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Globel Communism One Step Ahed In Globlaisation - 4

so ,thanks for comming back,

and till last episod we got that ,what for un mantion is made.

but still it is remain to know that how it runs and who is call un mantion?

so now lets move on that way the same.
now friends suppose this is last episod,so we will going very care fully and leisurly too.
before we move on that we should have take knows of BROWN CANAL 's lonly and fundamentlly work.
i mean what for that B C is made exactly.
so B C is only made for hundrade percent down payment and for higher expenses.
i mean just like higher expensiv merrages, cars and many more.
whiches we comming do by THAT money.
when from we starte of be a un mantion ,we come deserve this all things at a one time payment and that evan at no hrassment.
lets move.
one thing more that ,why B C only the must and why not white canal play as a B C!
all these things in this episod.
so as we all know that when from we starte of be a un mantion ,we have come do out six percent from "THAT" money.
so who is call un mantion!! so who gives six percent ,he is only call un mantion.
who is taking ,he nevar call a unmantion
now we discus above in last part
about "lumpsum".
but before go for it lets take a look at unmantion first.
unmantion is a one kind if hiddan currancy investars policy.
which is keep black money investers name as a un named.
this un mantion as any budy can do his hidden currancy as a six percent investment.
evan under world's any BRO can also become a unmantion.
and infact that will call a true socialaisation. and its extreems too.
now we discus above of lumpsum.
by goverment side it is made only to diduct tax of that hidden currancy.
but what figure at it will get stable full stop!!!
we dont know that which years or which corporate sectors this currancy is !
then how we will diduct the tex!!
these for hear is made a lumpsum.
tbis lumpsum's steblity's get its full stop at 20 percent.
means ,any budy ,i mean any corporate person or middle class business person or any person from under world,
whi gose to constitution for declair its hidden currancy ,coverment will warmly welcome them and with no herassment will take ninus if that currancy value of 20 percent.
and will give them certificate of listed a good citizan for a life time.
once for a onmantion of just one rupee,he will call godd citizan for a life time, a legaly.
now hear is two kinds of unmantions living are
one is who gose dirictly to goverment and second is who gives six percent to the investment.
now , we got of first as he gose to the givernent and gives 20 percent at lumpsum tax rate.
but hiw thus second unmantion is run!!
so in this second ,there will lumpsum tax rate of 20 percent will diduct by both side.
i mean ,who will invest six percent he will pay lumpsum tax rate of 20 percent and who will take investment of six percent ,he also will pay 20 percent.
or wr can say a stable tax rate of 20 percent.
now after complite of procigure of un mantion ,in which canal this miney will run for its circulation!!
so answer made is a great BROWN CANAL
wr can not put un mantions money in white canal at all.
how and why just little bit in further.
unmantions miney we can put just only in brwon canal for hundrade percent dwon payments or heavy expensiv merrages and many expenses wheches are call at heavy cost.
we canbuy all these things at one time payment evan.
but we can not put these miney in a bank or finance compeney ad a fix depisits and some.
we can do its just expense.
nothing mire.
wr can not put unmantions money as a legal investment in middle class bussiness or in corporet areas.
we just can do its expense only.
we can not put these miney in white canal for a long turm evan.
we can put un mantion money as a hard cash in our hiuse for emergancy or epidemic.
now why unmantion money is not call white miney and why we can not put it for a ling turm prevention.
so,becouse from the liberation 's first genration of currancy we published a 1000 rupees suppose. and that 1000 from it gone distributed 100 ru to mineral gold and from that gold 50 ru gone moved to the black marketing via to the under world suppose.
now we don't know that which genration publications which currancy which mineral' to gone it
and now through un mantion if we bring it back then where we will do its setups!!
which mineral section to we will do it return!!
thats for we made here a lumpsum tax rate at 20 percent a stable rat of tax.
thats why un mantion money is not call black and not call white also it is just only call a BROWN MONEY.
now we think that after the stable diduction that 80 percent is call brown money for us and that 20 percent tax revenue is call white income for goverment!! ,so that is wrong.
becouse as above we discus that in which mineral section goverment will do it return.
