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My Blind Date Was My Boss - 5

Chapter 74: Haagen-Dazs
When I went downstairs, Su Zichen's car was already parked on the side of the road.
He didn't change to another car this time, the same Maserati.
Muschach pulled open the door and sat in, not gracefully.
Then he turned to the man next to him and said, "Sorry for the long wait."
Su Zichen wearing sunglasses, Mu Xia Qi can not see the expression under the lens.
He asked in a deep voice, "What is the address of the restaurant you want to go to?"
Mushaqi quickly read out the name of the restaurant, "Rhyme restaurant, you can navigate the past."
She opened the navigation app on her phone and was about to get ready to navigate.
Su Zichen raised her eyebrows slightly, and she actually chose there.
"No need for navigation, I know where it is."
Muscha Quipped in his hands. How could this man know that place?
Then I thought about it, and it was not surprising to know that he often had meals.
Su Zichen then turned on the radio station she had listened to last night, only it was not hosted by Ah Jing.
Now the music is playing song request program, and there are many people actually call in song request.
"In this day and age of music software, it's very reminiscent to hear someone request a song for a friend on the radio."
Su Zichen looked straight ahead. "If it was you, would you order?"
Mushaqi thought for a moment, "If my friend listened to the radio often, I would listen to her, but now a lot of people don't listen to the radio, click my friend may not hear."
Su Zichen clicked the steering wheel and gave a gentle "um" sound.
Muschach said nothing more, and continued to listen to the music on the radio, occasionally interrupted by a message or two from the radio host.
The atmosphere is warm and cozy, and it feels like a quiet afternoon.
She closed her eyes and listened to the music, and the car shook slightly, and nearly fell asleep.
His magnetic voice whispered in his ear, "Coming soon."
Mouchucky opened his eyes vaguely. "So soon?"
Sit up straight and find the car parked in the open parking lot, surrounded by a bamboo forest, full of green.
"Are parking lots always this nice?"
Su Zichen got out of the car and went around to her place. He opened the door for her and smiled. "This is the place you chose."
Mucha Chidun lives, yes, this is their own choice of place, Na Na said: "I also come for the first time."
She stepped out of the car door and stood up, bumping into Su Zichen, whose right hand was leaning over the side of the car frame to talk to her. Her forehead also hit his chin.
Su Zichen did not expect her to suddenly stand up, repeatedly backward two steps, busy hand to help the unsteady footsteps of Mu Xia Qi.
"Is everything all right?" Su Zichen's dark and deep eyes fell on her and asked in a tight voice.
Two people are almost no gap to hold a piece, although the only man and woman in the same room before, but it is also a necessity.
Muschucky blushed, saw himself through his dark eyes, and steawed himself.
"So, so, sorry, how's your jaw?"
Su Zichen loosened his hand on her waist and covered her lower jaw. "It's okay."
In a voice she could not hear, she whispered, "Used to it."
Muschucky looked at him doubtfully. "What did you say?"
Su Zichen's heart helpless, this man knew that his vest had fallen off, and began to Revere himself, occasionally revealing his small claws.
"Let's go."
How does it feel like he's playing host when Muschucky's following him?
She put the menu in front of him and motioned for him to make himself at home.
Su Zichen did not deliberately go to the expensive spot as he did last time, and ordered a few ordinary dishes.
Mu Xia Qi added a meat dish, plus two cups of stew, after all, eat Cantonese food, how can less stew?
During the meal, she went out to answer the phone and quickly bought the single, but the price was not too expensive, within their own tolerance.
The mere thought of having to buy ten meals made her worried about her own money.
When she returned to her box, half the food was served.
Su Zichen sat at the table calmly, tapping the table with his right hand without moving his chopsticks.
Muschucky quickly sat down, "Excuse me, you eat quickly, don't have to wait for me."
Su Zichen opened a pot of stew, pushed in front of her, and opened another pot of stew himself.
The white long fingers with a clear sense of bone took out the spoon, as if holding a piece of good porcelain, and the bearing of the whole body was natural.
Muschucky landed on his long fingers, such beautiful fingers, what a waste not to flick the cotton!
The stew in front of them was drunk in silence, and the box was so quiet that you could hear two people chewing lightly.
The door of the box was pushed open again, and the waiter stooped in, placed a dish of the most delicious pork intestines in the middle of the table, and withdrew.
Su Zichen's pale face changed a little, and his brow wrinkled slightly.
Mushaqi was happy inside, thinking that the man was going to finish the meal with a straight face.
According to Lin Xiaoyu's grapevine news, I feel that his time should be arranged very compact, how to remember their own meals? Stingy indeed!
It seems that he does not like to eat viscera, the next meal can be changed to another viscera dish, do not believe that he still dare to eat with himself, and then put forward can not discount back to him.
I'm so clever.
Almost finished, Muchachi rang the bell, the waiter quickly opened the box door: "Hello, how can I help you?"
"Well, I ordered two Haagen-Dazs ice cream desserts, please."
"Yes, just a moment, please."
Su Zichen put down the napkin in his hand, "Do you like to eat Agendas ice cream?"
Mushaqi nodded, "Occasionally eat, eat when the mood is good, the mood will feel more beautiful; When you eat when you are in a bad mood, it will lighten your mood."
Her eyes clearly toward him, waiting for his context, the result of his "um" over!!
Muxia Qi back eyes, fortunately is not their own boyfriend, so high cold expensive, their own is easy to be his "frozen" bad.
The box door was pushed open again, and the waiter came in with the dessert.
"Hello, this is strawberry, this is grass, please enjoy."
Mushaqi looked at the two ice cream balls in front of him, his eyes shining, and he wanted to eat both tastes.
"Which flavor would you like?"
This man has been eating dessert for himself for the last time, so I'm sure he'll do the same this time, right? Muschucky thought joyfully.
Saw the opposite man in her gaze, the vanilla flavor of Agendas ice cream pulled in front of him, slowly crooked a spoonful into his mouth, slightly sip a few times.
"The taste can!
With a stiff smile, Muchach silently moved the strawberry flavored ice cream in front of him, dug a big spoonful vigorously, put it in his mouth, and chewed it angrily!
Su Zichen noticed her expression, the corners of her mouth inadvertently curved.

Chapter 75: Hidden Uneasiness
Jingyuan community.
Mu Xia Qi sat on the sofa listening to Han Suisui beguile talking about her account powder process.
"Cookie, I've gained a lot of fans for your green dress photos, which are so hazy and beautiful and have such a sexy body."
"How many followers do you have now?"
Han Sui Sui exaggerated with a smile, a face excited with a mobile phone rushed to the front, "has three hundred and fifty thousand fans!!"
Mushaqi was surprised, "So quickly gained more than 300,000 followers?"
"Or what? Recently, I went out early and came back late, shooting inside and outside by myself, and I cried bitterly."
"Is your account primarily a personal beauty blogger?" Muschach pulled her account.
I always thought my bestie was just talking, but I didn't think she really stuck it out and got good results.
"Our family is the best."
Mushaqi gave her a thumbs up, looked down at his phone screen and found an account that was strangely familiar.
Why does it look like her college boyfriend's account? !
Favorite Macchiato: "Is this Cookie?"
Mu Xia Qi froze, this net name is before the two people joke when He Shuheng, to later all his social software have given this name.
Hurriedly picked up the phone against Han Sui Sui in front of, "Sui Sui, do you see this like He Shuheng?"
Han Sui Sui smile convergence, but also seriously study the "love Marchiato" this account.
Click on the home page, which is apparently Mushaqi and he once took hand in hand, but neither of them showed their faces.
Han Susui: "!!"
Gnashing his teeth, he said, "He still dares to appear!" If he dares to appear in front of you, I will not break his legs!"
Muschucky bit his lower lip and said nothing.
That part of the past, she has long been dust.
"I'll block him now, and rest assured, he shouldn't come back."
Mu Shaqi always feel that the heart always feel insecure, but it can not say where wrong.
* * * * * *
The day went on as usual, with Mushaqi commuting to work.
Occasionally accompany Su Zichen to meet his grandfather, eat to fulfill the obligation of "girlfriend".
She clasped her fingers and counted how long it would be until liberation.
Recently, I have invited him to dinner nearly four times, and I still owe him five times before I pay him off.
As for pretending to be his girlfriend, he has less than two months left, and he can be free!
There was hope for the future. Mushage had been walking in the wind lately.
For the first four meals, Su Zichen wanted to pay secretly several times, but she found him in time and snatched him back.
Or will it take years to pay it off? This dog man, he's a snake.
But her purse is getting thinner and thinner, and the money she has managed to save is almost at the bottom.
Mu Haoxuan recently put a large part of his living expenses into her bank card on time every month, she did not move at all, and gave him a regular financial management.
On that weekend, Su Zichen was on a business trip and did not need her to accompany him to dinner.
Mu Xia Qi also happy leisure, dial Han Sui Sui telephone.
For a long time, Han Sui Sui picked it up, and the voice was confused: "Hello..."
"Susui, get up quickly, let's go and see Haoxuan."
"Hurry up and I'll meet you upstairs." 𝓍 ļ
"Good," said Hermione.
Muschach hung up the phone, changed his clothes and headed upstairs.
Han Sui Sui rent house is opposite her room number of the unit type, the area is larger than her, three rooms and one room of the unit type.
She stood in front of Han Susui's door, pressed the fingerprint lock, and the door opened directly.
Han Sui Sui changed the fingerprint lock, the first time to put her fingerprints into it.
Inside, a pair of jumbled up on the sofa, there are a few unfinished takeout boxes on the table.
A week did not come up, Han Sui Sui house was simply made miserable.
"Susui, didn't you ask the housekeeping staff to come and clean up?"
Muchach cleaned up the leftover take-out boxes on the table and threw them out later.
Han Suisui still lying on the bed, dazed.
"What time did you sleep last night?" Muschucky touched her forehead.
"About three o 'clock."
'Why are you up so late?
"Couldn't sleep, thinking about the account operation." Han Susui struggled to sit up, "What time is it now?"
"It's past twelve o 'clock, Miss."
'Is it so late? Han Suisui rubbed his eyes and gradually woke up.
"Yeah, the sun's gonna burn your ass." Mr. Muschach then slapped her on the buttocks.
Then he said, "Lock your valuable things in a room, and I'll call a maid to come and clean for you."
"The maid wouldn't steal anything, would she?" Han Sui Sui really got up and staggered to the bathroom.
"There is no need to prevent people, and the cleaning staff sent by domestic companies are different every time."
Ms. Muschach sat on the makeup table in her room, looking at the various brand-name skin care products.
"Sui Sui, did you move all the brand counters back? Even the cupboard next to it is full." X ᒐ
Han Suisui brushed his teeth and said vaguely, "There is no way ah, my account to sit product evaluation, do not buy products, how to evaluate."
"Did you exchange the bag's money for this?"
Han Suisui gargled, "Almost, feel my two bags of money and spend almost, help."
"Do you have any income from this account?" Muschucky frowned.
"It costs hundreds of yuan to play, but it's a drop in the bucket."
"A few hundred yuan, this is simply not enough to fill the stomach, but in the early stage have to slowly get through, then good." Muschucky sighed.
"Yeah, Cookie, I found out that your ex-boyfriend used a different account to view my videos and ask about where you work."
Muschucky's heart tightened. "Did you tell him?"
Han Sui Sui rolled her eyes, "Am I such a stupid person?" You have to be a little bit cautious, I've noticed that some of my videos are giving away some address information."
"But it's all very subtle. He shouldn't be able to tell."
"Unit so."
"You change your clothes quickly, eat something downstairs later, and then set out." "Muschach urged.
"Why do you suddenly want to see Haoxuan so urgently?"
Han Suisui pulled a hoodie out of the wardrobe and pulled her hair out of it.
"Last night saw him send a dynamic, and then seconds deleted, feel a little wrong."
Han Suisui paused, "What did he send?"
Mushaqi thought about it, smiled and said: "It is quite artistic, as if: this love is like an elevator, our goals are different, you go up, I go down..."
"I can't see Haoxuan as a student of science and technology, and Wen's words come easily."
"After all, Bai Lingling is his first love, and he always worries about the pain the girls bring him." "Muschach worried.
"Don't worry, Haoxuan also has two sisters."

