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Eternal Sunshine

"In the morning, I awakened. 
with my eyes wet. 
with the love you poured over me.
in my dream last night..."


Think about this hypothetical: You have strong feelings for a girl. She adores you just as much as she loves you. Your personalities are completely different. Thus, you do have some delightful disagreements and miscommunications from time to time. Finally, you'll cross paths with her. Strangely, she pays you no mind whatsoever. You get the impression that she is completely unfamiliar with you. This has confused you. Her actions beg the question: why? My goodness! No, it's not because she has grudges against you. However, she has absolutely no recollection of you. For her, you are an entirely foreign person. Now, what are you going to do?


Life moves at breakneck speed in this modern era. The theory of relativity [!] suggests that we should have more time to achieve peace. But now, even the time between two breaths is shorter. Technology has made work go faster, but it has come at the expense of fun. Many young citizens exhibit cowardice because they are embarrassed to express their true feelings to the world. Oh no! What if she walks out? What happens if she becomes enraged? Not only do singles look for new ways to propose, but couples who are already in a loving relationship tremble on the verge of infidelity. How would he react if I told him I didn't want to see the movie? "OMG. I totally forgot it was his birthday. Now what am I going to do?" "Why haven't you donned the shirt I gave you?" Four shaky conditional wheels—infidelity, impatience, comparison, and doubt—drive couples' relationship cars. In that case, what will transpire? What a disaster! Has unconditional love disappeared? Flirting lacks innocence. Where does implicit trust have validity? Since February 14th, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of mental health clinics and counseling services. A multitude of hearts unite. Countless of them shatter into pieces. No matter what happens, love that lasts is almost impossible to forget.

Oh my goodness! It would be wonderful if there was a way to remove negative memories. The most precious gift from God is the habit of forgetting. If we could recall every detail, just think of the possibilities. Making decisions will become incredibly intricate for us. Having that power is a blessing, but having to decide what to forget is an actual bummer. We must remember something before we can forget it. Even if you forget, you should remember it as unforgotten. Oh my! Where did the time go? How could I possibly recall all of this?


The past twenty years have witnessed an abundance of amazing and groundbreaking films. In contrast, 2004's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is both my favorite and arguably the most stunning. In this age of fleeting romances, this film tenderly touches the heart like a dewdrop on a rose in the morning. The plot of the film is somewhat convoluted and perplexing. But it's like a mysterious and lovely girl: it takes time for her beauty to grow, and then it takes desire to let her fragrance flow out there. It evokes a warm and fuzzy feeling in the brain with each viewing. Of course, I had to voice my opinion on it. Now I'll just say it...

Joel is an introvert who is basic and friendly. On his own, he does not feel lonely. In his heart, he is a hopeless romantic. He ends up meeting Clementine at an unidentified station. The girl is stunning, outgoing, and full of herself. Her nature is carefree. She goes through phases of changing her hair color to reflect her emotional state. She may come across as naughty and unpredictable, but maybe that's just her facade protecting her genuine emotions, empathy, and innocence. Somehow, when they ultimately meet at the station, they are able to unwind and open up to one another. Their meeting appeared to be the last event requiring resolution. A solid, preexisting relationship exists. Why, though? Because they've been in a relationship before but have since forgotten each other, they're able to enjoy this closeness. Oh my goodness! The memory jog is now underway...

