UNVEILING SECRET OF SOLAR - 2 books and stories free download online pdf in English


In a small town nestled among rolling hills, two boys named Aftab and Priyanshu embarked on a remarkable journey that would change their lives forever. They were bright and curious, always tinkering with inventions in their makeshift laboratory. One day, they stumbled upon an extraordinary idea - solar caps that could harness the power of the sun.

Excitement danced in their eyes as they put their invention to the test. They donned the solar caps, and with a burst of radiant energy, they found themselves transported to a world unlike any they had ever known. THEY TRANSFERRED TO AN UNKNOWN ANOTHER WORLD.

Here, the people thrived on advanced technology powered by the sun.

Confusion and awe consumed Aftab and Priyanshu as they explored this new realm. As fate would have it, they soon encountered a renowned scientist named Shiwam. He marveled at their solar caps and offered his expertise to enhance their invention.

With Shiwam's guidance, the boys integrated impressive accessories into their solar caps, transforming them into marvels of ingenuity. These enhanced caps not only harnessed solar energy but also augmented their abilities, granting them extraordinary powers within this alien world.

Days turned into weeks, and the boys found themselves unable to return home. Hope shattered like fragile glass as they resigned themselves to a life in this unfamiliar realm. They began working diligently in Shiwam's laboratory, collaborating on groundbreaking projects and pushing the boundaries of technology.

Amidst their work, a serendipitous encounter unfolded. Two talented assistants of the laboratory, Rumaisha and Yakshara, entered their lives. Rumaisha possessed an enigmatic charm that drew Aftab's heart, while Priyanshu found solace in Yakshara's gentle nature. As they spent more time together, the boys found themselves falling in love with these extraordinary girls.

Laughter echoed through the corridors of the laboratory as their friendships blossomed into something more profound. Days were filled with joy, shared dreams, and endless possibilities. But deep within their hearts, Aftab and Priyanshu yearned for their original world, unable to shake the memories of their past lives.

One fateful day, as the sun's rays bathed the laboratory, their solar caps began to shimmer. A sense of anticipation and trepidation filled the air. Aftab and Priyanshu hesitated for a moment, torn between the lives they had built here and the yearning to return to their familiar world.

With a determined resolve, they adorned their solar caps and bid farewell to the world they had come to call home. In an instant, they were whisked back to reality. Relief washed over them, but a deep ache remained in their hearts, remembering the precious moments shared with Rumaisha and Yakshara.

Unable to ignore the longing within, Aftab and Priyanshu resolved to journey back to the world they had left behind. Determined to bridge the gap between their two worlds, they donned their solar caps once more, their eyes filled with hope and anticipation.

As the solar caps shimmered and enveloped them, Aftab and Priyanshu felt the familiar pull, transporting them back to the realm they yearned for. And there, amidst a sea of joyful tears and heartfelt embraces, they reunited with Rumaisha and Yakshara, their kindred spirits.

In that moment, the boys knew they had discovered something greater than they could have ever imagined - a connection that transcended worlds. United by love and the limitless power of their solar caps, Aftab, Priyanshu, Rumaisha, and Yakshara embarked on a journey that would defy all boundaries, embracing the possibilities that lay before them in a world where love and technology intertwined in the most extraordinary ways.

In the world where love and Technology intertwined, Aftab, Priyanshu, Rumaisha, and Yakshara embarked on a new chapter of their lives. The four of them became an unstoppable team, combining their unique talents and knowledge to create groundbreaking innovations that pushed the boundaries of science and imagination.

Shiwam, the scientist who had initially helped Aftab and Priyanshu, recognized the exceptional potential of the quartet and offered them positions in his prestigious research institute. They eagerly accepted, joining a community of brilliant minds and working on projects that had the power to reshape the world.

Their contributions to technology grew by leaps and bounds. The solar caps, now perfected with additional enhancements, became widely renowned, revolutionizing energy consumption and transforming the way people harnessed the power of the sun. Aftab and Priyanshu became celebrated inventors, admired for their ingenuity and vision.

Meanwhile, Rumaisha and Yakshara's expertise in various scientific fields flourished. Rumaisha's keen intellect and intuition made her a prodigious mathematician, unraveling complex equations with ease. Yakshara, on the other hand, delved into the realm of biology, uncovering revolutionary medical breakthroughs that brought hope to countless lives.

As their work garnered international recognition, the quartet found themselves at the forefront of scientific advancements. Their achievements not only improved the quality of life for people around the world but also inspired a new generation of inventors and scientists.

Despite their remarkable success, the bond between Aftab, Priyanshu, Rumaisha, and Yakshara remained unbreakable. Their connection grew deeper with each passing day, transcending the boundaries of time and space. They cherished the memories they had forged in the otherworldly realm and carried them as a beacon of love and friendship in their real lives.

Outside of their scientific pursuits, they revealed in the joys of life. They explored the world together, embarking on adventures that took them to breathtaking landscapes and hidden corners of the globe. They laughed, they danced, and they shared intimate moments, treasuring every second of their intertwined journey.

But as time flows steadily, the desire to balance their lives in both worlds intensified. Aftab and Priyanshu, driven by their undying affection for Rumaisha and Yakshara, devised a plan to create a portal that would allow seamless travel between the two realms. They poured their hearts and minds into this ambitious project, fueled by the hope of reuniting their lives in both worlds.

Finally, after countless hours of tireless dedication, the portal was completed. Aftab, Priyanshu, Rumaisha, and Yakshara stood before the shimmering gateway, their eyes sparkling with anticipation. With hearts brimming with love and excitement, they stepped through the portal, crossing the threshold between their two worlds.

On the other side, they found themselves standing in the midst of a vibrant landscape, a fusion of technology and nature. The people of both realms rejoiced at their return, celebrating the union of love and innovation. Aftab and Rumaisha, Priyanshu and Yakshara, forever intertwined, embarked on a life that merged their passions, dreams, and unyielding love.

As the years passed, their legacy endured. Their names became synonymous with scientific marvels, their love story whispered by generations to come. The solar caps, the inventions that had sparked their extraordinary journey, continued to shine brightly, symbolizing the infinite possibilities that lay within the human spirit.

And so, Aftab, Priyanshu, Rumaisha, and Yakshara lived out their days, creating, loving, and inspiring, their lives an ode to the magic that can unfold.

At the end the innovative lovers became married ,Aftab with Rumaisha and Priyanshu with yakshara and they spark the love ray to the enormous world.