Chapter 76: The White Lotus
Mu Shaqi and Han Suisui stood at the gate of s University.
A crowd of people gathered around the school road, not knowing what they were watching.
When the two of them were preparing to go to the boys' dormitory, they heard Mu Haoxuan's angry voice: "White Lingling, you are like this to me?" Two dates at once?"
Mu Shaqi and Han Suisui looked at each other, and immediately stopped walking forward and walked quickly toward the crowd.
Finally squeezed in, I saw Mu Haoxuan wearing a white T-shirt, light gray casual pants, dressed up sunny youth.
But he blushed and looked resentfully at the man and woman standing together in front of him.
People around are whispering, white Lingling is still a soft and weak appearance, "Haoxuan, you misunderstood me."
Han Sui Sui to come forward, was Muxia Qi stopped, signal her to pay attention to a while.
Mu Haoxuan angry forehead blue veins burst out, gnashing teeth, "my eyes are not blind, you and his hand."
I was just hugging at the Lovers Lake, and I want to ask what kind of ordinary men and women can hold hands and hug?"
He spoke eloquently, angry as he was, but still able to control his emotions and present the facts with reason and evidence.
It's not like some other guy loses his mind and goes up there and beats people up.
Mr. Muschach gave his brother a thumbs up.
White Lingling see people around her showing disdain eyes, public opinion on her also to the bad side of development, she also dont pretend.
"Mu Haoxuan, I just said that just don't want to hurt your self-esteem, you are completely a mother treasure man, oh, no, or a sister man."
Your monthly living expenses, almost all to your sister, leaving 800 yuan, you say this money, is not even enough for you to eat?
I want to subsidize your meals every month, but also the beautiful name of me and you to fight together, I am in your favor!
When all good to me is a lie, and now I go out to have a meal to weigh so long!"
Muxia Qi knows that his brother has given most of his living expenses to himself, but he did not expect that the people he has indulged in are only leaving 800 yuan for himself!
Mu Haoxuan was angry just white down the face and rose red, "White Lingling, when did I use your money?" I just stopped buying you all the luxuries."
White Lingling smiled, tone Yin and Yang: "Last time and you in the commercial street to eat, you said that the mobile phone out of order, can not pay, not I pay the money?"
I don't think your phone is malfunctioning, you are a softy."
White Lingling does not care, their favorite things boyfriend not only can not send, eat but also their own money, that also called what lovers?
In her idea, two people fall in love, no matter what they do, they should be paid by the boys, she did not think she was wrong.
And she was originally to figure Muhaoxuan's money, but now he can't take out the money, picking out the search, it is a waste of their own time.
They talk about rich kids fooling girls! Handsome and can not eat, white Lingling said also white Mu Haoxuan a look.
People around saw a good play, privately have their own views, public opinion has said.
Mu Haoxuan was said by her, red face became pig liver color.
Mu Xia Qi heard the dialogue of two people, not for their own stupid brother love dearly, a cavity of blood and heart is ultimately wrong to pay, now recognize is not too late.
She just wanted to speak, Han Sui Sui a step faster than her, "Yo, who am I?" So you, I said why come in the smell of thick green tea."
Han Suisui said with his hand flashed in front of his nose, shaking his head, "The school is polluted, I said my brother some time ago how to spend money so fast?"
White Ling Ling saw Han Sui Sui and Mu Xia Qi, white face a point, a pair of weak like to be blown down by the wind.
The boy next to her quickly put his arms around her waist and lovingly smoothed the broken hair on her forehead.
"Oh, and he's just your ordinary friend? It's an intimate gesture that I can't do with normal boys."
Han Sui Sui pinched his ears, a pair of disgusted appearance, "Brother, I advise you to shine your eyes, don't be white lotus eat bones are not left."
White Lingling weak weak and side of the boys said: "I do not."
The boy's desire to protect came up, the white Lingling behind, "you have anything to rush me, I like her."
Muchaqi sneered: "Or really a pair of miserable mandarin ducks, but my silly brother is not, the rod hit the mandarin ducks."
Mu Haoxuan saw the two of them, surprise asked: "Sister, how did you come?"
Just think of now this scene is really difficult to speak, joy slightly coagulate, pursed lips.
"Sister, let's go, I don't care about them anymore." Mu Haoxuan want to pull mu Xia Qi leave this wrong place.
Muchachi patted his palm and motioned him to wait.
She smiled at Bai Lingling, "Bai, you and my brother are together because you like them, not because of his money, right?"
White Lingling did not speak, this question method is a pit, say like, that side of Chen Li heard after there must be thorns; If you don't like it, then you are not admitted to figure money just Muhaoxuan together.
Mushaqi saw her without saying anything, continued: "I don't care what reason you are with my brother, as far as I know, the Chanel limited bag you are wearing, the Lv clothes, and the Versace shoes, are my poor brother bought for you."
You've taken my brother to dinner once or twice since, but aren't lovers mutual? What's the rule that all the guys pay for the girls?
After all, everyone has different values, and I don't force it. Finally, I wish you and your future partner happiness."
Mu Haoxuan stood up, "White Lingling, we broke up, I spent no less than 300,000 on you, as for the two meals you said, with these bags and clothes."
Finish pulling Mu Xia Qi and Han Sui Sui go far.
White Lingling red face by the people around pointing, pulling the side of Chen Li escape like to leave the scene.
Mu Haoxuan's footsteps go very fast, Mu Xia Qi and Han Sui Sui to trot to keep up.
It was not until they had reached the edge of the quiet path that he stopped and bowed his head.
"Sister, sister Sui Sui, let you see the joke."
Mu Xia Qi and Han Sui Sui looked at each other and came forward to appease: "Life is so long, there will always be times when you look wrong, don't hurt for these people who are not worth it."
Han Sui Sui also nodded and echoed: "Yes, Haoxuan, look forward, you deserve better."
Mu Haoxuan nodded heavily, "Understand, you rest assured, I will focus on learning."
Moushaqi patted him on the shoulder: "Meet a good girl or can fall in love, after all, there are many good girls in the world!"

Chapter 77: Corporate Welfare
Mu Haoxuan since the last break up incident, depressed for a few days, fortunately, his dormitory is not those who throw down the stone, a few brothers in the dormitory are strong to support him.
Han Suisui also often go to s big shooting location, by the way to look after Mu Haoxuan mood.
Mu Shaqi worked overtime for several days to catch up on the hot spring town project in Pingtung.
Midway will also chat with Mu Haoxuan, she feels that her brother has grown up a lot.
Originally wanted to go to s on Saturday and Sunday again, but received Liu manager Liu Wei hair to the business mission, heartbroken.
Mu Xia Qi saw the mail, Lin Xiaoyu also saw, two people look at each other, can see despair from each other's eyes.
Liu Wei also walked out of the manager's office, "Xia Qi and Xiaoyu and I went to Pingtung town on business this weekend, and Wu Feng and Xiaoling followed up the project in the north of the city."
"All right."
"Copy that."
Several people answered.
"Our department still want to recruit a boy to come in better, travel can match men and women, I also rest assured."
Liu Wei said to himself, and walked into the office again.
"Did you hear the last thing Lao Liu said?" Lin Xiaoyu whispered.
"Yes, Manager Liu said to bring in another man." Chen Xiaoling held up the plain glasses on the bridge of her nose.
Mushaqi smiled and nodded, "Bring in another man, and have an extra helper when you rush the project."
"Hope to a practical, do not invite embroidered pillows, look useless." Chen Xiaoling added.
Wu Feng came in with a cup of coffee. "I found a lot of drinks and milk in the canteen, and snacks to satisfy my hunger."
"Who bought it and put it there?" Lin Xiaoyu disagreed.
Wu Feng drank a cup of coffee and said mysteriously: "no,no,no, the grapevine said that the boss told the administrative department to improve our office treatment."
"The boss above, do you mean General Sue?" Lin Xiaoyu asked her head.
"That's what the grapevine says, whether or not I don't know. Shouldn't you be better informed than I am?"
Wu Feng words have not finished, Lin Xiaoyu pulled Mu Xia Qi quickly to the tea room.
The tearoom was already packed with spectators from all departments.
Curious, everyone grabbed a snack, or a chocolate bar, or a wafer, or some milk.
By the time Lin Xiaoyu and Mu Xiqi squeezed in, the cupboard was empty of snacks, and the most remaining were instant noodles of various flavors.
Lin Xiaoyu exclaimed quietly, "Am I entering the grocery store?" Why so many snacks? Does it feel like there's a lot of milk?"
"And it looks like the brand of milk is the same as the last one you bought, Cookie." Lin Xiaoyu casually took a bottle, "Administration department manager this is a big bloodletting?"
Next to a short haired girl accosted, "I heard that the company specially allocated a sum of money to the administration department, let them buy snacks for us."
"Why the sudden rejection of this plan?" Mushaqi wondered, as far as she knew, that the administration manager had been cutting the expenses of various departments as part of his kPl assessment.
Why would you call for an increase in benefits?
The girl whispered: "This is not the credit of the administration department, is the Su general two days ago when the executive meeting, directly mentioned!"
His words were powerful: 'I can't shortchange my employees, I don't need to increase my income by skimping on employee benefits.' '"
The girl held the milk tightly in her arms, "Sue is always pretty handsome, okay? He's my new idol."
Lin Xiaoyu listened, also a face of worship, "Su total such a person, is simply the hero of the novel!" Domineering and generous."
Muchachi patted her shoulder, "You continue to be crazy, a snack is gone, the form is too late to finish!" You'll be working overtime!"
Lin Xiaoyu's face suddenly collapsed, "hurry to choose two, and then go back to work, tomorrow weekend business trip, how so miserable?"
Mu Shaqi took a bottle of milk and helped Chen Xiaoling bring a bottle, and squeezed it outside.
And a lot of people flocked to the tea room.
Back to the investment department, Chen Xiaoling stepped forward, "What have you two brought back?"
"No, here you are, milk." Muschucky handed her the milk.
"No, I saw everyone else taking a lot of things, and you came back with a milk?" Chen Xiaoling can not believe, hand out results Mu Xia Qi handed over the milk.
"I also got chocolate and wafers, mainly because there were so many people and it was hard to squeeze in."
Lin Xiaoyu put several packages of wafer cookies on the table, picked up a chocolate, unwrapped it, and put it in her mouth.
"Oh, it really melts in the mouth. I can't believe the administration department would buy such a good brand."
"That must be, when you two went out to the tea room, I read on the gossip group, and said that such snacks will be provided regularly in the future."
"Normal offer? It seems that in the future, I don't need to prepare snacks at work, and go directly to the tearoom to get them." Lin Xiaoyu secretly happy.
"Yes, it's a nice perk. The price of this brand of milk alone is quite high."
Mu Xia Qi drank the milk in his hand, Su Zichen still seemed quite human.
"But why so many buckets of instant noodles?" Lin Xiaoyu dont understand.
"It's what the administration department prepares for those of us who often work overtime." Muschucky said with a faint smile.
"At least I have something to eat when I work overtime and can't order takeout."
Lin Xiaoyu bites a wafer hard: "Then I thank the administration department!"
"We are going to Pingtung town on a business trip this weekend, Xiaoyu, you can go and get some buckets of instant noodles ready." "Muschach quipped.
"Don't have to, eat instant noodles every day, I think I get old after a hundred years, do not have to make, can directly become non-rotting mummies!"
Chen Xiaoling had not yet turned the corner and asked strangely: "Why do you eat instant noodles every day and become a non-rotting mummified body in the future?"
"This is a joke on the Internet, like a brand of instant noodles with excessive preservatives, and then netizens laughed that eating instant noodles will give you a century-old preservative," said Mu Shaqi.
Chen Xiaoling suddenly realized: "That's so, the netizens are too talented."
"It's not."
Lin Xiaoyu brushes the social software, "many people in our company sent the photos of the tea room full of snacks to the social platform, and it was a hot search."
Passerby A: What kind of fairy company is this?
Gorgeous child: "I go, this seems to be a company managed by Sue God, with this treatment, I am not surprised."
Find my nickname: "My God, before I sent my resume, nothing, your company's entry threshold is too high."
Love to eat milk smile flower: "Envy two words, I have said tired."