=============== Flashback=============== 

Back in the day, Joel and Clementine were very much in love with each other. The complementary qualities they possess make them a perfect match. Joel remains steadfast, like Calm Mountain, in the face of the massive Clementine flood. When faced with an unpredictable opponent like Clementine, he is a calm, mature, and tenacious tree. Following their argument, Joel becomes enraged and scolds Clementine. In response, Clementine, the impulsive one, visits a unique medical facility. Does this facility provide mental health services, such as therapy or medication? Not at all. All it does is wipe out any trace of the individual you choose to put out of your mind. It would be the same as if you were to run a vacuum cleaner over all of her memory files relating to that individual. Therefore, after completing the procedure, you will have no memory of that individual at all. Brand new start!!! Every detail of that person's life, except their past moments, will stick with you. Joel is now completely out of Clementine's mind. Clementine has forgotten about Joel, as Joel learns when he receives a single invoice. Joel, still fuming with vengeance, visits the treatment institution in an effort to permanently remove any memory of Clementine. Joel wishes he could forget the times he spent with Clementine, but the doctor urges him to remember them all. Cleaning begins. We are deleting the files one by one. Every second is slipping away. However, while... Those times that Joel wished he could forget are actually some of his most treasured memories. If those experiences had never happened, there would be no reason for him to celebrate his past. In his thoughts, he lets out a cry to halt the erasure. However, his voice goes unheard. He suffers complete and utter failure. Clementine will vanish entirely from his life in a matter of hours. Joel would give anything to hold onto a cherished memory of her, even if it meant letting go of the vacuum cleaner. With only one cherished memory, he may plant the germ of love all over again. The eraser is rapidly operational. One second at a time, love is disappearing. Every positive moment is vanishing. The mischief fades away, moment by moment. He barely remembers Clementine anymore. But suddenly, she pauses to talk to him.

Clementine asked, "Why did you tell them to delete me?"

Joel: "I really shouldn't have done that. You first wiped me clean. Then why did you?"

"Oops... Apologies... You're familiar with me, " Clementine said. "Sometimes, I act hastily..."

Joel: "That's the reason I adore you..."

Clementine: "Make an effort to determine such location where I don't belong so that you can hide me from the eraser guys."

Joel tries to remember for a moment.

Joel: "Oh my gosh, I can't recall a thing that happened without you..."

Oh, then, out of nowhere, he hears Clementine's voice singing about some unidentified train station.


It was there that he first encountered Clementine, prior to the flashback. In some mysterious way, they get their hands on the CD with all the information they had recorded about each other before the deletion. Finally, their history takes on a new form.

Clementine: "I am more than just a concept, Joel. All I am is a wrecked girl, seeking solace in my own head. I make mistakes."

"I don't see anything that I don't like about you," Joel said with a smile.

"But you will," Clementine assured. "When you do, I will become bored with you and feel trapped, as that's what usually happens to me."

Joel: "Alright. But I adore you nonetheless."

The film ends with them embracing and gliding across the gorgeous snow as a song plays in the background:

“Change your heart...
Look around you.
Change your heart...
It will astound you.”

"Unconditional love is the priceless asset," the film eloquently reminds us:

I have no idea what to expect

emotionally when I'm in love.

All I know is that I don't love you just

because of certain attributes you have.

You have my undying love because,

no matter who you are or what you do,

there's nothing I can do except adore you.

When your eyes are wet,

the only thing I can do is gently cleanse them.

When your nose is on fire with rage,

the only thing I can do is pour my emotions all over it.

When your lips say unwanted things,

the only thing I can do is kiss them...


Joel claims he loves her for all the right reasons in this flick. Because of his unconditional love, he is able to accept her flaws as beautiful. 

Consider any creative professional; it doesn't matter if they are painters, musicians, sculptors, or filmmakers. All they do is monitor the earth. They perceive it to be incomplete from their point of view. The artist endeavors to complete an unfinished work by adding colors from his imagination. After hearing a distorted harmony, a musician strives to fix it by creating a lovely, synced rhythm. When a filmmaker finds flaws in real-life circumstances, he or she will just depict those that make them more enjoyable for themselves. 

"What Happens in Vegas?" was a film I watched long ago. "Individually, there are so many problems in both of them" is a lovely way to describe the pair at the end of the story. However, as a pair, they're the picture of perfection.

I've got a lot to say about it. However, my flaws teach me to be patient and seek out more sophisticated experiences when I'm ready.

"Love is the answer, but while you're waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty interesting questions." -- Woody Allen