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Wrong Love Right Love-Part 21-Chips




Dhilip’s POV

“It's fine. Vaishnavi too was perhaps scared. We, being girls,...I hope you got me!”, said she, nodding along. Aww, what a considerate friend she is! In that case, imagine what an awesome girlfriend she would have been. But, will I ever manage to feel the same way back for her? Her nature has been impressing me but not my heart. Was I ever in love with you, Rohini medam?

“Sorry dude! I went to call others so that they can help you. I was in a state of panic…”, exclaimed Vaishnavi, running towards Rohini and hugging her. She sobbed as the other girls followed.

“Dude, where are they?”, asked Veena. The other girls too promised to sue them. I chuckled at their sweet friendship.

“Aww, Vaishoo! Thanks!”, said Rohini, reassuring her guilty friend. 

The gang was about to leave and Rohini turned back, smiled, and waved at me. I nodded and waved back. 

“Bye!”, we said, in chorus.


As I walked with Sameer and Jacob inside the classroom, I waved at the spectacled Manisha on the first bench. I chuckled, pointing at her and announcing, “Hey! Chips is there. Come back!” She bulged her eyes and nodded rapidly. She stood up and hurried towards the last benches. 

“What!”, chuckled Srithika who sat with Rohini, behind Manisha’s desk. Rohini turned back and chuckled at me while I was engrossed in throwing a silent round of laughter at my friend shaking Jacob and demanding snacks. I turned to Rohini who was then busy discussing her notes with Srithika.

Ooo, did I just show off in front of her? But, Dhilip, why did you want to grab her attention? Did I want to impress her by cracking a joke just as I passed by her desk? What’s happening to me? I felt my pupils growing light brown in color as I blushed secretly at Rohini hitting her own forehead with the pen and moving her dry and tiny lips, as she asked Smriti, “Ma’am, why do we again divide by total outcome here? Does the solution include another theorem on top of Bayesian?...”

Aye, naughty Dhilip! More than informing Manisha about the packet of chips, you indirectly meant to invite Rohini to sit behind, before your bench. Is that why I said it, the other day? Did I indirectly convey a message to Rohini? Aww! What’s wrong with me? I closed my eyes, rested my forehead on the right palm, and blushed.


“Vaishoo! Please come. Let's bunk the entire afternoon. Dude, please!”, pleaded Rohini, shrinking her eyes, and joining her hands together at Vaishnavi. Zara and Lilliput chuckled at each other.

“Actually dude, shall we all bunk?”, Kareena whispered in my ears. I chuckled and shrugged at her and Sameer who too voted for Rohini.

“No, we can’t. It's Jodha Ma’am’s class. I wonder why Rohini is high today but..no…not happening guys!”, I whispered to Sameer who sighed and folded his hands only to rest on the desk. Sexy! Glad that only the three of us sitting on the next bench could hear Rohini, otherwise a wave of excitement would have broken out already: one for the fact that Rohini is planning for a mass bunk and another, on its own, to bunk lectures.


I blushed and chuckled, shaking my legs restlessly under the bench, as Rohini hurried from the first bench, where she sat, to Vaishnavi’s seat, once every damn minute. She chuckled and whispered something into her bestie’s ears.

“What, dude? Go and sit!... Ma’am!”, Rohini was easily pranked at which she threw her mouth open and saluted at the entrance. She turned back and pulled Vaishnavi’s ears.

Rohini walked towards her seat. She sat there for a couple of moments after which she turned back and gave a flying kiss at Vaishnavi. I blushed and chuckled. Sexy! So sweet of you, Rohini medam! Imagine how many kisses she would have flourished me with, if I had accepted her, back then.

She closed her left fist and raised her left-hand half-upward to form a V-shape with the elbow as the epicenter, as she headed back here again. Wait, doesn’t she like sitting with Srithika and others? Has she finally realized that they are toxic? Urgh! Look at our destinies, medam. As my life is tied with you, both of us end up mingling with toxic mates. Hmm!

Medam, how many times will you keep roaming like this? Settle here beside Veena, right? There is a vacant seat anyways. Besides, you will sit right in front of me…I too can keep my eyes on you…what’s a better chance to get closer? 

“Oh, what dude? You were walking and coming like a stylish heroine…old heroine, I meant 90s heroine”, complimented Vaishnavi. I chuckled, thinking how she has already become the heroine of my life…Aye, Dhilip, are you sure? I shook my head and sighed. To decide the same, we must get closer. But, where is the chance?

Baare manege hoganna(Come, let's go home)…please…Avanu hogbitta (He too left)!”, she grumbled to Vaishnavi who burst into a round of laughter.

“Dude! You just said that he passed away. Hogbitta has two meanings!”, clarified Zara, sharing a hi-fi with Lilliput. Vaishnavi too chuckled at Veena who slammed her own forehead. 

“No, no…”, denied Rohini, pulling her friend’s cheeks.

“Yes…yes”, argued Vaishnavi. 

“Dude, go back and sit. Please! I want to sit beside Vaishoo…”, Rohini requested Lilliput who shook her head like a doll and chuckled at Zara.

Sexy! You sit back, Rohini. Please! Please! You sit here beside Veena. In this way, you will be closer to me as well as your bestie. Does that work? Hmmm, how I wish I could spill it out the other day. Urgh! But, why do you want her to sit on that desk closer to YOU? Why, Dhilip, why?...

Hmmm, I wonder how destiny kept bringing Rohini to my vicinity just for me to notice her cute childish, and playful hacks. Aye, I know that she wasn’t doing it to grab my attention. Or, were you, naughty Rohini? But, why didn’t I notice all of this back then? Why didn’t I give it a thought as to why I kept crossing paths frequently, for a reason, particularly with this girl?


Oooo, looks like Dhilip is noticing Rohini more! Will Rohini's playfulness cost her?

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