Chapter 78: A Trip to Pingtung
Mu Xia Qi and Lin Xiaoyu took a bus for most of the day and finally arrived at the bus station in Pingtung town.
Lin Xiaoyu holding the suitcase, standing hair messy, "Finally arrived, is not easy ah!" I feel like it's still shaking."
Mushaqi's feet fell to the ground and he felt alive.
"We will have a rest at Suihe Hotel first, and will meet Manager Liu tomorrow to inspect the project site."
Lin Xiaoyu's head is feebly leaning on her shoulder, "The traffic here is not convenient, even if the company comes to get a scenic spot, I think the commodity of the house is also a problem."
Muxia Qi thoughtfully lowered his eyelids unconsciously and said softly, "I checked the government-government plan before I came, and there will be two highways open to traffic in Pingtung Town in the next two years.
And with the construction of the urban light rail in three years, it will be easier for people from other cities to come on vacation."
Lin Xiaoyu was surprised, "Qiqi, did you check the information so quickly?"
"Yesterday afternoon happened to touch the fish, so I checked by the way." Mushaqi opened a taxi app and found that there were zero cars nearby that could be called.
"Taxi apps can't get a ride." Mushaqi was helpless.
"So what?" Lin Xiaoyu also helped the forehead, "the two of us have no long-distance driving experience, otherwise drive a car to come, it will not be so embarrassing."
"Meet Manager Liu later. It will be much easier if he has a car."
Two people dragging suitcases, just out of the car hall, there are many tricycle drivers around the master.
Mu Xia Qi and Liu Xiaoyu were shocked by what they saw.
Lin Xiaoyu took a step back. "Qi Qi, what's going on here?"
A driver said, "Little sister, do you need a car? I can drive you there."
The other drivers said, "Where are you going? We can give you a better deal."
"How much is it to the Hoi Wo Hotel?"
"For the two of you, the special price is sixty dollars."
Mushaqi inward gasp, she checked the route, less than ten kilometers of road, should be so expensive!
She grabbed the suitcase in one hand, holding Lin Xiaoyu's hand to soothe.
Carefully looked around the driver brother, face is swarthy, eyes bright with enthusiasm.
She also dare not take it lightly, after all, she and Lin Xiaoyu two people are girls, but also unfamiliar.
Yu Guang caught a glimpse of an uncle about sixty years old standing prudently behind the crowd, being squeezed behind, but he did not dare to speak, and wanted to speak.
He saw Muschucky's eyes fall on him, a few glimpses of hope, eyes clear.
Mushaqi bypassed the crowd and came to the honest uncle, "Uncle, I want to go to the Hoo Hotel, can you ride with us?"
The uncle couldn't believe it. He never expected that the guest would come up to him and ask him.
Stammering, he said, "I, I know the Hoo Hotel, and I can take you there."
"Uncle, where's your car?" "Muschucky asked.
He pointed to the distance. "That tricycle in front is mine."
Mu Xia Qi and Lin Xiaoyu looked in the direction he pointed, a small electric three-wheel, although it looked older, but it was clean and spotless.
Xiao Yu leaned up to Mu Shaqi's ear and asked, "Do you really want to take his car?"
Mu Xia Qi whispered back: "Manager Liu is still socializing now, certainly have no time to manage us, this uncle looks very honest, not like a bad person."
Lin Xiaoyu had to sacrifice his life to accompany a gentleman, "can only gamble once."
"How much is the fare, uncle?"
"Two or twenty dollars is fine."
Mushaqi did not make a sound, the uncle's offer is very real, "Is it too expensive?" How about fifteen dollars?"
Mushaqi shook his head, "Uncle, it's only twenty dollars, you can help us carry the luggage to the car."
Uncle's eyes suddenly lit up, "OK OK."
The first time Mu Xia Qi and Lin Xiaoyu rode this kind of tricycle, their eyes were full of curiosity, looking around.
Uncle wheezing hard to push the tricycle, the car slowly forward.
Lin Xiaoyu saw a family photo at the roof of the shed, a family of four people, smiling warm and happy.
"Uncle, is that your family in this picture?"
'Yes, yes!
"It's good to have both your children." Lin Xiaoyu continued.
"Those two are my grandchildren. Their parents died early, and now my wife and I are taking care of them."
Lin Xiaoyu and Mu Xia Qi looked at each other, "Now you mainly stare at the tricycle to make money?"
"Yes, you are my first single customer this month." Uncle chat chat also relaxed a lot.
'Why? "Muschucky asked.
"There are few customers, and I don't pull customers, so customers will naturally take other people's cars."
Muschach thought about his performance just now, and if he did not observe carefully, he really would not have noticed him.
"Did your grandchildren go to college?"
"Both of them are in high school, the granddaughter is a senior three, preparing to take the college exam tomorrow, both of them are very good grades, ranked first and second in the grade." The uncle spoke with pride.
"That's amazing!" Lin Xiaoyu said.
"That's right, so I want to make more money now and save it for them to go to college later, but now I only earn about 500 yuan a month to support them to go to college, and I need to take more guests."
Lin Xiaoyu looked at the uncle's back and said loudly: "Uncle, come on!"
The entrance of the Hoa Hotel.
The uncle, sweating heavily, helped them carry their luggage down.
Mu Xia Qi gave the uncle 50 yuan, let the uncle do not need to find, the uncle blushed, repeatedly shook his head, "No, how much money said, is how much money, can not cheat people!"
Mushaqi smiled and said, "Uncle, here is extra money for your luggage."
"That's not necessary. It's what I'm supposed to do." The uncle pulled out thirty dollars and insisted on stuffing them back into Muschucky.
"Uncle, take it." Lin Xiaoyu also advised.
"A man should be honest, and I will have a bad conscience if I accept this money." After saying this, he shoved it back into his pocket and quickly stared at his tricycle and drove away.
Stopped not far from them and waved to them, "You're having fun in Pingtung Town."
Mushaqi smiled and said, "Yes, thank you uncle."
Two people have been watching the uncle's back walk away, only to turn to the Sui Wo hotel.
Halfway there, Lin Xiaoyu seemed to have made some kind of determination, "Qi Qi, we will do this project well and develop the hot spring resources here."
Mushaqi smiled and looked at her, "Wasn't it said before that the traffic here is not developed?"
"That's different. After all, there will be highways here in the future, and the development of tourist attractions will give people here more income." Lin Xiaoyu looked at her crooked and said.

Chapter 79: The Familiar Stranger
The two rested for a while and joined Liu Wei in the evening.
Liu Wei took the two of them to meet several geological experts, after all, the development of a hot spring town project, without early survey and calculation.
Several geological experts have given the opinion that the hot springs here are rich in resources and are suitable for the development of hot spring resorts.
Liu Wei drove back to the hotel with the two of them, "You two took the bus all the way here today, how do you feel?"
"All the way here, the scenery is beautiful, the mountains are green and the people are not bad." Muschucky thought for a moment and said.
Liu Wei smiled and said: "These days hard work, now the company's senior management attaches great importance to this project, we get the basic data out first."
"Copy that." Lin Xiaoyu and Mu Xia Qi speak with one voice.
Liu Wei's car soon arrived at the Hoa Hotel.
As if thinking of something, he asked, "You two should pay attention to safety when you go out at night." I have to go to another place tomorrow, so you can check the basic information here first."
"All right."
Both of them are not going out at night, and have a good rest, after all, the workload is huge these days.
The next day, Mu Xia Qi and Lin Xiaoyu two people to the site near the reconnaissance, took a lot of four to (southeast northwest orientation) photos.
We should also pay attention to whether there are high-voltage power lines around, but also pay attention to whether there are tombs around, after all, many people buy houses and travel, these matters are still more taboo.
They ran back and forth in Pingtung town, investigating the surrounding environment, there is no bus here, it is not convenient to call a car, two people at the same time thought of the uncle that day.
Only two people went to the bus station again to find him, but did not see his trace, not by a little lost.
"The uncle must have taken some other guests." "Muschach said.
"Looks like we'll have to take the other tricycles back." Lin Xiaoyu sighed heavily: "Tomorrow and Manager Liu to meet Pingtung town government - government staff, busy like a top."
"We are OK, you see Manager Liu, almost every day to work across the city, in the future may have to cross provinces."
"If I have to travel across provinces, I think I will go crazy." Lin Xiaoyu crazy shake his head.
Muxia Qi laughed at Lin Xiaoyu, "The basic data are almost collected, right?" Let's go back and sort it out."
Lin Xiaoyu's head is weak to hang down, "God, the business trip is really tiring ah, you see my walking kilometers, walking almost more than ten kilometers!"
"That's just right, as a weight loss." Muschucky laughed.
She took a few pictures of today's scenery and sent a daily dynamic, Han Suisui the first to praise: "Wow, beautiful ah, where did the fairy go to play?"
Muxia Qi drew the corners of his mouth to edit reply: "Fairies are naturally playing in fairyland!"
Close the screen, look around again, still did not find the uncle's trail, is ready to find other tricycle driver master.
Suddenly a familiar voice called to her, "Cookie?? !!"
Mushage froze at the sound, thinking he was hearing voices, and did not look back.
"Cookie, is that you?" The soulful voice came from behind again.
Lin Xiaoyu curiously turned back, saw a delicate facial features of the boys, eyes mixed with a touch of melancholy looking at Mu Xia Qi's back, want to speak.
There was definitely a story. She pulled Muschach's elbow and whispered, "Cookie, there's a boy behind you."
Mushaqi still motionless, quietly looking ahead, missing for nearly two years suddenly appeared...
Boys see Mu Xia Qi refused to look back, walked in front of her, his face clearly presented in front of the eyes, still Qingjun outstanding.
He was standing in front of her, looking at her steadily, his bushy eyebrows showing his eyes, and seeing her again seemed to have passed a long time.
Low voice: "Cookie, are you okay?"
Muschach looked coldly at him, once the most familiar stranger, and said with a bland expression, "I'm fine."
After pulling Lin Xiaoyu's hand to go left, the boy quickly strode forward, looking nervous to block her whereabouts.
"Cookie, don't do this, I..."
"Excuse me, I'm at work. I have things to do."
He Shuheng's dark, bright eyes darkened. "Qi Qi, can you tell me your contact information?"
"I suppose there's no need for us to keep in touch?"
The words hit him like a needle in the heart, thick and painful.
He wanted to come forward to talk again, was stopped by Lin Xiaoyu, "Hello, we are really busy, wait for us to finish and contact you?"
The two men stopped a tricycle and got on and left.
He Shuheng was left standing alone.
The companions who had come with him also came out of the hall one after another at this time, and they were surprised to see him standing on the side of the road in a dazed state.
One of the boys with a crew head patted him on the shoulder and said, "Shuheng, what's wrong with you? Why are you so stupid? Is there something ahead?"
He Shuheng did not answer, but shook his head.
"Come on, check into the hotel first, and don't tell me, the view here is really nice."
Lin Xiaoyu worried to look at the stunned Mu Xia Qi, but also dare not ask, themselves also guess probably, the boy is very likely to be her ex-boyfriend.
The two may have been separated by some misunderstanding.
It's just not a good time to ask her how she's doing, so let's wait until she's calmed down.
The tricycle soon arrived at the Hoa Hotel.
Lin Xiaoyu paid the money, two people just want to walk into the hotel door, unexpectedly see they want to find the driver uncle.
Lin Xiaoyu shouted in surprise: "Uncle, uncle, remember me?"
The driver uncle smiled and said, "Of course I remember, how many days do you still have to play here?"
"We're here to work!" Lin Xiaoyu tilted his head and said, "By the way, uncle, these days we may have to run other places in Pingtung Town, we want to package your car, the fare is calculated by day, do you think it is OK?"
The driver uncle smiled and nodded excitedly, "Of course, when do you need the car?"
Lin Xiaoyu looked at the time, glanced at Mu Xia Qi who was quiet and did not speak, and said: "Uncle, tomorrow at nine o 'clock, you come to the hotel to pick us up!"
"Ok, no problem, let me leave you a number so you can reach me anytime."
Lin Xiaoyu took out his mobile phone to call the uncle's phone, two people to the uncle goodbye, this went back to the hotel door.
Back in the room, Mushaqi sat quietly on the sofa and did not speak.
"Cookie, are you okay?"
Mushaqi smiled faintly, "Nothing, just a little tired today."
"That... What are we going to eat tonight?" Lin Xiaoyu almost asked who the boy was.
Muschucky thought. "How about grilled fish?"
"Well, the locals say the grilled fish here is delicious!"

