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Revenge of the Ghost - 59

Baba thought that now he could complete the story and might be able to save a human life. But Baba made a grave mistake by trusting the words of the ghost. Baba lost his concentration due to the fact that he started to narrate the remaining part of the puzzle. Everyone was misdirected and it was a fatal mistake. The protective circle was broken and now everyone was in a grave danger.  The ghost outplayed everyone and now the last episode of the battle was about to begin as the dawn was just a couple of hours away. After the dawn the ghost would not be so powerful. Baba was furious at himself but deep down his heart he longed this for long. The ghost grew some kind of slimy black long rope kind of material out of her that tied everyone else in the room including Baba and Mahabali. But there was one more person in the room who was quiet hidden till now. Alas he had to come out of hiding as he was chased by that same long rope like material. Soon, he was caught and hung up in the middle of the room.

Ravindra screamed, ‘commissioner sir, don’t worry I am coming to save you’. He was still protected due Baba’s talisman. He pulled his gun out and started to shoot the material and was able to free himself for a while but again he got caught up. Then he realised that he would not be able to fight this evil force with guns. Soon he started to look for the trident. The trident was within that circle which was now broken. He tried very hard to get free and he got free as Shashtriji helped him by sprinkling holy water on that black long slimy rope kind of material. Ravindra got free but Shashtriji paid the price for that. The material soon took the form of a sharp spear and penetrated his shoulder which nailed Shashtriji to the wall.  Somehow Ravindra was able to grab the trident as the Ghost was completely lost and kept giving death looks to the commissioner. Ravindra walked slowly and stealthily. The moment was near, he was about to thrust the trident with full force and the back of the ghost’s skull turned milky white. Ravindra just flabbergasted. A face was turning up within that white space and soon a person’s face got revealed and that was Satya. His beloved Satya. But this time it was not the mirage or anything else. She was actually Satya. And she was crying vehemently. She just grabbed Ravindra from his collar and both fell down. Ravindra and Satya both were in each other’s arms hugged tightly. The hot torrent of tears was wetting a shoulder each. Both were wiping tears of each other’s chicks and again started crying. Soon Ravindra realised that he did not check Satya for any possible injuries.

He checked and to his surprise she was completely unharmed. He got bamboozled again as if she was not harmed why was she kidnapped by the ghost. But he quickly side-lined every single thought like that and he just was staring Satya’s face and kept on crying as he met her the real Satya after a long and devilish battle. Baba and Mahabali saw that they got a bit relaxed as Satya and Ravindra were finally safe. But they had a herculean task ahead to save the commissioner. Baba deep down his heart actually wished that the ghost succeeds in her last action before the dawn. But he was a saint and he could not allow any kind of such action. He was trying to get the trident to set him and Mahabali free hence they could stop the ghost from taking one more life. His wrists started to bleed because the rope like material penetrated his skin too deep, still he kept on trying.

Meanwhile, the entire room started to fill with black smoke. Nobody was able to see much, the visibility was deeming by every second. The ghost shrieked and spoke in a deep rust cutting rust kind of voice, ‘ Remember me Manoharsinh. I am your death. I am going to give you in excruciating amount of pain today. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time to repay your cruelty inflicted upon me many years ago.’ Manoharsinh was dumbstruck  and was unable to comprehend the situation. He was still struggling to understand the gravity of the situation. He knew that his life was in great danger. Manoharsinh started to beg vehemently and begged continuously for his life. The ghost laughed wickedly and said, ‘Remember the day when I was begging for my daughter’s life and my unborn child’s life. Remember that day when my husband Shyam was brutally murdered by all of you.’


Thank you very much for being patient and finishing the journey with me. The end is near. The next episode will be the last one and I am going to announce my new novel in the last part.  To find all the answers please read the last part of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.