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The Princess Is In Love With .....A GHOST? - 1

Hi i am Sasha and this is my story., i am a princess , being in a royal family is hard you have to be still and elegant in every way as possible my mom used to tell me .my life changed when i was 19 years old , they enrolled me in a princess school where, i was well a royalty everyone will well be there for me as a friend; a fake one th
at wants only money or my riches. I never asked for these luxury life, all i wanted was a healthy family who cares about me in which my parents never did, i wished i was living much as a citizen rather than royalty as i was standing in the balcony at night wishing for this i saw a shooting star i know you wont believe me but it is real in which i thought.

I DIDN'T want it to exactly happen!
The next morning i woke up in a feild of flock of birds in which hens most specifically.

As i was looking out and exploring this weird looking house i noticed an old women who looked at me and said" your awake."
I was stunned did this old lady kidnapp me !?
I said " why ,yes , may i know who you
Are exactly ?"
In an elegant tone and then the old lady started laughing , she said " i love your tone young lady but i am your grandmother. Dont pretend you dont know me ."
I was stunned this women /old lady is my GRANDMA!? What is going on!?
I said " i dont remember having a grandmother and i dont have one either"
The old lady asked me " are you Nuts!? I am your grandmother, Grace!"
"Grace!? Who is Grace!?" I replied in fear.
The old lady replied " you are Grace."
I said " listen , My name is Sasha not Grace." The old lady replied " okay then you are not Grace!? You want me to believe that you are the princess Sasha!?" The old lady laughed.
"Yes!, i am Sasha. The princess." I said .
The old lady laughed and said " okay now little Grace , its time to do your regular chores remember?"
"Little !? I am 19 .and what chores!?" I asked.
"Your laundry and you need to take out the trash and clean the house and make breakfast , and yes i know your 19 but your still Little to me , my dear Grace."
Aww is it me or is she too loving towards me who is a stranger ?
" alright but i am not-" she didn't let me finish and said "well i know what your going to say , i would rather not hear any thing coming from you saying that you are not Grace , now get to work "
She looked pissed. So i decided to do the chores anyway.

Meanwhile in the castle of sasha.
Point of view as grace
I woke up in the morning and realised that i was not in my bed , "where am i !?" It was a huge place suddenly i heard some ladies chit chatting as they walked upto the room i was in , instead of hearing a flock of hen in my backyard every morning in wake up , i hear these maids walk up to this room while chit chatting. They came up to my bed and bowed as if i was a princess.
The said " princes Sasha , you need to get ready, tomorrow you will have to meet up with prince Elliot "
"Who is prince Elliot and who is Sasha!? Me !?"
"Yes you Princess " the maid replied.
I was a princess!? And i am Sasha? It was way too much for me but i decided to play along ." Oh , why yes ofcourse it is me the princess get me ready."
Was this too much ? I am just enjoying my. Chance as a princess i know it will be just a dream as i pinched myself to scream it was painful so i was not dreaming ! This is real!!!!. I am living my dream!. So the maids dressed me up in a ball gown and as i walked upto the huge castle garden i met this gorgeous looking guy who looked upset . I went up to him and said "hey , i am Grace- i mean Sasha."
He said " i know " he kneeled down looking upset and said " i am prince Elliot your future fiance , it was a pleasure to meet you Sasha - i mean princess Sasha., would you like to have some tea later on?"
I was astonished .Was the prince asking me out on a date!? But it almost looked like as if he memorized all of those phrases and just spat it here.
What was her reply to the prince ? And what happened to Sasha ?
We will see in the next episode of "The princess in love with....A GHOST!?"
To be continued.
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