kela! Bob can see it again!

Kela: Oh my! Thank You!

Bob: K-kela! oh my god! I can see you again!

Meanwhile Alan-

Helium Alan

Alan. yes, Dad?

Helium :Today we are going To have dinner with them! invite chad's family!

Alan: ok?

Helum: Don't mess it up! Get ready!

-Alan gets ready-

chad's family comes-

Helium: Oh! Greetings! Chad my loyal friend! How is your day going?

Chad: Greetings! It's going well. What about you?

Helum: Good! Oh, my Aria! your looking
Mylie whispers to Aria: Brat! you better not mess this up!

Aria: Thank you-

Chad whispers to Aria: Father-in-law!
Aria: Thank you- f-father-in-law .

Helum: Oh your welcome dear! Why not let Aria and Alan have a private chat? Shall we?

Chad: Sure!
-Mylie stares and scares Aria and goes-

Aria: Hello

Alan: Hi

Aria: I am s-sorry to say this-but-

Alan: What?

Aria: Let's have ice cream.

Alan: Look! If you think you can look pretty and impress me? Then go away! s**t!

Aria: No-It's not like that-

Alan: "Your Daddy's girl! with lots of money! Yeah, I know!

Aria: No-I-I thinks you misunderstood.
Alan:. I know girls! and their intentions! go away!

Aria was hurt so deeply by Alan's words.
Ariaspov: How can I live with him? He is so mean.

Alan: You will see... What I can do? Helium comes back with chad, Mylie, and Swetha-

Helum You two are the best couple! I have good news! Tomorrow is your marriage day! Everything is Ready...

End of season 1 épisode-4 Tomorrow is their marriage day? How is Aria going to handle this stay tuned for the next episode!
If you like my series please do share and comment your ideas for the next episode 🙂!Rate it ,I hope you enjoyed the episode!

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