Chapter 80: The Investigation
Mr. Mu and Ms. Lin spent four days in Pingtung, the last day accompanying Mr. Liu to a meeting with Pingtung government officials.
But she did not expect that she would see He Shuheng again here.
Two people's eyes meet in the air, He Shuheng eyes with enthusiasm, she light off the line of sight.
Lin Xiaoyu nervously looked at Mu Xia Qi, for fear of her mood swings.
Mushaqi is expressionless, calm and self-contained throughout, and will ask questions at important nodes without being affected at all.
Or maintain before the vigorous work state, Liu Wei approvingly looked at Mu Xia Qi.
He Shuheng's eyes involuntarily moved with her movements, causing huge waves in her heart, and she became more dazzling.
At the end of the meeting, Liu Wei took Mu Xia Qi they hurried back to s city.
He Shuheng can only learn in the mouth of the staff that she works in the Tiankun Group, silently staring at the direction she left.
* * * * * *
As the night wore on, the shadows of the buildings kept quiet, except for the little lights shining through the Windows.
Mushaqi, who had just returned home, was lying on the sofa, tired and confused.
Recently I have been so busy with work that I have no time to think about many things.
Once heard the name of He Shuheng, the heart will tremble slightly, and now see him, but also just geese across the lake without traces.
She opened the social circle, the dynamic of the Pingtung town scenery map sent by herself, the following comments actually exploded.
Many college students commented:
Xiao Su Lizi: "Did you and He Shuheng get back together? Why did he send a landscape map similar to you?"
Little Fox: [Same as the scenery photo someone sent, something is wrong!]
Xiao Ping Ping: Where are you spending your vacation, Qi Qi?
"Attention, can't answer" clicked a like.
Mu Xia Qi startled, Su Zichen actually have time to see the social circle dynamics?
No wonder the man had not asked her to treat him to dinner recently, because he knew he was not in s City.
Asleep on the sofa, the mobile phone in his right hand rang.
She opened her sleepy eyes and pressed the answer button. There was no sound on the other side.
Without a steady grip on her right hand, the phone slipped, and when she picked it up again, the call was dead.
Look at the time, it's already a little more than one, so late who will call?
Slide open the call record, it is "attention, can not answer", Su Zichen so late to call themselves why?
When he called back, it was a busy signal. He must have pressed the wrong button, right?
Muschucky left it alone, went back to his room, and dozed off again.
A ray of sunlight in the morning entered the room, fell on the girl's white face, she slightly frowned, pulled up the quilt and went to sleep.
Until the alarm rang, she sat up slowly, her soft hair on her shoulders.
There are a few strands of hair because of static electricity straight up, can not say naughty.
The brain had not yet turned over, but the mobile phone rang like a rush.
Mu Shaqi rubbed his forehead and picked it up, and Chen Xiaoling's voice quickly passed over: "Qi Qi, our department is going to hold an emergency meeting, the meeting will start at 8:30, you have to come to the company as soon as possible!"
'What meeting? Muschucky wondered.
"There is a problem with the project data in the north of the city, and now one or two words can not be said, hurry to the company, I also want to hurry to wash and set out, hang up!"
Muxia Qi hang up the phone, the recent workload surge, their own busy menstrual period are delayed, endocrine are to disorder!
In a hurry to the company, Lin Xiaoyu and Wu Feng have not arrived, Chen Xiaoling sat on the desk to print the meeting information.
Mu Xia Qi put down his hands, picked up a milk while drinking while walking to Chen Xiaoling.
"Xiaoling, has something happened? Why the sudden emergency meeting?"
Chen Xiaoling looked at the surrounding environment and whispered, "This old renovation c project in the north of the city was originally done by you, right?"
Mushaqi nodded, "Yeah, what's the problem?"
"Now someone has reported that our investment department took bribes, so we pushed forward this project with bad conditions!"
"This project is not manager Liu's last meal and Xu special help said slip, forced, to rush the material to pass up, the evaluation opinions of this project, I are written carefully consider the project ah, what is the problem?"
"I don't really know, after all, I just heard a little wind, the last time they put a bank card on your desk?"
"But I sent it back." "Muschach said.
Lin Xiaoyu and Wu Feng also hurried back.
"What's going on? Why is there an emergency meeting?"
Liu Wei took a stack of information, walked in from outside, he glanced at the people, "Everyone arrived?" Then get ready for the meeting."
Liu Wei looked serious, looked at the information, and then opened his mouth: "Our department was reported yesterday, saying that our department is suspected of economic bribery."
Muxia Qi several people looked at each other a few eyes, their department is looking beautiful, after all, won the project bonus dividend but a lot of people covetous.
Moreover, their departments are also extremely prone to corruption, accepting money bribes from other landlords, or revealing the bidding reserve price to rivals, which is easy to bring huge losses to the company.
"We launched the A project, everyone is due diligence to do their job, I believe there is no problem." It is only the old renovation project in the north of the city, although it has not been started, but still subject to the investigation of the company's discipline inspection department."
Mushaqi's heart was tight, after all, this project information was done by her, and she had met with the owner several times in the middle, but absolutely did not accept money or other bribes.
Suddenly a gift card flashed in my mind, and I wanted to return it to them after the busy time, which is also considered accepting bribes? !
Many landlords will be in order to Tiankun Group can buy their land, are promised to the investment department personnel, if the land is purchased, will give a few percent of the total price as a commission return.
In the process of pushing forward, in order to raise the land price, they often invite the investment department staff to dinner, or insert red envelopes and gifts, hoping that they can relax the conditions.
Many people in the investment department could not resist the temptation to accept these bribes, causing economic crimes, and once they were found, they faced prison.
"Xia Qi..." Liu Wei looked in her direction, "Maybe the discipline inspection department will call you to question, don't worry, it should be a daily inquiry and so on."
Mushage lowered her eyelids and nodded gently.
"As investment department personnel, we must have professional ethics, do not ruin their own life career for small profits in front of them."
After all, these ill-gotten gains, even if received, will be awakened in the middle of the night afraid! Okay, that's pretty much it. Let's finish our work.
Xia Qi, you come to my office."
"All right."
Just after the meeting, the company's discipline inspection department personnel have come to the investment department, "May I ask which is Mu Xia Qi?"
"I am..." Muschucky stepped forward.
Lin Xiaoyu several people looked at her with concern.

Chapter 81 Headquarters interview
Mushaqi silently followed his colleagues in the discipline inspection department.
A pair of invisible hands tightly squeezed her heart, so that she can not breathe normally, the mind is very confused, a lot of images flashed.
Have Liu Wei's hands, have Lin Xiaoyu their chicken fly dog jump, have their own just entered the day Kun group of all kinds of not to adapt to Lin Lin.
She has been in office for a year, but is she really going to resign passively because of the involvement of this matter?
She lowered her eyelids and looked down at the ground, letting the bitterness flood in.
The workplace has always seen the high step on the bottom, and few help in the snow.
Many people in the corridor looked at her secretly, wondering what was going on?
After all, the people of the discipline inspection department in the Tiankun Group are famous for their mystery, once they appear, they will not die but also shed a layer of skin, and they will always check a bottom up.
Mu Xia Qi front foot just go, Liu Wei after the step was also the discipline inspection department, please go to the investigation, leaving Lin Xiaoyu three of them panic.
Just out of the elevator, I met Su Zichen walking in front, wearing a simple white shirt, and standing out in the dark crowd.
The party came in through the gate, and the people around them stopped to let them pass first.
Muschucky stood in the corner, eyes down, eyes fixed on the ground.
When Su Zichen was about to pass the corner, he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure, standing lonely in the corner. He couldn't stop his steps and looked in her direction.
At this time, Mushaqi listless, without the previous vitality.
He inadvertently wrinkled his eyebrows and looked at Xu Chujing.
Xu Chujing immediately understood, quietly out of the team, to the direction of Mu Xia Qi.
They see Su Zichen a line of people into the elevator, and their own busy hands.
Mushaqi followed the discipline inspection department people to continue to walk out, in their special car, to the group headquarters.
Xu Chujing looked at the car license plate, this is the group official car!
In general, the letter in front of the license plate number of the official car of the Tiankun Group is tk, followed by a number.
Bringing people from subsidiaries to the group, in addition to business dealings, is...
Discipline Inspection Department!
Xu Chujing fiercely raised his head, what did Mu Xia Qi do?
He quickly called the group headquarters to ask the cause and effect.
Top floor conference room.
The reporting team members nervously explained the program content on the stage.
The afternoon sun is not so fierce, along the glass shining into the man's side face, light and shadow interleaving, can not see his look.
If you observe carefully, you will find that his attention is often stopped on the phone.
The mobile phone on the table suddenly vibrated, and he looked at it, not the number he was waiting for, and then pressed it down.
The reporting staff on the stage saw his expressionless expression, thinking that there was something wrong with their report.
Nervously look at their department boss in the audience.
The group leader under the stage asked cautiously: "General Manager Su, do you think this plan is OK?"
The man's star eyes lifted slightly, and said without haste: "The plan concept is not innovative enough, go back to modify, continue."
The reporting staff continued to explain the next plate, 16 degrees of air conditioning, he still felt sweat on his forehead, only felt pressure.
Many leaders at the conference table noticed that the man on the chair often looked at the mobile phone, and they guessed that he had something important to deal with.
Not hundreds of millions of orders is the total meeting matters, otherwise it will not be frequently distracted.
Xu Chujing's name flashed on the phone screen, and the man picked up the phone and walked directly out, leaving everyone looking at each other.
Xu Chujing on the phone reported the situation to him one by one, Su Zichen's beautiful eyebrows slightly wrinkled, "Good, I know."
Back to the conference table, he was cool, black eyes scanned a circle, "today's meeting is over, go back to the program to revise a copy sent to me."
Said to walk away quickly, the leadership of the senior eyes, Sue unexpectedly ended the meeting ahead of schedule? ! Is it raining red outside?
* * * * * *
When Muschucky entered the interrogation room, he saw a row of people sitting across the long conference table, each with a serious face.
When she came in, the person on the far left motioned for her to sit down, and Mushage sat down in the only empty chair.
Her heart sank when she caught a glimpse of the camera.
It would be a lie to say I'm not nervous when I'm facing a scene like this for the first time.
She clutched the corners of her clothes, trying to find a sense of calm and breathing.
The black door was knocked open again, and a ray of sunlight penetrated the otherwise dim interrogation room.
The man sitting in the middle rose respectfully and went out.
Mushaqi did not look back, not knowing who it was.
Only when the man came back, his face softened a little, he took his seat, looked around, made sure everyone was there, and began the interrogation.
"Mushaqi, we are now investigating the A project and the c project in the north of the city, this is the normal work process of our discipline inspection department, you don't have to be nervous, just tell the facts."
"Of course, as a member of the investment department of Tiankun Group, you must be responsible for the truth of every word you say, and there can be no concealment, understand?"
Muschach nodded. "Got it."
Someone then asked, "According to our understanding, your position in the real estate subsidiary of Tiankun Group is currently an investment specialist, and you are in charge of Project A?"
"No, I was only responsible for the data and materials of project A, and I was present and responsible for recording during the initial negotiation of the project."
"So when this project was launched, did you charge Party B any gratuity?"
Muxia Qi shook his head, "No, I have no private contact with the staff of Party B, all the data transfer is sent through the company email, there are records to follow."
"Someone complained that you took advantage of the landlord in the c project in the north of the city and made the land data beyond the actual value?"
Mushaqi clenched his hands, his heart beating fast, "The landlord's job is to slip me a bank card, but I have returned it."
"Are there witnesses?"
Her face turned white, these things were not on the table, where can there be a third person present?
"No, it was just me and a staff member, and I could type up my bank statement."
The interrogator cast a glance at the man in the middle.
The man in the middle seems to be deep in thought, then looks at the others, and finally his eyes fall on the doorway.
Finally said: "Because someone reported, we have to check, do you remember the name of the giver?"
Mushaqi nodded, "Ma Xu."
"The c project in the north of the city is your summary not recommended to mount?"
Muschucky nodded. "Yes! I think in this old renovation project, the ownership of many buildings on the land is not clear, and there will be property rights disputes in the later stage."
The black gate behind closed slowly.
The middle man stared at Mushaqi's pale face, his eyes becoming sharper and sharper: "You have nothing to hide above?"

