Tales of Love - Ep-3 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Tales of Love - Ep-3

It is a cold night . A man is riding his cycle and shivering in the cold. His face is covered by a sual because it can't be seen. He is humming a song to avoid the cold.
"Ei poth jodi na sesh hoi tobe kemon hoto tumi bolo to hmmm hm."
He stopped before a two story house and began to stretch . After that he goes to the backward wall and clings on to it and jumps on the other side. He is crossing the garden and making a whistle sound until he stops under an open window.
"Hey Ram , what's wrong with my luck. Now I have to sneak around at night to meet my lawfully married wife."
He climbed the distance by the water pipe and reached the window.
"Rashi.. rashi.." he was making a slight sound which seemed a bit scary.
A girl was sleeping in the bed and she sprung in the bed after she heard him .
"Oh, somor you. My God" she was really shocked.
"Why are you so surprised."
"No actually I took a nap while waiting for you. I have a dream that my dad is going to kill you."
She started to shed tears. While somor held her in his arms and comforted her.
"Hey , come down now we don't have the whole night."
Rashi opened the cabinet and took one of her sarees. Somor made a knot and tied it with the window lock hole. He came down to the brink and stretched his hand to help her.
"I don't think I can do this today please . If I fell from here it would be your fault." Rashi was whining.
"You will fall if I let you fall. So stop whining and come down or your Hitler dad will wake up first "
Somor carefully helped rashi to come down. But at the last step rashi jumped a little hard. A slight sound came out from the ground. Suddenly the lamp lit in the ground floor room. A deep voice was coming from there.
"Sorola, did you hear some noise. I think someone jumped in the garden."
"Uff, don't start your goendagiri now. Maybe a stray cat was there or a dog."
"No,you don't know my tension. I don't believe the dacoit son in law of mine , not even in my dreams who knows maybe he will sneak around in night.."
Until now both of them were sweating in the freezing cold silently .Now somor spoke out of the blue.
"See, I knew your hitlar dad is a daroga. And what did he said I am a dacoit?"
"Hey don't say anything about my dad or I will return from here." Rashi said in a low voice."she jestured him to stay silent.
"Meaoww meaoww."
Her mother's voice came from the hall.
"See i said it's a cat . Noww stop your investigation and sleep."
Somor exhaled in fresh air. He hugged her tightly and said ."that's why I like you."
Both of them crossed the gate and somor carrier her in his cycle. He was paddling in a hurricane speed and screaming madly. Rashi was laughing
Loudly. He wanted to run far from there. These two young lives had the full taste of life that day. They had fear, excitement, and enjoyment of the reunion. When they came out of their new found joy and assured that they came enough far somor stopped in a barran place and hugged her tightly, she kissed him in forehead, cheeks. Somor drowned his lips in rashi's. They were lost in themselves for a while. Then rashi said stop now soon will dawn break. No they barely did anything that a newly married couple would do. So he still was hugging her tightly and rashi wanted to stop but subconsciously her fingers were playing with his hair. Now somor spoke first.
"How long will we be like this. Will you never come to my home. No that's our home now."
"I don't know until dad gets the permission from Devi "
"Oh will not your Devi be angry because when you meet me secretly at night." He said a little sense of sarcasm.
"No because she agreed in our marriage so there is no problem if I met you. Father will be angry if he knows."
"So if she never agrees then you will never come to me!"
"I don't know."
Somor and rashi are a newly married couple who married 1 month ago. And it is their 3rd excursion to meet secretly. Rishi's father is the powerful Jamindar( currently doing family business) of haldia and somor's father is a renowned lawyer in his area. It was totally an ordinary arranged marriage but the twist started after the marriage. Rashi's parents started to search for a groom after her graduation. But no one was Jamindar Babu's liking. He is a great devotee of Ma Kali . Every important decision in their house would be taken by Devi's permission. They put a "Bel" leaf in Devi's toes and if it falls then it means Devi had not given her permission. This superstition is coming down in generating now. Now Devi didn't give her permission for any of the men they chose for rashi until somor. So his father has to accept somor's proposal even though he doesn't match their status. Somor and rashi were happy with the choice . Somor was young handsome but still a simple boy just like she wanted and rashi was so beautiful that somor had a crush on her. Everything was right until the marriage. The next day when the groom was taking the bride with him Jamindar babu stepped in and said rashi will not go to their house cause ma didn't give the permission. When did he do that? Everyone was surprised. Both the families had a big quarrel over that and the groom's side returned without taking the bride. Now both of them are meeting secretly. Love blossomed in this 1 month and now they have become more than husband and wife a friend,mate and a loved one.
"No , it can't be this way anymore. Let's just flee from here and live in the far west ."
"No I am your wife and if we fled then both our parents will lose respect in society."
After thinking for a while somor said
"then do as I say from now on."