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The Black - Thank you so much

Hello and namaste, I am Shaleen Punjabi; yes, I am the Shaleen whom you all liked and read my stories "The Black" and "काला समय" so much. Now I am looking forward to talking with you. From my time, I have come to the past to meet you in October 2023! Dear Readers, I will not take too much time, but I will tell you about my time travel experience. I was brought up in an orphanage since my parents died a few days after I was born. Mr. Amit, who was my neighbour, came to visit me as he had no money, so he could not bring me up, and I was forced into the orphanage. had to put A big turning point in my life came when I came to the third year of my B.Sc. I was selected for a mission, and I met a great personality, and that was Dr. Narmdeshwar Tiwari, and you know what happened next!
Even though I said I was ready to be a martyr, inside I was afraid of darkness. There was darkness everywhere in space, but the real darkness for me happened when I moved forward 2000 years, or, let's say, time slowed down, after this incident. My life became truly dark. In the new world of A 4505, more than half of the human population shifted to live on another planet, SEB II. Even though my life improved, even though aliens brought me back, the truth is that I have no parent, no friend, and no guru. Then Tiwari Sir came, and I took him as my guru and parent. Dear readers, One true thing I want to say here is that a person who is an orphan always needs mental support. I was mentally alone, and that's the only reason I signed the contract without thinking for the first time in Tiwari sir's office. Because I was tired of life even then, and for the second time in the 44th century, I attempted suicide during the mission.
I will not say my religion, but I have a lot of faith in Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, so I went to the Golden Temple before my mission both times, and the proud thing is that this temple of Prabhu Nanak Dev Ji was safe in both the 2505 and 4512 centuries. Not only the temple but also my country, India, became a safe and developed country. And the fact that I returned safely to my time on Earth is not less than a miracle for me. We thought aliens were a threat to us, but that's wrong. Well, now I have connected with them through meditation and yoga, and I understand the importance of life. I also thank the black hole IOC-188A because its time dilation allowed me to go to 4505 time (just kidding, lol)! Currently, I am also doing work for peace at the international level because I have not forgotten about things that aliens have told me.
Man has always been a higher and nobler organism than his duty, which is to love everyone, not to hate. Well, friends, I take leave. Dr. Tiwari is not at the office, and I escaped and came to meet you. It's time for me to go. Once again, thank you very much, brothers and sisters. Keep loving me like this. I will keep coming to meet you. Jai Hind.