Chapter 82
"Are you sure? There is video here, and our department will continue to follow up and understand everything, and if the results are different..." He looked at her sternly and whispered, "Little girl, you'll be in trouble!"
Muschucky said firmly. "I'm sure."
The man surveyed her for a moment, his face returning to the beginning, and then told her, "You go out first."
Muschucky froze. So, is it over?
She got up mechanically and walked toward the black door, her step getting lighter and lighter.
Until she opened the door and saw the glare of the sun shining straight into her eyes.
After she let go of the door behind her, slowly closed, as if the bad things are closed behind her.
A tall, slender figure stood against the light, and Mushaqi could not see his appearance until he got closer.
Saw his eyes soft, less usual cold, took two steps in her direction, "You can still walk?"
Mu Shaqi felt weak and secretly gave Su Zichen a look. "I'm not in the mood to play a joke with you now." He's right. His feet are still soft.
Su Zichen raised his eyebrows and curled his mouth. "Let's go."
"Where to?"
"Of course..." He paused. "I'll take you home."
Mushaqi looked out of the window the whole time with her head sideways, and her eyes were empty. He was so close, but she could not open her mouth to ask.
After a long struggle, he said three words: "Thank you."
"Thank me for what? Su Zichen held the direction for questioning.
Mushaqi turned his head, said no more, and added inwardly: Thank you for showing up at this time.
A person in the workplace, carried for a long time, in the most need of people, did not expect he will appear.
Perhaps he is just to the group to do business, just meet the embarrassed self.
Seeing her silence, his voice was low and soft: "You don't need to worry, the people in the group headquarters took bribes, they will deal with them, and your investment department only assists in the investigation."
Muxia Qi did not expect that he would be patient to give her analysis, and the results of the investigation have not come out, he is not considered favoritism?
The sunset was far away from the mountains, and the afterglow of the west sinking fell on Muxia Qi, revealing her reddish eyes, which were delicate and delicate and pitiful.
Su Zichen tightened the steering wheel in his hands, did not speak again, and was quiet all the way.
When she recovered her good mood, the car just got to her house downstairs, Su Zichen put out the fire and said in a warm voice, "Don't worry too much, the clear is clear, I believe you."
Mushaqi turned to look at him, the tip of her nose slightly red, she did not want to be emotional, but his voice and words, a kind of magic, unexpectedly made her heart sour.
It was a feeling of unconditional trust that she hadn't felt in a long time.
Looking at the people in front of me, there is a little confusion in my eyes.
I heard his voice again. "I watched a little video recently."
She paused, her thoughts pulled back by him, not catching his train of thought for a moment.
He continued, "There's a line in it that I really like."
'What words? Her voice was hoarse and her eyes were still on the road ahead.
His warm voice continued to say in his ear: "Everyone has a very difficult time, after the past you will feel that those things that were about to kill you, so many you feel that you are about to survive the situation, will slowly get better."
She felt his eyes rest on her as he spoke.
His words struck at her heart.
Looking at the sound, Mu Xia Qi saw that he was covered by the sunset, with a light, clear and elegant.
If it weren't for the awkwardness of their identities, maybe she'd be tempted.
The eyes of the two people so unintentionally between the intersection, Mushaqi back sight. "Where did you see the short video?"
"Vibrato APP, if you're interested, you can check it out."
Muxia Qi dumbstruck, did not expect that he would brush a small video, always thought that he was busy, no time to brush these entertainment software.
She thanked him again, and as she opened the car door, she heard his voice behind her: "You had nothing to do with this, so you'll be fine."
Is he trying to reassure her about what she's thinking?
A warm wave passed through her heart. The man was not as cold as the rumor had it.
Turning around, eyes clear, but with an unprecedented sincerity, "Mr. Su, I owe you another meal."
* * * * * *
As Su Zichen said, Mu Xia Qi was not implicated, and Liu manager was not punished, but the senior executive in charge of their investment department of the group was removed and investigated.
The investment department became the main target of the company's colleagues' discussions over dinner.
When she walks down the hallways, she feels like she's being talked about behind her back.
Lin Xiaoyu walked into the office with a cup of coffee, "I feel like I'm going crazy, these people are finished, and they're still talking!"
"Yeah, I think they just don't have enough work to gossip so much."
Mushaqi was relaxed, anyway, she just joined the company, and was watched for a while, mainly because of her appearance.
And this time by onlookers, was really stabbed in the spine, as if they are monkeys in the zoo, by onlookers for a long time, "tourists" are not interested, naturally scattered.
"Cookie, are you still going to the canteen for lunch today?" Lin Xiaoyu asked.
"No, I'll order a takeaway." Muschucky shook his head.
"Then I also order takeout, I have been longing for that durian pizza, Xiaoling, do you want to join me?" Lin Xiaoyu looked at Chen Xiaoling.
"Well, I don't want to go downstairs and be judged and think these people are weird." Chen Xiaoling said with a flat mouth.
"Well, let's eat pizza together. I wonder if Manager Liu and Brother Feng want to join us."
Lin Xiaoyu just want to go to the manager's office to ask Liu Wei, but see him carrying a briefcase, hurried out.
"Boss, we're going to have pizza for lunch, do you want to join us?"
Liu Wei stopped the pace, "there is another project to contact, you eat, I reimburse!"
"Wow, long live the boss."
Liu Wei smiled and waved at them, he knew that because of the recent investigation of the discipline inspection department, the local atmosphere in the department was affected.
Just because the top executives are turbulent, they have to find more quality projects to stabilize the performance of the department.
There will be no time to organize the department team building activities, he looked at the watch, the time is almost finished, and hurriedly went downstairs.
Wu Feng came over, "What are you going to eat? You can't leave me."
"Brother Feng, relax, how can you get less?" Boss treats, help yourself!!"
Chen Xiaoling smiled and said, "I have sent you the menu of the store, do you like anything?"
Muschach unscrewed the lid and watered his throat with a mouthful of water. "I want to eat the Orleans wings. Rain, order me one."
The office is a clean sweep of the former low-pressure atmosphere.

Chapter 83: The Future Looks good
Mr. Muschach has recently become more careful about checking his data, checking his powerpoint presentation over and over before clicking Submit.
Liu Wei and Wu Feng are often on a business trip to investigate the project in the past two weeks, while Mu Xiqi, Chen Xiaoling and Lin Xiaoyu are responsible for the investigation and data of the project near the urban area.
Now the group headquarters gives them the performance appraisal of the investment department in the second half of the year, and they must submit four high-quality land projects to the group center for screening.
So her department suddenly business pressure is big, busy every day like a top.
Today, Friday, rarely able to leave work on time, Mushaqi stretched, packed things, ready to leave.
Lin Xiaoyu and Chen Xiaoling still have some data not done, let her go back first, do not wait for them.
Muschach picked up her bag and prepared to take the elevator to wait for the bus.
There were a lot of people waiting in front of the elevator, and several familiar colleagues nodded and greeted each other when they saw her.
Several girls around him were discussing Su Zichen, "Wow, look at this photo of Su, there is indifference in the exquisite eyes, this sharp eyes, which kills my heart."
"What kind of girls do you think Sue always likes?"
"A famous family or a big star?"
Muschach did not listen, and when the elevator doors arrived, she was pushed into them by the people behind her.
Even six elevators aren't enough during rush hour.
Squeezed in the crowded elevator, she felt almost out of breath.
The phone in her purse was vibrating, and she couldn't get out of the way to check.
Finally out of the elevator, out of the lobby finally relieved, she did not follow the flow of people out of the door, such as the flow of people to go almost, only slowly go out. 𝚇 ľ
Just out of the door, but saw a familiar figure standing at the door.
Memories of the youth and the eyes of the figure in a suit and tie slowly overlap, recalling the appearance of seeing him in Pingtung town at that time.
In addition to maturity, he is no different from a few years ago, but time has changed, no longer the same year.
"Cookie, are you off work?" He Shuheng came over to her with a smile on his face.
There are also a few colleagues scattered around, casting curious eyes at them.
Mushachi saw his bright smile, and there was a faint trance, as if he had come back to the time when he had come to pick himself up after college.
She closed her eyes, reminding herself that this was no longer the year.
She opened her eyes again, eyes indifferent, her pink lips lightly: "Why are you here?"
From the past to the bus station, He Shuheng followed her closely: "I heard that you work here, so I came to wait and see if I can meet you."
"Now that I see it, you can stop following me." Her footsteps did not stop.
"I'm coming to work in s City now."
"Yes, I see it. It's a law firm." Her eyes fell on his briefcase, the logo clearly visible.
"Congratulations, you've got what you wanted, you're a barrister at last!" "She said with a smile.
He Shuheng frowns, but this congratulations is like a needle in his heart, dense pain.
"I'll go first." Muschucky was stunned and silent when he saw him, trying to move around him.
He stretched out his arm to block it again, his eyes fixed, his expression serious.
"When I come to s City this time, I will not leave and will settle down here."
Mushaqi was stopped by him from going, "Well, I wish you a good future."
"Cookie, don't you get it? I came to s City for you."
He said that there was a tendency to get closer, and Mushaqi subconsciously took two steps back and said directly in a cold voice: "It's too late, He Shuheng!"
'Why? His eyes are fixated.
"I already have a boyfriend." "Muschach said.
He Shuheng's face suddenly became extremely ugly, he stared closely at Mu Xia Qi's eyes, trying to pry out a trace of strange, but her eyes had long since lost his shadow.
His expression was pained, and he paused to speak, as if he were analyzing or struggling.
Muxia Qi's performance at this time appeared calm, "He Shuheng, no one will stand in place waiting for you."
He stepped forward and said, "Cookie, you know what? All the hard work and sacrifices I've made to get transferred to s City, and I was supposed to be promoted to partner at my old firm this year, and instead I'm applying to s City to start over.
I thought you could understand that it was not easy for me, after all, having the experience of working in a nationally renowned law firm was a great help to my career planning, so I just..."
At this time, both people did not notice that a black low-key car passed by the two people, and the people in the back seat saw a slight condensation, falling on the side of the road.
Mu Xia Qi did not accept his words, but his tone was more relaxed, "He Shuheng, I understand you, and I have never blamed you for pursuing your dream, and I am truly happy for you now that you have become a lawyer, but we really can't go back."
She raised her hand to look at the time, "I really have to go, there are things later, the past, let it go, okay?"
He Shuheng did not make a sound, to calm the mood some, after all, still move away the pace, to give her a way.
Muchach breathed a sigh of relief and walked quickly forward.
Suddenly, his voice behind him said, "Cookie, how do you know him?"
Mu Xia Qi dun live, they now have no boyfriend, said there is a boyfriend just to send him.
Su Zichen's shadow flashed through my mind. Let me borrow him first. "Blind date."
He Shuheng froze, his eyes flashed a hint of pain, "blind date, than our free love?"
Muschach didn't answer again and walked quickly toward the bus stop.
Tonight Mu Haoxuan said to go to her rental house for dinner, was delayed for a while, but also to go to the supermarket to buy food, time is a little too late.
She doesn't know a lot of dishes, and that's all she does.
Just Mu Haoxuan heard her learn to cook, face surprised, after all, his sister before but not touch the spring water, he shouted to come over to taste the craft.
Mushaqi thought about the recipe, or make their own famous beef eggs, mushrooms and crucian carp soup, and seafood vermicelli pot.
Think of Mu Haoxuan like meat, she bought chicken wings, give him a Coke chicken wings, probably so much.
In fact, she likes to go to the supermarket. She has an air of life.
In the dazzling shelves to choose their favorite food, feel in the life vacancy to fill.
Otherwise, in addition to work, overtime is take-out, life is cold.
She took out her mobile phone and found that Han Suisui had sent her a message: "Qi Qi, He Shuheng seems to know your company address, he is going to look for you downstairs in your company tonight, be careful to stay away."
Should be just in the elevator, Han Sui Sui sent, just did not notice.

Chapter 84: Take Me to Dinner
The night sky was clear and the wind was gentle.
Mu Xia Qi scrambling, good dinner, Han Sui Sui and Mu Haoxuan see simple but have appetite dishes, full of joy.
Mu Haoxuan's eyes were full of shock, "Sister, you are not inside for a soul?"
Muschucky couldn't help laughing and tapped him on the head. "Just try it."
Mu Haoxuan picked up a fried brown chicken wing, hard bite, "MMM, delicious!"
She put the egg beef into his bowl, "Eat more."
"Well, thank you, sister!"
Han Suisui raised his chin, "You are here brother and sister love deeply, pity me a lonely person, no brothers and sisters."
Muschucky put another chicken wing in her bowl. "Eat, lonely!"
"Hey, hey, hey, thanks! Han Suisui giggles.
Mu Haoxuan also scooped a spoon of eggs into her bowl, "Sister Sui Sui, eat eggs."
"Well, thank you Haoxuan children's shoes."
Mu Haoxuan and a piece of beef, Mu Xia Qi thought he was to themselves, the bowl slightly forward, the result he turned a circle, and put into the Han Sui Sui bowl, soft eyes.
"This beef is delicious too, eat more!"
Han Sui Sui looked at the full rice bowl, "Thank you! You also eat."
Mu Haoxuan looked back to see Mu Xia Qi is staring at him, and quickly put a piece of beef into her bowl: "Sister, you also eat."
Mu Xia Qi line of sight can not trace back and forth between the two people, there is a situation, feel their brother to Han Sui Sui attitude is not the same!
Is something happening that you don't know about? She ate her meal like Holmes, her eyes constantly darting back and forth between them.
Han Sui Sui later also secretly stared Mu Haoxuan, indicating that he convergence point.
Unfortunately, Muschucky had just got up to leave and did not see this.
Three people eat almost, Mu Haoxuan also have to go back to school, wear a good coat, he said to Mu Xia Qi:
"Elder sister, the day after tomorrow I will represent the school to participate in the debate competition, I will go back first." I'll come back and eat your cooking in a couple of weeks."
"Have a good game and come back when you can."
"All right." He paused, seemed to think of what, hesitated to open his mouth: "Sister, next month my parents let me go home for dinner, I can see that they really miss you, do you want to go back, go back?"
Mushaqi smiled slightly. "No, you go back."
Mu Haoxuan eyes gradually dim down, "that's okay."
He missed the days when the family sat down to eat together during the holidays, since his sister ran away from home, although his parents also laughed, but the smile was not visible.
Han Sui Sui see the atmosphere gradually become condensed, quickly push Muhaoxuan out: "Go, I send you downstairs, still here like an old woman in the long-worded."
The living room gradually returned to calm, as if the bustle had never happened.
Pack up all the things, but see Han Sui Sui flushed face walked back, beautiful peach blossom.
Surprised, "Sosui, why do you look so red?"
Han Sui Sui quickly picked up the bag on the chair, eyes flashing, "just, just walked up the stairs, ran a little urgent, so the blush is a little red, I go back upstairs first..."
Then he fled to the door and shut it with a bang.
Muschucky froze, looking at the slightly shaking doorknob. Is there anything scary in this house? Why are you running so fast?
She shook her head helplessly, put the kitchen waste in a black bag, sealed the bag, and took it downstairs to throw away while taking a walk.
The moonlight, mixed with the various lights around, reflected a large lawn with some small trees, and a few people could be seen wandering or sitting here and there in the misty.
There is a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the community.
As she threw the trash into the trash can, she caught a glimpse of a familiar figure leaning against the lamppost, one leg bent back and his body leaning lazily against the pole.
The core of the smoke in the fingertips is clearly extinguished, and the head is slightly raised, as if looking at the stars, until there is a smoke spit out, lingering around him.
Muxia Qi just found that under this clear moonlight shadow, he was like a cloud, both dazzling and blurred.
Su Zichen found her, stood up slowly, and pressed the smoke in his hand to the top of the trash can next to him.
She stared at him, at this time his Qingjun face gradually clear.
He walked toward her step by step, the steady sound of his footsteps beating in her ear.
He didn't stop until he was one step away from her.
Mushaqi saw his own reflection clearly through his glassy eyes.
Neither spoke, and the wind blew gently at the ends of her hair.
After a moment's silence, he said, "I haven't eaten yet."
Muschucky was stunned. He hadn't eaten yet. Then what?
Seeing that she did not speak, Su Zichen raised his beautiful eyebrows slightly. "I will give you a chance to invite me to dinner."
Mu Xia Qi abdominal slander: This opportunity to give you yourself?
He bowed his head and secretly rolled his eyes, "But I've already eaten."
Su Zichen choked, want to invite their women to eat for fear of being sent to Antarctica, and every time they let her eat together, it was like forcing her to the execution ground.
And tonight the boy at the door of the company actually smiled like chrysanthemums!!
"Me, yet, no, yes, eat."
Muschach heard a hint of gnashing of teeth.
The heart is slightly frightened, not good! As if he had stepped on the tail of a tiger, he opened his mouth cautiously and tentatively: "Why don't I invite you to eat at the gourmet restaurant outside?"
"Too greasy." There was a hint of disgust in his voice.
"There's white porridge."
"I don't want white porridge."
"Seafood porridge?"
"No porridge."
She breathed in rhythmically, telling herself that this was her boss, calm down.
"What would you like to eat?"
Su Zichen looked up in the direction of her house. "You can cook."
It's not a question, it's an affirmative.
Mushachi paused for a moment, not sure what he wanted to do, but nodded slightly. "A little, but not very good."
"What can you cook?"
"Fried ham with broccoli and beef with eggs." Mushachi answered honestly, saying to himself: Haven't you eaten my food? Old age amnesia?
Su Zichen remembered eating once before, and the food she cooked was really good.
He cleared his throat. "Then make me beef with eggs."
A few black lines flashed across Muschucky's forehead, and he was still his cook, wasn't he? But isn't cooking for him tonight enough to make up for one meal?
After a moment of hesitation, he asked, "I will cook for you tonight, and I will also invite you to dinner." Can I deduct the amount owed?" 🗶 ʟ
Her eyes were clear with silk expectation, so she ran straight into Su Zichen's deep eyes.
There was a twinkle in his eye that Muschach could not understand, and his thin lips parted. "Good."

