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Revenge of the Ghost - 58

Wherever the black streams touched the gashes, it sprouted out and emitting some weird material which was getting burned as soon as it came to contact with air. This created a very tiny fire particle floating in the air as if the cells were burning and converting into a very very tiny fireball. Bigger the gash, more fireballs. Finally the entire body of the creature was gone. The second creature was nowhere to be seen. Everyone was confused. Mahabali said, ‘The other creature was a mirage so as soon as the original is gone the mirage automatically vanished.’ But this was a mere distraction and the damage was already done. Mahabali suddenly realised that and looked back. The secure line surrounding the building was broken. And the deepest darkest fear was about to be true as the ghost took the first step and the entire building filled with some unexplainable sadness and dark fear. Two red eyes constantly oozing blood with a scarred face no eye brows no eye lashes just deep dark endless pits. The ghost was visible to everyone as it was at the door now.

Baba, Mahabali, Shashtriji and Ravindra were just glued to the ground as they had never seen something so grotesque. Every step of the ghost was like a stare in the face of the death and a very painful one. The ghost was now in the room. Something was wrong. Baba knew deep down his heart but kept his calm. A sudden very loud ear piercing shrill and every soul went down on their knees due to brain melting high pitched sound. Every ear attached to a body bled a drop or two. Then the ghost spoke, ‘Baba I have no quarrel with you and others but there is someone in this building whom I can’t let go and you know why. Please let me finish this last task and If I am tried to be stopped using any means then you will see the worst of my wrath with unfathomable pain. This is my last warning to you and the team of yours.’

The voice was so cruel and cold that even the darkness itself shivered a little bit with endless fear. Meanwhile Mahabali picked up the trident and took a stance against the ghost. The ghost laughed and waited for the attack. This was wrong as this was not the true behaviour of the ghost, it should be more aggressive and should have attacked Mahabali. But it didn’t. Baba’s gut was telling him that something was wrong but before he could stop Mahabali, Mahabali attacked the ghost with the trident and a the ghost turned back. Mahabali’s eyes blew wide in shock as there was a girl there , deeply hurt and crying and in lot of pain. She was helpless. Ravindra just could not control himself looking at Satya in that hurtful condition, he just bolted towards her. The Trident was about to hit Satya and Baba with a godly speed came in between the trident and Satya pushing Ravindra aside. Baba was hurt with a deep gash wound on his chest but luckily it was not fatal but deep enough to knock the winds out of him.  The main person who could fight the ghost was taken out by a completely unexpected attack from the ghost.

Ravindra was just shellshocked and glued to the ground. Shashtriji and Mahabali both were guarding him while his eyes were just staring Satya’s eyes as his brain processed the attack on Baba but his heart was stuck at Satya. Satya’s beautiful face was scarred and it crushed Ravindra’s heart. Ravindra lost all his senses all his intelligence and just kept starting Satya. 4 eyes were crying their hearts out and just kept staring at each other. Satya said, ‘Ravi, please save me. Please save me. Please save me.’ The moment Ravindra tried to touch her, woosh and the ghost was back. It pushed Ravindra so strongly that he landed in the far side of the room and that’s where he realised that the ghost was looking for whom as that person was standing in the corner of the other room and he was pleading silently not to reveal his presence to the ghost.   

Mahabali was angry beyond his limits and now he was ready to kill the ghost but he knew that the ghost will again play that trick so he must wake up Baba first to fight this treacherous battle. Mahabali changed a mantra silently and a small triangle of energy formed at the middle edge of the trident. Mahabali gently touched that part to Baba’s heart and Baba’s body felt an electric jolt and suddenly woke up. Baba looked at the ghost and asked it to give him half an hour as he wanted to finish the story. To every one’s surprise, the ghost agreed. Baba started the last piece of the puzzle about the ghost and its revenge.


My dear readers I one more time apologize for delay in writing but I am stuck in some personal issues and could not find time to write. Believe me guys I am trying my best. In the next couple or may be one more episode the story will end. Thank you very much for being patient and finishing the journey with me. Baba is about to finish the puzzle. To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.