Rebirth of A Genius Creator Destroyer - 1 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Rebirth of A Genius Creator Destroyer - 1


In the 21st century Earth gave Birth to greatest genius ever. A genius who Master myriad of arts. Medicine to Engineering. Mathematics to Micro Biology. Weapon Designing to Environmental control. Music to Painting. Dance to Martial arts. He mastered Everything. He created so many things to help mankind such that he got the title 'Greatest Creator'. But what if he cant get justice for the loss of his loved one due to some political reasons? What if the governments which he served are trying to shield the criminals just because they are rich? Well, the Greatest creator turned into 'Greatest Destroyer'. He got his Revenge But the price is he is dead before realising his full potential.

Chapter 1

*dab* *dab* *dab*

Strides of many men running can be heard in the passage. A youthful and attractive armed force official is running in front followed by many fighters in outfits, completely furnished with weapons.

"Fast, we need to get him before it's past the point of no return." The youthful official directed his subordinates in a restless tone. Subsequent to taking a turn they saw a hall that had a huge room on the opposite side.

Everybody expanded their speed and the youthful official immediately opened the enormous entryway and went into the room.

What they saw nearly made them vomit their guts out. A horrendous odor attacked their noses and the room is covered with cadavers of many furnished men. One look and they remembered them as a confidential power.

The troopers who went into the room are unique powers of the USA and they saw many horrendous scenes. Indeed, even they caused many ridiculous situations. In any case, what is in their sight gave even these fighters chills.

Each carcass has a face brimming with dread and misery and not a solitary individual is without a jutted bone. Indeed, jutted bones.

Every single individual has no less than one bone jutted from their bodies and some of them even had a bone shard pierced profoundly at them, throat, hearts, and other vitals.

These bone shards are taken from their appendages and ribs of their companions which can be plainly figured out subsequent to noticing the limp arms and legs of certain bodies.

In middle of the carcasses lying on the floor, there is a young fellow who appeared to be in his late twenties or mid thirties remaining with his chest area uncovered.

He has blood all around his body and face. There are some slug wounds and cutting edge scars on his distinct muscles. His dark black hair is absorbed blood. His palms are outfitted with a couple of strange hooks.

These hooks just have sharp nails that looked like a wild monster's, made of metal and each nail is separately associated with a little circle like thing on the rear of his palm with little metal joints between which a sort of string is going through.

In the event that anybody knows worse, they would feel that it is a typical metal string however it is a graphene string, the most keen and the most grounded thing on the planet.

Taking a gander at the scene the youthful armed force official halted abruptly and just remained there checking the horrendous sort out.

"You at long last came here, chief Richard. I was becoming weary of stalling." The horrendous figure said as he is as yet looking towards the window from where one can check the huge sea out.

"You were hanging tight for me?" the youthful and attractive armed force office answered in a to some degree shocked tone.

"Definitely, I was hanging tight for you. I maintain that you should be the observer of my last show-stopper so you will not need to experience the ill effects of it." The ridiculous figure answered.

"Simply give up Sam. You can't take off any longer. For what reason would you say you are making it so hard for yourself? Simply follow me to the pentagon and you can carry on with the remainder of your life calmly. I realize you are furious, yet your retribution will shake the equilibrium of the whole force to be reckoned with's.

I will assist you with haggling with them to give up whoever is liable for the episode." Richard said without thinking often about the supposed magnum opus.

"Bahahaha, do you truly believe it's that simple commander? Do you have any idea about who the offenders are? The main successor to the Rothschild tribe, the main beneficiary of the McGregor faction, the ruler of morocco, the main beneficiary of the Samarita family, the successor to Hestia house. Are you positive about getting me their heads?" Sam replied while snickering.

Paying attention to his words Richard was dumbstruck with shock. He realized the episode has something to do with these families, yet he was uninformed that it was connected with the immediate successors to these families. He was speechless. Before he could answer Sam proceeded.

"Richard, do you have any idea about the amount I love her? The main young lady who really focused on me. The main individual who didn't peer down on my status as a vagrant. In any case, presently she ended it all because of desire and desire for these rich mongrels.

Do you have any idea how I feel when I review, that while I was working like a dog to save this fucking world from the an unnatural weather change which they made without care, the main individual I love was fiercely assaulted for twenty days in a row and tormented until she ended it all?