Chapter 85: The Smell of Oranges
Mouchach nodded with satisfaction, that was more like it, and he could save money by getting him some at will.
"I don't have any beef at my house, and I only have shrimp and scallops in the fridge, and a little lean meat, or I'll cook you a seafood noodle, OK?"
Su Zichen's eyes were soft, not cold, "Good."
Muschucky looked back at him doubtfully, so easy to talk to? When you were just being picky?
She sent a message to Han Suisui, telling her that Su Zichen had come, and asking her not to come down so as not to be found.
Then start to process the shrimp, pick out the shrimp string one by one, peel the shell off the shrimp, put on a plate for use.
Outside the window came the cries of children and the hearty laughter of old people.
The orange-yellow light fell on her body, and the thick smell of home.
Su Zichen looked at this scene gently, the short message of the mobile phone did not reply in time, and the irritability brought by the work was gradually calmed at this moment.
Mushaqi casually hummed the latest popular music, and his ponytail moved to the music, and the whole person was very clever.
"It's ready." Wearing heat-proof gloves, she brought the cooked noodles and placed them on the table.
Su Zichen stared at the simple noodles without any luxury in front of him, but they were full of the taste of home.
When he was a child, he always admired the meals cooked by other people's mothers, and he was always sitting at the big table and eating alone.
Grandpa was too busy working at that time, and he could not see him many times a year, and most of the people who accompanied him were housekeepers.
"Will it taste good?" She looked at him expectantly and nervously, "said good, my craft is not as good as the chef in a five-star hotel, do not taste good, you can not despise."
Mushachi handed the chopsticks to him and pushed the noodles in his direction, thinking he was disgusted with his craftsmanship.
After all, if you invite him to eat a meal, you can deduct the number of times you owe to invite him to eat, how can you give up this great opportunity?
Su Zichen took the chopsticks, picked up the bowl, took the mouth of the bowl, and sucked in a big mouthful, the taste was surprisingly sweet, and the strength of the noodles was just right, not much worse than the chefs outside.
Muchach saw him gulp in, relieved, it seems that this man really did not eat dinner, are so hungry, his assistant did not bring him food?
However, although he ate quickly, his posture was still elegant, maintaining the atmosphere of your son.
She took off her apron and cleaned the stove, and now she had the kitchen in her hands.
When she is usually upset, she will go into the kitchen to do some baking, and her mood will calm down in the busy process.
This is what people often say: "The smell of human fireworks, the most soothing people's hearts."
By the time she had cleaned up the kitchen and walked to the living room, Su Zichen had finished the noodles, and there was no soup left.
And Su Zichen himself has begun to calmly look at the financial statements in hand, but the red glow below the tip of the ear revealed his slightly ashamed state of mind.
"Have you had enough?" Mushaqi laughed in his heart, but on the surface the clouds were light.
"HMM." Someone cherishes words like gold.
Muchach's mouth curled and he stopped talking. He picked up his bowl and went to the kitchen.
Su Zichen, however, looked at her back with his eyes curled after she turned around.
Mushaqi went to the sink and was just about to put the bowl in it when his fingertips slipped and he saw the bowl fall straight to the ground, clanging and falling apart.
She was frightened, quickly squat down to pick up the debris, a careless, but cut her finger! Can't help exhaling in pain.
Su Zichen rushed to her, squatted down and asked, "How are you?"
Her eyes shrank, her eyes fixed on her bloody fingers.
He pulled her bleeding hand into his mouth and pressed it. His soft lips touched her fingers. Mushaqi's eyes widened, as if an electric current were spreading from his fingertips to his whole body.
His handsome face was magnified in front of his, and for a moment their eyes met, each seeing his own expression in the pupil of the other.
Muchach froze for a few seconds, then came back to himself and quickly pulled out his hand.
Stand up on tiptoe, open the kitchen cupboard and rummage through it.
"What are you looking for?" 'he asked, standing behind her.
The hot breath came from behind, with the smell of agarwood.
She returned to her mind slightly, "Looking for a hemostatic patch, the medicine box is clearly placed here."
He opened the locker above her head and rummaged for the bandage, only to find that because of the small size of the kitchen, she was huddled in the tight space between him and the locker, his chest pressed against her back.
When she saw that the medicine chest was blocked by the sugar jar in front of her, she tiptoed away from the sugar jar.
"Behind this jar." She took the medicine box and turned her head to see that the two were standing very close to each other.
His eyes were black as ink, thick as if they could suck people in, the breath was so close that her thoughts were messy, and he had bowed his head just before he spoke.
Mushage looked at his handsome, angry face and slightly away at the refrigerator.
Suddenly the sky turned, and when she returned to her mind, she had been picked up by him, and the medicine box in her right hand shook with his pace.
He placed the black Buddha beads on her waist and walked into the living room before setting her down.
He neatly opened the medicine chest, found the bandage, and wrapped it.
"Where do you keep your broom?" He was as calm as ever, as if nothing had happened.
"Behind the gate." 'she said.
Muschucky's cheeks were burning and he knew he must have turned red as an apple, but he acted as if nothing had happened.
Holding a broom to seriously sweep the ground, corners and seams are not let go, the movement is extremely skilled.
According to reason, he should not clean the house, why feel his movement is flowing.
He could not help asking, "Do you often sweep the floor at home?"
"I learned it when I studied abroad." His figure stalled.
After sweeping the floor, he dragged the ground twice, until the ground was shining, and then stopped his action.
Muschach wondered if he was a neat freak or obsessive.
"Can I use your bathroom?" He made a faint sound.
"Well, yes, suit yourself."
Su Zichen walked into the bathroom. It was clean and neat, and smelled faintly sweet of orange. The shower gel she used was also scented of orange.
He pressed twice on the hand sanitizer, which also smelled of orange. How much did she like oranges?
When he came out of the bathroom, Mushage pointed to the hot water on the table. "Drink some water."
Su Zichen was not polite with her, lazily picked up the water cup on the table and drank it, without dragging any water.
Muschucky looked up, at an Angle that landed right on his sexy Adam's apple.

Chapter 86
Su Zichen seemed to feel her sight, lowering his brow to her, the pupils were dark, like a whirlpool that could pull people into ecstasy, ripples layer upon layer.
Muschucky unknowingly followed his gaze into the abyss.
The mobile phone in Su Zichen's pocket rang, and the charming atmosphere was instantly broken.
Mushaqi also returned to his mind, and was angry with himself why he was distracted? It is indeed "blue face disaster water"! Beauty is a mistake.
"Well, I know, I'm coming now!" He hung up the phone with a slightly worried look in his eyes.
In her impression he had always been calm, calm, what was going on?
He picked up his coat, which was hanging from the hook. "Thank you for dinner. I have some urgent business to attend to."
Muschucky hurried him out of the door. "Well, you do it first."
Looking at his hurried back, she was relieved, but she was vaguely worried that the two contradicted each other.
What's the matter with you? What are you worried about? His things, they may not be able to help, or do their own things.
Took a shower, got in bed and watched a few videos and was getting ready for bed.
But see online out of the hot headlines, [Tiankun Group chairman Su Xiangqiang rescue in Ren Ai hospital!] With the word "blast" on the back.
Moushach sat up quickly. What happened to Old Sue? He's been fine the last few times I've seen him.
She opened the chat box with Su Zichen, there was no new news and information, he should be in front of the ward guard?
I can't help myself now, I can only pray for old Sue silently.
By the next morning, the building had exploded.
Almost everyone's talking about what happened to Pops Sue last night, and because the top floor of Mercy Hospital is locked down, no paparazzi can get in.
The doctor and the soil are tight-lipped, and the news stopped last night in the rescue of the old man Sue.
Shares of Tiankun Group also fell in a small range.
According to the grapevine, Su Zichen did not come to work today, everyone is a little absent-minded.
Lin Xiaoyu mysterious walked over, whispered: "I just went to the top floor, heard the secretary department said Sue total canceled all the trip today, I feel Sue Dong's health is a bit worrying."
Chen Xiaoling put down his signature pen, "Maybe Sue Dong was rescued back, Sue is always taking care of it?"
Lin Xiaoyu looked at Mu Shaqi, "Qi Qi, what do you think?"
Mushaqi paused for a moment, then said, "I'm not sure what the situation is, and I can't say, but let's finish the work in hand first."
Lin Xiaoyu nodded, "Also, we these little minions, or good to work, the sky has a high roof, as long as the wages on time."
"This you are at ease, Tiankun Group is so big, but also afraid of it closing down?" Isn't Sue always there?" Chen Xiaoling said.
Muxia Qi shook his head: "The business is not good, the collapse is also an instant thing, three years ago that hundred years of shipping company bankruptcy, this news, you should still have the impression?"
"Remember, that century-old enterprise, it's really a pity." Lin Xiaoyu feeling.
"So we should be prepared for danger in times of safety, increase our knowledge and skills, and avoid being eliminated by society."
"I couldn't agree more." Chen Xiaoling opened her mouth, "I recently took the exam of the CPA, and I am not afraid of my own unemployment when the time comes, people don't often say: the older the accountant, the more fragrant it is?"
Lin Xiaoyu joked: "Now you are not old and very fragrant."
"You're the skinniest."
Until after work in the afternoon, there was no news of the old man Sue, and the stock decline of the Tiankun Group became more obvious.
Various media reports are biased negative, are guessing the problem of the successor of the Tiankun Group, many people think Su Zichen young promising, the position passed to him did not run.
However, some media deliberately smears him, saying that he is young and inexperienced and cannot afford the heavy responsibility of the enterprise.
However, Su Zichen had not yet come forward to clarify, so the news spread more and more mysterious.
Muxia Qi today noon busy forget to eat, stomach trouble again, she ate a stomach medicine, only gradually ease, after two days or take time to go to the hospital to check.
After work returned to their own den, the window into some neon lights, shadow.
Stood in the entrance for a few seconds, then turned on the power switch.
Suddenly lit up the strong light made her eyes slightly narrowed, walked in and found that the coffee table was actually placed on a thermal box.
There was also a note on it: "Sister, this is the wonton noodles near our school, you have a taste."
Mu Xia Qi heart a warm, she at noon in the social circle sent a want to eat wonton noodles, Mu Haoxuan unexpectedly pay attention to the way, also specially sent to themselves.
Open the thermal box, the smell is tangy, chaos and water is separate, but also hot steaming.
She took a photo and sent it to Mu Haoxuan, "Thank you brother."
Mu Haoxuan's message was quickly sent over: "Sister, is the wonton delicious? If you like it, I'll bring it to you next time."
Mushaqi: "Delicious, no need to run back and forth every time, if I want to eat, I will go directly to your school to find you to eat with."
Mu Haoxuan: [No problem!]
Mu Xia qi strange Mu Haoxuan without her door key, this is how to come in? Needless to say, Han Susui must have let him in.
But her stomach is not comfortable, eat two bites also did not eat, a waste of their brother's mind.
She sent the picture of the wonton to a social feed, "the food that I had been longing for suddenly appeared in front of me, very surprised!"
Han Suisui was the first to like, and commented: "It's nice to have a good brother!"
There were a bunch of jealous comments, some asking if they were from boyfriends.
Mushaqi did not reply one by one, and picked a few more familiar friends to reply.
She was about to exit when a new red dot popped up, "Attention, can't answer" with a like!
Su Zichen even praised her social circle at this time.
She opened the chat box of two people, edited it for a while, and then pressed the delete key, deleted, deleted, reduced, and finally became a few words: "Grandpa Su is OK?"
Did not imagine Su Zichen will reply to her, just as a fake girlfriend, or competent point.
Not a few seconds later, Su Zichen replied to her: "I have been rescued."
When Muschucky saw these words, his heart dropped.
Although he only got along with Sue a few times, his kind and kind attitude made her more worried.
She thought for a moment and replied: "I wish Grandpa Su a speedy recovery!"
"Attention, can not answer" : [OK, thank you!]
Mercy Hospital.
A man leans on the side of the window, the breeze outside the window ruffled his hair, the deep eyes looked ahead, the resolute eyes rarely with silk lost.
The elderly man in the bed wore an oxygen mask, his left hand was full of various infusion tubes, and the dynamic heart monitor beside the bed was beating constantly.

