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A Story About A UNMACTURE Girl

When she is was in clss 7 she fall in love with a boy then she start giving a tag of Dorrymon .. Bczo she love Dorrymon bt day by day she get attached with someone else... She is quite beautiful, confident, Adorable , she look so pretty.. When we r in our teenage then we realise tht I am so beautiful that's why I got lot's of attention bt we don't realise tht it's not a good thing.. So come back to the story.. At this age she love everything whts going on in a life.. Day by day she get committed to so many boys..Bt when she is in class 10then she fall in love with a gentleman then she realise no love mean respect care bczo on tht time she started seeing Radhakrishna.. Bt karma hit everything is going so well suddenly he stop talking so much.. Bt she didn't realize bcoz he hve insta id of his bf.. So she is quite happy bt after a lot of hustle one day her bf cll n say to her tht I want to fuck u bt she denyed bczo she is not ready for tht then he say ohk hve fun enjoy your life don't cll me agin end this relationship.... Yahh I think u understand she stop trusting in boys bt at the same time she don't losse hope she caonvence to her bf plzz be in a relationship sex doesn't matter it is just a fantasy not a Nessesarry...after 2 month she just scrolling Instagram suddenly around she cll to her bf plzzz talk to me only 10 min this is my last cll.. now I am not going to disturbed you... Bt he is not going to say ohk bolo kya h bt when he listen yeh last cll h toh voh bola ok bt only 10 minute only bt u know wht on tht day 10 min kitna jldi beed gyaa pta nHi chla and he cut the phone.. I don't know wht happening with me bt suddenly I realize I don't deserve this ... Then I want to washroom wash my fase then I stop crying one day I ust scrolling my insta id suddenly I just trying to open a id.. Of my bf u know wht Id khul gyi mene chts padha un dono kahh then I got to know ohk shreya mishra gf h .. The she sart stocking after all of this God hve pln something else.... We went in our grandparents house for a week.. I don't know why bt village is a place where u get detached too all your prblm.. After sometime I get move on n stop trusting in boys... I get bsy in my life I start reading novel I start seeing web series get bsy to much in utube video.. Bt aging one day around 2:00 clock uski gf cll krti h and she say if u wnt your bf so plzz take it.. Bt then again I remember tht word I want to fuck u bt if u r no ready then end this relationship.. I say no u enjoy🙂🙂simply mene cll cut kr diya... On tht I realize one day I definitely realize to her tht Usne kis ko choda h..that's why Mene usko block nhi kiya Then 4 saal baad he again wastp me lets be in a relationship bt I am setting with my boyfriend in kitchen and I say no.... So guys don't begging to someone be mine those who r Intrested in you they r not going anywhere... I hope you guys relate this story to your love life..... Give me so much love so tht I can give you a beautiful story about life love relationship romantic... Next story I am going to tell you when she gain fall I love❤❤