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Love finds its ways - Part 7

Nethra's pov:
Days passed... Finally today is the day, we are going to beach... My mind is still in mess on thinking about beach but still my heart is very light seems to be very happy feeling like I am going to my home.. Let see what is going to happen there... I feel whatever going to happen Today gona change my life... Keerthi started her teasing as usual that "Are going to be checking mirror till every one return from beach"... Oops!!... Again my body is doing something but my mind and heart is somewhere but if agreed to her she is will tease me a lot... " I just want to make myself presentable whether is it a wrong idea..? " I just question her raising my eyebrows.."ofcourse you can do makeup as you need as you are going to meet your Mr. Perfect.. "she said in a teasing tone... I just smile however I let her win this time... and made our way to bus waiting for us in ladies hostel...
We were last to enter bus I think so but our good luck, seats aren't at different places and best of it is Seat is just front of our senior Mr. Perfect.. When keerthi found it she teased me... However I try my best not to react since I don't want other to get suspicious... After seating, Keerthi started talking but I just nodded for every thing without listening.. Now my mind which is in mess (Morning) is now struck.. I think so it's not even working.. Heartbeat is also rising its speed.. With someone shaking me, which is keerthi no other... I came to world... "Every one has got down from bus.. We two are only last.. You are mostly out of world neethu after you met your Mr. Perfect.. You character even changed... " Keerthi said with spouting reaction... " Sorry my cutie and naughty keerthuuu darlz. ... I won't do it again... By the way don't mention Mr. Perfect name some may find out who it "... I said her... Keerthi said " Who is going to find we are mentioning our senior nilesh... No one will... When do you start afraid of something neethu.. " "Ok fine... Do as per your wish... But be careful"... After that when get down... We found Mr. Perfect is standing near bus entry... I get ciggarette smell near Mr.perfect but I could find it near him.. I think someone might be smoked as it public place.. But why is he waiting... He just turned and faced me with a cute smile.. My heart is skipping it's beats... Ok.. Mind please relax be normal, I said it to myself.. "Hi... I am Nilesh kumar, your senior... You can call me nilesh.. I have been only waiting for guys only.. As I am organizer, I should take care of you guys I meant everyone.. Let us go.. Please be comfortable to ask anything.. and this is trip to have good friendship"" Mr. Perfect said in single breath.. " How didn't he know my mind he answered for my question.. He is so lovely.. Oops...I have to reply him... "Hi Mr. Per.. No..Sorry Nilesh senior.. I am Nethra.. and this is my friend keerthi..Sorry for being late and making you wait.. Let's go..".. Keerthi too waved her hand... We started walking together... On the path every one are silent.. Heart and mind is both of them in paradise... As I made my way to beach.... My mind is somewhere I feel controlled as we are nearing my mind from filled with Mr. Perfect's thought to changed to complete different..
Will nethra find her identity?
What is her real identity... How is going to be love between her and nilesh.. Let's find in upcoming chapter..

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