Chapter 87: Mercy Hospital
The only sound in the room was the "drip" of the instrument, and it was disturbingly quiet.
At this time, the door was gently opened from the outside, Xu Chujing walked in quickly, his white shirt slightly wrinkled, if you observe carefully, you will find that he has not changed clothes for two days.
He was about to speak when the man near the window raised his hand to stop him and turned to look at the old man lying in bed.
The two men went to the meeting room outside the ward, Xu Chujing opened and said: "General Su, now the group's stock price is falling obviously, do you think we have to hold a press conference?"
Su Zichen's cold eyes flashed a hint of bloodlust, "Let's wait and see, the bait has been set, and see who can't help taking the bait."
"All right." Xu Chujing felt a cold sense, silently in the heart for that person to point a incense, who let these insatiable guy got to "Su God".
"Will you attend the Asian Economic Development Summit on time tomorrow?"
"No, you'll take my place tomorrow."
"Huh? Su, this..." Xu Chujing was shocked, after all, this meeting is important.
"If I show up, how will the fish bite?" Su Zichen peered at him.
Xu Chujing patted his forehead, "These two days busy silly, tomorrow I go."
The Windows of the hospital were closed. The wind shook the leaves desperately. It seemed that no light could be seen in the cloudy weather.
These days, Su Zichen still did not come to the company to work, the group headquarters yonder colleagues also said that they had not seen Su.
Everyone is talking, Tiankun group will not change the owner? After all, there is a second largest shareholder who has always been ambitious to seize control of the group.
Mu Xia Qi curious, as far as she knows, the day Kun group is founded by the old man, and he has been the largest share.
But the second largest shareholder, with a 30% stake, is not to be underestimated.
The rest of the more scattered minority shareholders, has been following the second largest shareholder to make waves, Sue actually endured so many years without starting, it is a little unlike his style.
Liu Wei gave her a new project to follow up, and now meet the project leader every day to discuss the direction of cooperation, but also busy.
That day she just finished the field survey of the new project, called a network about the car back to the company.
Now the company provides them with the benefits of the investment department is much better than before, and the bus fare of the field can be reimbursed, as long as there is a corresponding invoice.
And the overtime hours can be exchanged for vacation or overtime pay, as long as you choose one of them when you confirm your attendance at the end of the month.
The people of the finance Department also made an opinion for this, saying that the investment department increased their workload, and then it was not resolved, anyway, the reimbursement of the reimbursement, the vacation.
The finance people hate it so much that they don't even say hello to their investment department.
Liu Wei and the finance manager still maintain a semblance of harmony, after all, the two departments need to cooperate in a lot of areas.
But the personnel under the two departments did not think so much, anyway, they are all working, the financial department is unhappy on the card reimbursement documents and payment time, the conflict between the two departments is constant, these are later words.
Mushaqi looked out the window at the passing vehicles, but looked up and saw "Mercy Hospital" several red characters.
Miraculously, she said: "Master, pull over, thank you!"
The driver master froze, "Hello, here has not reached the destination, you are sure to get off here?"
"Well, yes, I have some urgent business to attend to here."
"All right." The driver slowly leaned the car toward the side of the road, stopped not far from the gate of Ren 'ai Hospital, and opened the door switch.
Wen Sheng said, "Passengers, please go slowly."
By the time Mushaqi reacted, people had reached the inpatient department building.
Usually, the inpatient department can enter at will, but now it has set up an entrance guard, and you must have a hospitalization certificate before you can enter.
Outside the gate stood a number of paparazzi with long - and short - guns pointed at the hospital gate.
Muxia Qi looked at the rushed in and out of the doctor and soil, even the paparazzi can not go in, their own is unable to enter.
I only hope that old Sue is well and recovers soon.
The wind blew by with a rustling sound of falling leaves.
After standing there in silence for a moment, she sighed and turned to go back.
"Miss Mu?"
Muschucky paused when someone called his last name.
"Miss Muschucky, is that you?"
Sure someone is calling themselves, slowly turned around, but saw Xu Chujing smiling standing behind her.
"Miss Mu, why are you here?"
Muxia Qi action slow, oneself also do not know why suddenly came here.
She remembered that she had been wanting to come in for a stomach exam, which was just an excuse: "I've been having stomach trouble lately, come and see the doctor."
"Well, would you like me to make an appointment with a hospital specialist for you?" Xu Chujing took out his mobile phone and prepared to make a call.
Mushaqi quickly stopped, "Xu Teshu, no, I will go to see it myself, don't bother you."
"I don't bother. It's just a phone call."
She shook her head. "Really don't bother you. I'm used to seeing doctors."
When Xu Chujing heard her say this, he put down the phone and said, "OK, if you need to contact me at any time, you can take down my phone number: 182333****8."
Mushaqi had to pull out his cell phone and write down his number.
She hesitated for a moment and finally asked, "Is Grandpa Su's health all right?"
"Well, Su Dong is still awake. She is not in danger."
"Well, I'll leave you alone." Muschucky bent slightly toward him, ready to leave.
Xu Chujing opened his mouth again, "Miss Mu, do you want to go up and meet General Su?"
Mu Xia Qi doubts, Su Zichen above? She looked up at the top of the building, then said: "Now Sue must be very busy, I won't go to make trouble for Sue."
Waving at him, walking to the outpatient department, slacking off on his own work time, and going to see him, isn't it sick?
Xu Chujing slightly sighed, it seems that the fall of flowers, water heartless ah.
Muschucky had a gastroenterology number and was sitting in the lobby waiting for the line.
The guardian who passed by whispered, "I heard the little sister in the hospital department say that Su Zichen stayed in the building day and night, it seems that the rich family also has true feelings."
"That is because he is the only child in Sue's family, what if more brothers and sisters try?"
"That's right."
The two guards walked away until they could not hear.
When she had dinner in Sue's home, Grandpa Sun two people get along although look flat light, but Sue old man's tone of disgust is intimate.
This is really a lot of families can not match.
Her name was called over the radio, and she got up quickly and went to the consultation room.
Only to bump into him.

Chapter 88: Parents Come Over

Carrying a briefcase, He Shuheng walked politely out of the consultation room, followed by a middle-aged woman.
The light in his eyes, which had just been turned on, suddenly lit up and he walked quickly over to her. "Cookie, why are you here?"
There was a tension in his voice, as if he were aware of something. "What's wrong with you?"
I looked her up and down.
Muschach stepped back, eyes flat, "I have a stomach upset, sorry, my number is up."
She walked around him to the examination room.
He Shuheng's spirit was like half of it was taken away at once, and the middle-aged woman around him came over, "Lawyer He, are you OK?"
He immediately resumed his normal smiling state, "Chen Ntu, we have now got your body data, and then we will sort out the data and draft the indictment."
"All right, everything is at your disposal." Chen NV nodded.
He Shuheng looked down at the mobile phone time, and looked at the consultation room, the inner struggle.
But time does not allow him to wait for her here, can only take Chen Nu soil first step, to complete the business in hand.
Mu Xia Qi took the prescription out, He Shuheng has disappeared.
Now I have no previous thoughts on him, and his appearance will not set off a ripple.
I went to the pharmacy to get the medicine, looked at the time, and it was time to leave work.
She skipped work today and snuck out to see a doctor, and Liu Wei didn't look for her today, so it seems there's no new task.
Instead of going back to work, she took the bus straight home.
After work, the road is always particularly congested, and it took nearly an hour to get home.
Went to the parking space below the building, found a black Mercedes parked above, she usually in and out have not seen this license plate, is who came to relatives?
A little confused, also went upstairs.
Not far away from the 404 door, but found two familiar figures standing there.
To see the person, turned around and wanted to go, but was found by the well-maintained middle-aged woman, looking closely at her eyebrows and Mushaqi is very similar.
"Cookie, are you back from work?" Huang Zihui hurried forward and grabbed her hand, not letting her go.
Mushage froze and stopped where he was, saying nothing.
Standing not far away, the middle-aged man was imposing, not angry, and his eyes were deeply sweeping over Mushaqi.
"The wings have grown hard, and even Mom and dad don't call?" The voice was deep and commanding.
Muchaatch sneered, "Didn't you say if I left the house, I wouldn't have to call you mom and Dad?"
'You! Mushowah threw off his hands in anger.
Huang Zihui busy hold Mu Xia Qi hand, "Qi Qi, that is your father's angry words, you do not put in the heart!" Show Mom that my Cookie has lost weight!"
Mu Xia Qi heard his mother distressed words, the heart said not sad, is false! Originally for He Shuheng, and the family against, but in the end what is the result?
Sometimes in the dead of night, she asked herself regret?
To say I have no regrets at all is a lie! It's just a blessing in disguise, a person's life in this year, the growth rate is much faster than in the past few years.
"You two father and daughter, what a stubborn temper! If it hadn't been for Uncle Li of Ren 'ai Hospital who saw you registering in the hospital and told us, we wouldn't have known that you actually had a stomach disease!"
Huang Zihui looked her up and down, lifted the bag of medicine in her hand, opened it and looked, it was some stomach medicine.
Distressed directly called: "Before you left home, your appetite is good, now how can you get a stomach disease?" No, you can't just take these western medicine, go home with your mother and take good care of it."
As he took her by the hand and began to descend, Mushage froze his body and did not move.
Huang Zihui see their stubborn face, what do not understand, their daughter, since childhood is stubborn temper, and her that Lao Tzu exactly the same.
"Cookie, don't be angry anymore, you've been angry for over a year and it's still going on." Don't open the door, please Mom and Dad come inside and sit down?"
Muxia Qi glanced at Muxiao Hua from the corner of his eye, and saw that although his face was not worried, his body was slightly inclined to their mother and daughter.
Press the fingerprint and the door opens.
Mu Xia Qi took out two pairs of slippers in front of them, Huang Zihui neat action, quickly change.
Mu Xiaohua followed, impatiently changed, but his eyes carefully surveyed the arrangement around the house.
This room was not half enough for her old room, and the child got used to it and lived well for more than a year.
When I thought that if I broke her economy, she would not be able to bear it back in half a month.
"Cookie, did you clean this house?" Huang Zihui touched the table, spotless, this is still her daughter that does not touch the spring water?
"Well, not me, who else?" Mushaqi put the medicine on the coffee table, took two bottles of mineral water from the refrigerator and placed them in front of the two of them. "I only have mineral water here."
Huang Zihui slightly surprised, looked back at the same surprised Mu Xiaohua.
"Cookie, you have an upset stomach. You should be careful not to eat too much raw food."
Huang Zihui before always want to see his daughter, but there is a stubborn husband around, the past life really owes them both.
"Cookie, why don't you take tomorrow off? Shall I take you to a specialist to have it checked again?"
"No, I have to work tomorrow." Muschucky opened his mouth.
"What else do you bring to your class? Come back to the Mu Group." Mu Xiaohua said forcefully.
"On what grounds? Mushaki glared at Mushawa.
Huang Zihui saw that the atmosphere began to be tense again, and immediately said: "Don't say a word, Qi Qi, your father is distressed that you have been bad health!"
"If anyone else can do it, so can I." Muschach insisted.
Huang Zihui was afraid that the two people quarreled again, "I don't stop you from going to work, but to cherish your own body, you are not sick, parents are not in charge of you?"
Muschucky's eyelids drooped. "You don't care about me."
"What are you talking about? Your father and I were up all night when we couldn't find you. When your father found out where you were and that you were okay, we were both relieved."
Muschucky did not speak, but kept his eyes on the ground.
Huang Zihui saw that she did not speak, and looked at Mu Xiaohua, motioned him to persuade, he even pursed his mouth, also did not speak!
It's just, both father and daughter are like this, and I don't know who is anxious after Mushaqi ran away from home without news.
"Cookie, you can do what you like on your own, just take care of your health, and Mommy will bring you some soup later, okay?"
Muchachi shook his head. "I'll take care of myself. I've been fine for more than a year."