Since a few rich mongrels are desirous on the grounds that their dads contrasted me and them since we are of a similar age. Do you have any idea how I feel? I can't stand myself.

I disdain every one of the titles I procured as a researcher, engineer, performer, painter, specialist, super fighter, programmer, designer, weapon maker.

I turned out to be such countless things at 25 years old yet do you have at least some idea what I truly needed to be? The best companion, the best sibling a man might at any point be. In any case, all I became is an individual with a messed up heart and loaded up with a tempest of disdain. Don't even think about attempting to persuade me, on the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea how I feel?" Sam said briskly.

His voice was loaded up with despairing and disdain.

Richard checked out at Sam not knowing what to say by any stretch of the imagination. He plainly understands what this man before him addresses.

The ridiculous figure before him addresses the zenith of virtuoso, the best virtuoso at any point brought into the world throughout the entire existence of humankind. A vagrant in the roads of India turned into a presence who can peer down on the world with scorn and hatred.

He is a creator, specialist, fashioner, painter, artist, and so on, He dominated every single information that he could get to.

He isn't a Handyman however an expert, everything being equal. What's more, in the event that it isn't sufficient, he is likewise a super trooper who could take on an entire legion of equipped fighters alone.

No one knew how he figured out how to do everything except he made it happen. Taking a gander at him Richard at last opened his mouth.

"I can't say I can grasp your aggravation. However, what I comprehend is that your life has been excessively short for every one of your abilities to be displayed to the world.

The world hasn't seen enough of you. You are the best maker of the world Sam. Be that as it may, I don't think you previously arrived at your cutoff. I will take you from here with force on the off chance that I need to, to prevent you from heading towards an impasse.

You and I both know that assuming you pursue your retribution you will be pursued to unimaginable lengths. If it's not too much trouble, accompany me, Sam."

"Much thanks to you, Richard however I can't return now. I can't relinquish those rats after they constrained my Stella to commit suicide." Subsequent to talking he out of nowhere moved and squeezed a button before a PC in the room. Everybody immediately encompassed him.

The screens in the room showed different areas of houses processing plants, places of business, and so forth, taking a gander at Richard's eyes enlarged with skepticism.

Unexpectedly every structure on the PC screen was hit by an apparently humongous stick as they were totally obliterated. Everybody in the room was stunned.

The greatest consortium of the world and the mysterious leaders of the entire earth are annihilated very much like that.

"Hahahahah." Sam began snickering twistedly. "At long last, Stella you are retaliated for. There are great many individuals going with up the… ." *Bam* *Bam* Out of nowhere two shots were discharged and intruded on his discourse. Two projectile openings were framed in his generally injured body.

Richard emerged from his daze and upheld the group of falling Sam. In the interim, Everybody pointed their weapons at the person who shot.

He is a flunky of the consortium yet he was past the time to stop the obliteration. Richard looks that Sam with perpetual lament in his eyes.

"Try not to stress my companion I previously carried on with my life to the fullest I trust with my life as an illustration these rich mongrels will keep down and watch out". Sam said.

"I'm certain they will." Richard miserable with confirmation.

"Richard, as my main companion I will leave this lab as a keepsake to you. This is God's stick which I utilized seconds ago. Kindly keep this alive and ensure each administration will act appropriately from here onward. I maintain that you should be the watchman of the world Stella longed for previously. Sam said.

"I will. try not to stress Sam." Richard answered.

"Before death, I figure I ought to change my title from the best maker to the best destroyer after all I just obliterated a portion of the force to be reckoned's with a solitary button," Sam said with a grin.

"No, Sam. you don't need to change since you will be the best maker and you will be the best Destroyer of this world. No one world can challenge or set out to challenge that assertion." Richard said cheerfully.

"haha, that is valid. farewell, old buddy." Sam said as he shut his eyes.

"Farewell, Sam," Richard said with Tears in his eyes.

"Right now every one of the fighters in the room focused on the roof and shot 3 rounds as regard. They understand what this man added to the world.

He made miracles to assist humanity with enduring additional time by eliminating the danger of a worldwide temperature alteration. He gave desire to so many individuals who can't considerably more because of their sicknesses.

He is a presence which is a living illustration of a wonder however now that presence is dead the best maker, most prominent destroyer, the best virtuoso at any point is dead.