and suppose that thing we make it possible then that gold deposits negotiation will started and tht will suppose the end less.
better then collect that brown revenues of 20 percent ,send it imidgeatly to the foreign investments and form that profit do subsidayse some costly minerals.
now we think of who only will pay tax rate of 20 percent then answer is bouth,
yes who invest six percent and who take that six percent ,they bouth wil oay 20 percent.
so goverment wll get 40 percent of that lost currancy in kind of brown currancy.
and inflation will get its low then its past and present.
and all most production houses will more faster in despaches then before.
now this was un mantion ,i mean un named currancy return and recovery system.
and infact through this system no fanatics will resist to us.
i think so .
if we go through un mantion very care fully then we could get depritiation of some regid crims.
and society will get its rampants then before and once crime will come written on the pages of history only. and with no hedach if crime we could give constration to the gelexy passings. and ofcourse their all criminals human rights will also come prove it self.
now it's time to take a look at self currancys.
and why is it call a self currancy.
if we think then banks ishued cheques are also call one kind of self currancy just.
but we nevar tried to do more modified our economiy.
any way ,this is also nothing to be worried.
why ! lets take a look.
as we discus in above episodes that ,before to move for a self currancy ,we should hav get knows of cunsumptios rate in corporate and domestics.
i mean ,how much currancys cunsum corporate and middle class bussiness and how much use it domestics.
i mean bhaji tarkari and all.
and now who will publish a self currancys!!
so ,after reserve bank any nationalised bank or any approval financial bank can publish its self currancy.
now how it will come distributed to the corporate and middke class business!!
so ,very simple,
just go to your self bank, deposit your traditional currancy and ask them for self currancy.
collect your self currancy and take first or new currancy discount of one percent.
suppose how ,you deposit your one lakh traditional rupee to the bank , bank will give you that value of one lakhs self rupees and 1 percent=1000 rupees discount return.
and your deposited one lakh normal rupees will go for demonitaisation automatically.
and now ,what is deefrant between self chaques and self currancys!!
so , after tare the cheque may be suppose within hours just it converted in hard cash. and may be that hard cash take time till under world of just one month or one year only.
where self cash is taking minimum of five years to be in a hard cash
so this long duration may be gives slow flow of currancys to the under world .and once it comes merge in economy or we can say a society.
and may be in lack of currancys .some regud crims also come depritiat it self.
may be scare of crime or snechers problem would get over for permenent time.
now it's time to refar of some aboves.
that how to collect un mantion.
so just situate booths like polio drops
make seated to the person and start collect of twenty percent and start ishue certificate of their unmantion clearance.
now ,how many rupees of self currancy is living.
i mean we using 10,50 100 and some more count of rupees one currancy.
then how many counts are living of rupees in one self currancy!!
then answe is one lakh ,ten lakh and at last one cror.
1 dash zero is call one lakh ,one desh square is call ten lakh and ane dash triangle is call one cror.
in anti fangus living three kinds of zeros ,i mean tripple zeros ,one is 0,second is square and third is a triangle.
so this was anti fangus.
the self currancy banking.
how we have seen in globlaisation some crime like theft (ghar fod chori ) and many types crims are now invisible.
but constitunaly we still had not seen depritiation s of punishments.
but socialaisation is must belive in no rope death punishments.
becouse through these kinds hard punishments socialaisation s rampants can become a disturb and it could get setbacks too.
socialaisation is must belive in war investment.
becouse still of present we have seen no war there was ,in who wictor he had did any re devalapment.
becouse they were only warriors.
no one of them was a war investors.
so socialaisation is commited in gathers of war investments if there come cercumtenses of war,
after victory of that lends re devalapment.
becouse it will be not war,
but it will just war investments.
so this was nirav vanshavalya
inventor of anti fangus
the self currancy bankings
as a inventor of anti fangus i must insist to chaina,india pakistan and they all countries ,whiches constutions are speeks for rope death , for not adopt anti fangus.
this is a ban on all they countries ,untill they remove rope death from their constitutions.
to slide traditional currancy and to put on place of it self currancy is call ANTI FANGUS.
thank you very much
jai hind