Chapter 89: Her Tonic
Huang Zihui gently sighed, meditating in the heart, slowly.
She changed the subject, "Cookie, what do you usually eat for dinner?"
"Cook it yourself or order takeout." Muschucky half lying on the couch.
"Cookie, can you cook?" Huang Zihui was surprised.
"Our Cookie grew up, just eat less takeout, you're eating stomach trouble, Cookie, if you don't go home..."
"Mom, I'm fine now."
Mu Xiao Hua snorted cold, "OK? I gave myself a stomach bug."
"I think it's all right." Mushaqi back.
Huang Zihui quickly interrupted, "Qiqi, would you like to have dinner with us?" I heard that there is a new private restaurant which is very good."
"I won't go. I'm a little sleepy. I'll just go back to my room and rest."
Mouchucky yawned, went to his room and locked the door.
"Look at your good daughter, leaving us here like this."
'Your daughter too! Huang Zihui gave him a look.
Looking back at the closed door, he was still not sure. He walked over and leaned against the door and said, "Cookie, you must remember to eat something before you take your medicine. Later, I will ask Xiao Zhang to bring you some white porridge.
A muffled "MMM" came from the room.
"Let's go." Huang Zihui patted Mu Xiaohua's shoulder.
Muxiao Hua frowned and stood up, "You will talk about your daughter in the future, what kind of temper is this!"
Huang Zihui helpless, "Qi Qi's temper and you are as stubborn, had not you said so heavy words, she would have run away from home?"
We don't think the boy is good, but we shouldn't use such a strong means to oppose, but also forced her to go on a blind date, a child who has just graduated, how can you stand it?"
The driver, Xiao Zhang, opened the door for them both.
Mushowah said nothing and sat in the back row with a tight-lipped mouth.
Huang Zihui know he is willing to come to see his daughter, the heart is already know their own problems, just can not pull face, dead duck mouth.
"If you want your daughter to forgive you, it will take some time. Take it slowly."
Mu Xiaohua face with a sullen, "Parents who want children to forgive?" I did what was best for her. That boy is so selfish. Our Cookie is with him.
"Yes, yes, you are for the good of the child, but you also have to ask her if she is willing to ah?" I have spent all this time reflecting on my previous behavior, and I really shouldn't have been 'messing around' with you."
"I was ridiculous? What am I doing? Truly loving mother more than a child!" Mu Xiaohua looked out of the window.
"I asked around, and Qiqi actually had problems with that He Shuheng before she quarreled with us." But you are too tough, they think they are two bitter love ducks, so they get together again."
"Aren't they separated now?"
"Yeah, we split up eventually, so it's not that our Cookie is a bad judge of character, it's just a matter of time and letting her grow up on her own without us intervening too much."
Huang Zihui sighed.
The sun was setting, the street lights outside the window were already on, and the road was flowing.
Muxia Qi heard no sound outside, know their parents have left, her heart has not complained about them.
It turns out that what they said is right, their father in the business for many years, the eye for people early.
But he said that he must grow up under the protection of his wings, a view she did not agree with.
I must make some achievements, show him.
She had a faint ache in her stomach and pressed her stomach, her lips white.
There was a knock on the door, and it must be Brother Zhang who sent white porridge to himself.
She got up and opened the door, only to see Su Zichen's assistant come with a big bag of things.
He smiled and said, "Miss Mu, Su always knows that your stomach is not comfortable, so I ordered me to buy some stomach tonic things for you."
He put the things into the hands of Mu Shaqi, "Miss Mu, nothing, I go first."
Mu Xia Qi stared at the things on his hands, did not react, Su Zichen's assistant has gone far.
How did he know he had an upset stomach? Think of the Xu special help met today, she knew the reason, did not expect Xu Chujing this big man, so broken mouth.
This bag is heavy, she opened it curious, there are not only a variety of stomach nutrition, there are oranges?
How did he know he loved oranges?
The room was quiet except for the sound of the refrigerator engine starting up again in the kitchen.
Stomach ache again, she saw the bag inside there is a box of stomach porridge, is ready to rush a bag to try.
The doorbell outside rang again.
Muchachi, clutching his stomach, bowed to open the door.
With a pair of big white teeth, Zhang Brother smiled at her and said, "Miss Mu, long time no see!"
See Mushaqi clutching his stomach, he was busy supporting her, "Are you having stomach problems again?"
She walked into the room and sat down, and put the porridge on the table: "Miss Mu, you quickly drink some porridge cushion stomach, before the body is good, how to toss out the stomach pain this problem?"
Mushaqi pale face, "Thank you brother Zhang."
"Thank you for what, you quickly drink some porridge, and then take medicine."
She took over the porridge and ate several mouthfuls, and the pain in her stomach eased slowly.
His face was no longer as pale as before.
Zhang Liang also relieved, "Miss Mu, usually busy, to remember to eat on time."
Muxia Qi nodded, "Yes, thank Brother Zhang for sending me white porridge."
"It's her ladyship's order. I'm just an errand boy." He paused before the words reached his lips and swallowed again.
"Miss Mu, then I won't disturb your rest. Remember to take your medicine after half an hour."
"All right."
Watching him go away, Mushaqi lay down on the sofa and closed his eyes to rest.
When I was about to fall asleep, my phone vibrated slightly.
Lovely little Xuan Xuan: Sister, I heard that my parents went to see you today?!!
Her mouth drew a smile, reply: "Yes!"
Lovely little Xuan Xuan: "Sister, did you go to the hospital for a check-up today because of stomach discomfort?"
Mu Xia Qi help forehead, see a disease, many people know, "Yes, no big problem."
Lovely little Xuan Xuan: "Still pay more attention to your body, don't work too hard, I will make money to support you later!"
When she saw this message, she could not help laughing, and her brother had been saying this phrase a lot recently.
"Well, I know, you study at ease, graduate smoothly, sister waiting for you to support me."
She looked at the lights outside, her heart slightly warm!
In the whole world, there is always a lamp for yourself.

Chapter 90 Marry Me
A curved sickle moon embedded in the night sky, sprinkled like a dream and like gauze moonlight.
The girl in bed was sleeping soundly when a hurried bell rang, and she opened her eyes sleepily, fumbling for the source of the sound on the nightstand.
'Hello? She didn't check the caller ID. She just hit answer.
"Xia Qi? This is Su Zichen. Is it convenient for you to come to Ren 'ai Hospital now? I'll send my driver to pick you up."
"Well..." Muschach's mind was still confused, and he thought he was dreaming.
The phone has been disconnected.
"Huh? Where to?" She woke up and sat up.
Didn't I just dream? Looked at the mobile phone, the call is really Su Zichen, it is four o 'clock in the morning.
Did he just let himself go to Mercy Hospital? Is it because old Sue's not doing well?
She got up quickly and changed her clothes.
I had just changed when there was a knock at the door.
The driver stood respectfully in front of the door, "Miss Mu, hello, hard you run to Ren 'ai hospital."
Mushaqi had reached the top floor of Mercy Hospital in a daze.
Outside the door stood a few people in black, serious expression, let people's mood immediately tense up.
"Miss Mu, this way, please." The driver bent ahead to lead the way.
The surrounding environment is unusually quiet, the floor is unusually clean, there is no pungent smell of disinfectant, but there is a faint smell of flowers.
Open the ward door, Xu Chujing has been waiting in the living room, her all the way into the ward.
Mu Xia Qi had no time to look around and hurried behind Xu Chujing.
"Hey, how's Grandpa Su?"
Xu Chujing unscrewed the door, "Miss Mu, you go in and see."
Su Zichen stood stiffly not far from the hospital bed, listening carefully to the report of a doctor in a white coat.
Mushage couldn't hear what they were saying because the voices were so low.
She looked out the window and saw Old Sue lying on his back in a hospital bed, wearing an oxygen mask and looking pale.
Su Zichen hair slightly confused, look back to see her walk in, and the doctor terminated the dialogue.
The doctor nodded to him and walked out of the room.
Mushaqi looked at the inside of the ward without trace, the environment was unusually warm, but like a bedroom at home.
Su Zichen came over and took Mushaqi's left hand as if at random. She gave him a look of surprise.
"Grandfather, do you see who's here?"
Su old man slowly open his eyes, see Mu Xia Qi, eyes smiling, indicating Su Zichen take away the oxygen cover.
Su Zichen stepped forward, gently moved the mask away, shook the hospital bed, and helped Su's body up, sitting and lying.
"Zi, Zi Qing ah, good to see you."
Moushaqi red eyes, walked forward, "Grandpa, you wake up, don't talk too much, have a good rest!"
Su shook his head slightly, "My own body, I know, birth, birth and death..." He was gasping for air in the middle of the sentence.
"It's, it's all the time, but I... I'm sorry I didn't meet my only grandson... Have a family and a career."
"No, Grandpa Su, you will live a long life!" There was a slight twang in Muchachi's voice.
The old man's sight fell on the hands of the two people, and he smiled happily, and the wrinkles in the corners of his eyes were more obvious.
Trembling, he grasped the oxygen mask next to him and inhaled hard.
And slowly began: "I just want to see you all well, do not know myself..." And the pleasure of seeing the two of you... Get married."
Mushaqi red eyes, desperately nod: "Will see, will see."
"That's good, that's good." Then he coughed furiously.
Su Zichen busy with paper towels gently to the old man Su wipe the mouth dirty, dim eyes.
Pops Sue coughed so violently that he fell to the hospital bed!
Muschucky went blank and shouted, "Doctor, call a doctor..."
Su Zichen hurriedly put the oxygen mask on the old man, and Mu Xia Qi had rushed outside and called the doctor who had not yet left.
A lot of doctors and nurses came in from outside.
Mushaqi stood outside looking anxiously at the door of the ward, silently praying.
I caught a glimpse of Su Zichen standing at the window. The faint moonlight outside the window fell on him carelessly, making him more lonely and listless.
Once shining dark eyes, now become dull, Mushaqi's heart slightly pulled up.
She walked slowly past him and stood quietly beside him, not making a sound.
Su Zichen's dark, lacquered eyes gave her a heavy look and turned away, but the lonely air on his body gradually dissipated.
"Don't worry, Grandpa will be all right." Muschucky knew her words were weak, but she could not help consoling them.
Su Zichen gave a low "um" voice, and looked at the distant reddish place, the pre-dawn darkness.
After an overnight rescue, Sue was moved to the intensive care unit.
Muschucky took the day off and stayed with him.
He saw that Su Zichen was visibly black now, and had obviously been up for several nights.
"So, General Sue, would you like to go home and rest for a while while I watch over you?"
Su Zichen side eyes deeply fixed her, eyes flashed hard to capture the emotion.
"I'm sorry to trouble you today. Go home and have a good rest."
"It's no trouble. I'm here if you need me."
"What if I told you to marry me?" His voice was smoky, low and hoarse.
Mouchach's eyes widened, his mind went blank, suspecting that he had misheard.
The quiet environment, his body's crisp tobacco breath, overpowered the hospital's pungent disinfectant smell.
She clutched her hands tightly and did not speak.
A large group of experts came toward Su Zichen, some of them familiar, Mu Shaqi had seen their interviews on television.
Su Zichen gave her a deep look, "You don't have to tell me now, go back and think about it first, I'll wait for you."
Just after his speech, the group of experts had come to him and nodded to him: "General Su, can we borrow a step to talk?"
Su Zichen nodded, "OK."
Muchach looked at his back as he hurried away, his mind still echoing the words he had just said.
He's doing this because Pops Sue is dying, and he wants to marry her to fulfill the old man's wish?
This loveless marriage, can I accept it?
Before I wanted to walk into the marriage hall with my beloved, but after experiencing that terrible feeling, she had not thought about marriage for a long time.
Su Zichen is the real diamond king five, want to marry him should be countless people?
He is now just an employee of his staff, or the kind of anonymous, no matter how to look at it, he is not a good match he can choose?
She stood up, just stayed up the second half of the night, the body is already tired, how many days did he stay up?