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Can love happen a twice

So when she comeback to grandparents house in Mumbai then after a few weeks goes she get a surprise.. And she got a phone.. So she is so excited everything is going so well.. After few months in winter she move here and there then a guy say hlwww tum yhaa rehti ho.. Kesi ho pechnaa.. On tht time she is quite surprised bcoz she think tht he don't remember me.. Bt know she is wrong she replied hlwww then next day he say I snd u follow request on your Accont do a follow back. Day by day again she get impressed bt she don't know tht this is not a relationship this is jail hahhaahhaha I knew while reading this u r smiling bt this is true.. Few month he give a lot of complement, he follow me everywhere he started giving a lot of time.. One day she said ohk love u2bt there is a sircumpatance ohkk he say wht I don't want to physical relationship then he say ohk.. I don't have any issue then she surprised in a world of body love there she someone who don't want he only want your time attention care love..... After a few month she met a guy.. Then they r chilling together they start talking to late in night ufffff wht going on.. I knew I am also so confused bt my bfff said to me go with flow.... Bt at the end I am not happy I am in a very typical toxic relationship he don't trust me.. He always judge me.. He always question me about my behavior I am not saying the relationship is not good bt I am not saying this also this is best relationship of my life bcoz he is so toxic he always try to control me.. According to him a relationship is all about living with 2 ppl not making more frnds do unfollow everyone..stuck in a place bt I don't like this..i want freedom I want fly the world I don't want to give evey little information on my day very sadly he never ask about my day..i want someone who support in my journey He started talking tht know she my so she is not giving me effort at the same time i enjoy my best friend company more bcoz he always lisstion me he always cll me he always make my day i dont knw when where I loss intrst in my bf... Then I left.. Know I am so happy the next story is more interesting so keep shower me a lot's of love I tell then I got finnaly perfect one or not bcoz still I am hustling in relationship.. Still I don't get point of having a bf having a relationship.... Relationship is all about support love care understanding power. a person with whom u enjoy a lot a person when u r with him u r not watching your watch.... A person jis keh time kam padh gyyy