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Wrong Love Right Love-Part 11-Her unseen side




Chapter Highlights…

“Why is it so, Dhilip? Why did my first love remain incomplete?... I know that Kavin triggered it first through his possessiveness, otherwise, I would have never thought about us, yet, love is still love, right? It somehow happened! Why was destiny unfair to me in the touching matter of love?” She closed her eyes and cried her heart out. I pulled her closer and hugged her.

“I feel sorry for you. Sorry…Sorry…”, said I. 

Aww, Rohini, how much has your little heart gone through?...


Dhilip’s POV

I patted her shoulder again, this time, harder, as if I passed a stream of electrons throughout her body. She turned back and faked a smile.

“Any fight with Srithika or your other friends?”

 “Nope! I’m fine. Why don’t you agree?...”

“Then, why are your eyes red as if you read a marked slide through a microscope?”

“Oh, wow! That's my mom’s job as a pathologist. Not mine”, said she, chuckling along. I smiled and nodded. “Glad to learn this!”

“It's said that one’s sorrows cut down on sharing. Remember that I’m always here for you”, I consoled her. She presented her beautiful smile inviting deep dimples while I blushed a little.

“But, you may find my reason silly. It's still serious in my eyes…”

“Whatever it is, I’m ready to listen to it and heal my Rohi…I mean, friend. Let me see if any of my words, in response to it, can help you, as well.”

She blushed entirely, for the first time, and nodded.  We wore our bags and left the lecture hall. I was just with her, in the lifts, crossing three floors down, to land us on the ground floor. We walked together to descend the stairs, at the entrance, and leave our block.


How I wish I caught her hands as we began heading to cross the sunny quadrangle and end up in the admin block, the very first block one would see, on visiting our small and sweet college campus.

“Hey, watch out!”, I exclaimed, hugging her by the shoulders as a gang of guys rushed outside, dashed us, and ran downstairs. We wrapped ourselves in each others’ arms.


I cling to her, closer than ever before. She was engrossed in whispering and screwing the hopeless gang in my ears while I stared at the dark black kajal constituting the borders of her eyes. Her curly eyelashes were crowded and beautifully black enough, making it tiresome for one to guess if she had put on the eyeliner or not!


Hmm, thank you, angels, for bringing me this closer to her, lest, I would have never noticed her. I’m clear that noticing isn’t all about love, yet, it's a part of love, I believe. What do you say?

The canteen hardly had a seat or two left. We heard a long bell. As most students left, chit-chatting with a friend or two, or some, in big gangs, Rohini shrugged at me.

“What happened now?”, asked I.

“We have a class now. Need to return”, said she, turning back and sighing. I caught her hand.

“Hey, no. It's the boring Eco class again. It's okay, leave it. Your problem matters more to me and you too must prioritize the same. Come, let's talk.”

“Aww, thanks. You are sweet and approachable, Dhilip”, said she, blushing again. I blushed and escorted us toward an empty table in a corner.

“What if the security head screams at us? Eww”, she worried, sitting opposite me.

“He can’t do anything except shout at students. He acts as if he is our Dean. Fuck him!”

She chuckled and felt relieved at my words. “Let’s inform him that it's a free hour right now. Anyway, I haven't seen him since this morning. Sexy! Forget it. Let's talk now”, I reassured her.

“You can sit here”, said I, gesturing for her to sit beside me. We looked into each other's eyes for an entire minute. “It's okay…Umm...If you aren’t comfortable..”

“Hey, come on, no issues. Thanks for being here! I always wished there was someone to listen to my worries and reassure me. Finally!”, said she, sitting beside me. My heartbeat raced to compete with the supernatural character: Flash.

“Yes yes, the best part is that, as I’m a random classmate, you can tell me anything. More like sharing your worries with a stranger!”

“No, I agree that we are friends but not great friends, though!”

We nodded and chuckled at each other. “So, what’s it?”

“I had gone recently to Trichy, to collect my second-semester mark sheets”, she began. She sobbed, at which I threw my mouth open. “I completed my first year in a different college, as everyone knows.”



I agree that love is unanticipated. I also agree that the identity of our lover is a true mystery
until we feel the love!

Following the same lines, one thus ends up falling for a bad partner-the wrong love. It's fine!

Making a wrong decision is common among ordinary homosapiens like you and me.

However, correcting our blunder and returning to our right love is a worthy question whose
answer may either be a ‘YES’ or a ‘NO’ or sometimes a combination of both! There is only one
superpower that can answer this query: ‘TIME’


I nodded. 

