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Tales of Love - Ep-4

Rashi didn't get what somor said but before she asked anything else somor took her and boarded the cycle. He was about to make a peddle when a sound came from the forest yard. They were both shocked at that moment.
"Somor do something or If we are caught here today then my father will lose his face."
"Shh, always whining for your father. You wouldn't care even if l love or die."
"Dugga Dugga, what nonsense are you talking about..."
Before they could say anything a couple came out from the bushy area. Subodh 's jaw dropped in amusement. Rashi didn't really understand what happened but she got it when they came out and were ready to escape with the scooter. Subodh almost ran towards them and pressed his shoulder tightly. The girl with him was also speechless like they had seen a ghost.
"Kanti, bro."
"Dada, you here."
He gulped and looked at rashi in wonder. Then they both got the situation.
"Oh you also."
"What also, we are married we meet whenever we want but you two are not in a very kind situation."
Kanti started to sweat and he was constantly whipping his forehead.
"Dada let it go now. We are both culprits tonight, so let's just ignore each other and go our separate way from now on."
Kanti was about to fled from the situation when Somor talked in a deep voice.
"Where are you going bro , yes we are both culprits but I can stay quiet in one condition."
Both the couples were standing in a bridge. No sound were coming except their mumbling. The summary of the story that Kanti told them was like this.
The girl with him is swarupa nice of the famous headmaster Bhattacharya. Swarupa has came here for few times in Puja and that's when they fall in love. But here they also have the same problem. The damn caste system, that's why Mr.Bhattacharya send her back after having suspension. And they are meeting today for the first time after that.
"Dada, you are also what I am feeling right now. So you should be more sympathetic towards me. Please even if you can't support us please don't tell father about today. We will shut our mouths."
"So you have to. Otherwise you will face a great cyclone in desert . But I can also talk to father if you want."
"Really you can. Bro you are the best"
"But in one condition."
"Dada just split it I will loss my head for you today"
"You have to help me in bringing you boudi (sister in law) back."
"Yesss just comand your highness."
"For now let's proceed with the Mr.Bhattacharya "
It was the time of dawn break when Mr. Bhattacharya came out with a water suppliment in his hand. It was a freezing winter dawn, a figure was sitting under the big banian tree she was wearing a white saree with red border. She was wearing ornaments of Rudraksha. She has long black hair which is lossen around her shoulder. She was a light brown colour lady.She suddenly opened her eyes and said
"Bhattacharya, are you there."
"Yes ma, what can I do for you? If you stay here today I will be pleasured."
"Hmm, I will not even touch a drop of water from here. I am the tantrik f Kalighat why should I stay in such a house.."
"Ma what are you saying ma I am like your son. What grave sin did I committed."
"Silly boy, wants to know what sin did he commit"
The lady bursed into laughter. The hole house was shaking in intensity. Hi wife also woke up from this noise.
"Do have any girl in your home who born in 'Rohini' nakshatra?"
"Yes ma"
"I was passing by when I heard the voice of the omnipotent. Nonsense you tried to separate her from his life partner.?"
"No ma he was not a Brahman."
"So what was lord Shiva was a king when Mata Parvati married him? He was her only man who can marry her. I warning you if you fix her marriage anywhere else you will see the dead body of that boy."
"Ma is it the wish of a Kali? "
"I don't have anything to say. You will find a broken lamp in the puja Ghar . Which is the message of Ma. Jai Ma Kali, Jai Shiva Shambho."
The same has happened as the lady said to them . They found a broken lamp in the same spot. And Mr. Bhattacharya hurried to the lawyer's house to make fix amendments.
"Wow your such a good actor boudi."
"Swarupa also did a good job in placing the lamp"
"And whose idea it was?" Somor told in proud.
In the next both the marriage and reception date has been fixed.when everyone was overwhelmed with joy and hugging to each family, Subodh wrote a separated one marriage invitation and placed it in the bag held by Kanti. He murmured in his ears
"Now plan B start from here. Go give it to your boudi 's house."
His eyes were shining and there was a little smrike in his lips.