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Do Come To The Wedding - 1

Birth of parvati..

Himalaya and Maina commenced their penance with the objective of getting Uma as their
daughter. Maina did a tremendous penance which lasted for twenty-seven years.
Goddess Uma became very pleased by her penance. She appeared before her and askheedr to
demand anything she wished for. Maina expressed her desire of having one hundred valiant sons
and a daughter, who would be worshipped by the people in all the three worlds.
Goddess Uma blessed her by saying Tathastu. Maina narrated this incident to her husband
Himalaya. He became very pleased. In due course of time one hundred sons were born t o Maina.
One of the sons was Mainak who possessed supreme qualities. Due to some reasons, Indra had
severed the wings of Mainak's ninety-nine brothers, but by taking the refuge of ocean Mainak
was able to survive the assault of Indra's Vajra.
Himalaya and Maina engaged themselves in the worship of Shiva and Shakti, day and night.
After some days Parvati manifested herself by taking birth. After her birth the whole
mountaneous region of Himalaya became illuminated by her radiance.
After taking her birth, Parvati gradually started growing up. Varioua names given to her like
Girja, Uma, and Jagdamba. Himalaya and Maina felt proud of their fate, which had made them
the parents of an incarnation. Seeing the childhood plays of Uma, their hearts knew no bounds.
One day sage Narada arrived there Himalaya requested him to study the palm of Parvati, as he
was curious to know about her future. After studying the lines of the palm, Narada predicted that
Parvati was destined to be the wife of an entity, who would be beyond the reach of all the three
qualities. He also revealed to them, that her husband would be devoid of any flaws and would be
self born-Rudra.
Narada told Himalaya that to have Rudra as her husband, Parvati will have to accomplish great
austerities and penance. Narada then went away.
When Uma had attained the marriagable age, Maina requested her husband a suitable
bridegroom for her. Himalya told her that the words of Narada would never go in vain hence
Uma should be asked to do penance, so that she could have Rudra as her husband.
But Maina was disinclined in forcing her tender daughter - Parvati in to such hardhsips like
penance. Parvati then told Maina about her dream, in which she had seen a brahmin instructing
her to do penance in order to have Rudra as her husband.
Maina told Himalaya about Parvati's dream. Himalaya then revealed to Maina about his own
dream, in which he had seen lord Shiva doing penance at Kailash mountain.


Once upon a time, there were two special beings named Parvati and Shiva. Parvati really liked Shiva and wanted to marry him. Even though Shiva was sad at first, he started to feel love for Parvati because of her kindness.

Their wedding was not just any ordinary wedding; it was like a magical event where everyone celebrated their love. People called it a divine marriage because it showed how different powers in the world can come together in harmony.

So, if you want to know more about their amazing love story and their special wedding, you're invited to join in and witness the beautiful bond between Shiva and Parvati!