“So, yeah, I have been missing my friends badly”, she closed her eyes and sobbed bitterly. I caught her palms and pressed them hard. She pushed her tears in, continuing, “I had only four close friends but I have been missing them very much.”


She looked around, emphasizing,” And all these points flashed through my mind as I recently encountered the memorable settings of my good old college and also met my bestie there.” She released her hands from my capture and wiped her cheeks soaked in tears.

“It's not like I’m lonely here at MSA. In fact, I found better and funnier friends. That's great!”, said she, faking another smile. “But, I feel sad that my story with these friends remained incomplete, especially with…”, she trembled, highlighting, “Kavin…Kavin Ganeshan.” She rested her head on my chest and wept her heart out.

I heard my heart breaking into the finest cells and joining the bloodstream. I swallowed my tears and neared to place my right palm on her head. As she wept restlessly, I massaged her beautiful and curly ponytail.

“Kavin and I never confessed to each other but we were in love. How can I forget his possessiveness when I teamed with a gang full of other guys for a mandatory exhibition? How can I forget our sweet times during the labs? He was about to propose to me on the last Valentines’ Day but faked a slip of the tongue."


"Listening to any song flourishes my heart with his memories…I miss him loads…Our relationship might have grown over time but curse my fate which kicked me out of the place itself…”, she narrated, tightening her arms upon my shoulders and drenching my T-shirt with a heavy downpour of her emotions. She released herself, sat erect, and wept further. I turned away and sobbed secretly.

“For once, I felt a guy’s silent and sweet love, but, now, I had no chance to complete it”, she concluded, slamming her forehead and resuming to shed tears.


“Why is it so, Dhilip? Why did my first love remain incomplete?... I know that Kavin triggered it first through his possessiveness, otherwise, I would have never thought about us, yet, love is still love, right? Why was destiny unfair to me in the touching matter of love?” She closed her eyes and cried her heart out. I pulled her closer and hugged her.

“I feel sorry for you. Sorry…Sorry…”, said I. 

“Aww, Rohini, how much has your little heart gone through? Your first love story remained incomplete and your actual love story wherein you naturally loved me…I left it too incomplete…But, I bet, you shouldn’t have been this unlucky in love. You are sweet and genuine. You deserve to be loved…”, I thought, as she continued sobbing. I learned her unseen side only now during my reliving journey. 

“I’m scared to say that I love Kavin but I miss him loads…I haven’t passed a moment without breathing his name, all these days, although we live in different cities. Whose love story remains incomplete, especially, when it's mutual as well?”, she shared, at which my eyes struck as if they were frozen at her, pressing the forehead and crying hard.

"If he really mattered to you this much, why did you leave the college? You could have continued there, right?", asked I.

"For personal reasons, I had to."

"Ooooooo, that's actually sad to hear about. But, the phases of life resemble those of video games. As you move to the next level, some elements are left behind. Similarly, as life keeps going, we may have to leave most people behind."

She smiled, wiping her tears and nodding, "Oh, do you love video games?"

I grinned widely and nodded as if I posed for a photo at a relative's wedding. She chuckled.

"Do you too love them? Sexy they are."

"Not a big fan though", she chuckled again, "The only game I have ever played was traffic riders back in intermediate college…riding those bikes…haha man I used to dash them on an unseen lorry or ambulance every time." We burst into a round of laughter.

No, Rohini, Kavin can’t be luckier than me. Aww, I was unaware of her passionate and limitless love for a lover. Tears flooded my eyes. I turned away and swallowed them. 

It was another sign from the great heavens that Dhilip, meaning I and Rohini, are made for each other. Thus, I went through a bitter experience after my ex-GF cheated and God never let Kavin and you confess and further, shifted you to my vicinity. Is my love life indeed supposed to be with you? Is our forthcoming love the reason behind our past heartbreaks? 

Now, I understand what a fool I was. I blushed, forecasting how Rohini would be filling her heart with just me, in the long run. I promise, our love story will be the best; far better than your silent first love and my loveless love lives. Thanks to the Holy Heavens for blessing me with Rohini’s true love. No doubt, we are meant to be for each other, Rohini medam. 

I’m now sure that I must have definitely fallen for you at some point in time. I have found the goal of my reliving journey, at last. Sexy, it is to catch the exact point, realize my love perfectly on time, and yes yes, not to mention, confess and lead the happiest love life with you. My heart has opened to call our story, for sure, a love story, this time.

Will Rohini ever forget Kavin and move on with Dhilip?!

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