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Keep a smile on your lips.


Keep the courage in your heart.


Even if it is one-sided, with sincerity.


Keep the love relationship alive.


In a life full of sorrows, every moment.


Keep the cup of love flowing.




As soon as the first rain of the season falls, I fall apart.


Then as soon as the shower of memories comes, I regain my composure.


I have become infamous as a lover, but even today.


I shine with a smile of hers in my thoughts.


The waft of the wind brought her intoxicating feeling.


I get adorned with the fragrance of her scent in the air.


In the days of long separation, with flowers and gifts.


Even if they send just memories in the letter, I feel happy.


An entire life has passed, but it hasn't rained to its heart's content.


I get restless like a cloud ready to rain. ll



I never thought that life will show me these days.


I will get someone else's name written on my beloved's name.


The one who swears to live and die in love.


I will spend the days and nights of separation happily.


Forgetting the moments spent together.


Today I will marry someone else.


If I get a new life, a new lover, a new relationship.


I will decorate my home and courtyard with fragrant flowers.


I buried the relationship of my heart in a single moment.


I want a new relationship, I will fulfill it with sincerity.




I never thought that my loved ones will change like this.


Blood relations will slip from my hands.


We came to live and die together, what happened?

That soon they will go out of my life.


A time will come when I will have to live like this.


Hiding the pain, days and nights will pass like this.


The relationships I was proud of have vanished today.


My own people will get jealous seeing my fame.


I had no idea that Kali Yuga will come.


My own people will cheat me by showing affection.




Mobile addiction is a bad thing.


Man has become useless.


Its virtual universe is huge.


They cheat by creating fake accounts.


If used in the right way.


It has the art of increasing efficiency.


Playing has stolen my time.


Today, I have grown up with him as a child.


Now he runs our days and nights.


The network of relationships has become loose.




The pain of desired courtesy kept burning in my heart. l

If I got wounds till the roots, I kept on suffering throughout my life.


Don't plead for relationships, emotions are dead.


I kept on being restless due to the heartfelt relationship with the unfaithful.


I kept on misunderstanding to stay alive.


I kept on overflowing due to the storm of memories rising in my heart.


I caress the past moments with my wet eyes.


I kept on drifting by remembering the promises of the oppressor.


I am so crazy that I believed them again.


I kept on being entertained by the possibility of meeting my friend.




Papa taught me to keep smiling in happiness and sorrow.

Papa taught me to move ahead with courage.


Walk on the path of life with courage.

Papa taught me to never be afraid of anyone.


Never attack from behind, always.

Papa taught me to say whatever is on your face. ll


Life is ups and downs, so there are ups and downs.

Papa taught me to bear the pain with a smile.


We have to identify ourselves not by our clothes.

Papa taught me to wear high thoughts.


Sail the boat of life with your own strength.


Papa taught me to cross the ocean of this world.


You will meet many kinds of people in this world, be at peace.


Papa taught me not to lose to anyone.


If you want to become a big man in life.


Papa taught me to read and write a lot.


Earn fame and respect and climb the ladder.

Papa taught me to climb the ladder of humanity.


Never do anything wrong.


Papa taught me to fight against injustice.


To put the boat of life on the line.

Papa taught me to take shelter with time.


There will be comings and goings in this world.


Papa taught me to fill my heart with love.


Life with brotherhood and peace. Live l


Humanity is the jewel Papa taught me.


I taught myself to read and write, life.


Papa taught me to flow in the ocean.




What is the rainy season saying?


The water pouring from the sky is flowing from the eyes.


Maybe we will not get these moments again.


Enjoy the fun of getting drenched to your heart's content.


The season of lovely spring has arrived, look at it blooming.


The universe is wearing green dupatta with happiness all around.


The earth is scorched by the intense heat, troubled and thirsty.


Every corner of the earth is absorbing the drops.


With the chirping of loved ones, to smile with happiness.


Love is quenching its thirst with the drops of rain. ll



In Aashaadh, Sawan and Bhadon are raining from the eyes.


Emotions are yearning to get drenched.


In the pleasant, intoxicating rain of Aashaadh,


Today, we are getting lost in the drizzling intoxicating weather.


Aashaadh clouds flow the holy Ganges of love.


We are longing for the sweet glances that rain love.


Cuckoos and nightingales sing sweet songs in the garden.


The hearts are lost and we are yearning to meet the beloved.


The winds started singing music, the peacock dances chham-chham.


Ready to rain, the deceitful hearts are roaring.


Smiling drops from the sky came to meet the earth.


The small and big creatures of the universe are flourishing in it.




The peacock and the cuckoo have made noise.


Dark clouds have covered the sky.


The mind is eager to meet.


Where is the thief of hearts hiding?


The rain has brought the message of the beloved.


The string is tied to the heart of the rose.


Of love and peace.


The clouds rained everywhere.


The night passed like this with the moon.


The dawn came in the eyes.




How far will you run after the mirage's thirst?


Where will you go to quench your thirst?


The universe will support you with full intensity.

If the mind If you decide, you will get everything.


The moon and stars will be spread at your feet only then.


You will bring a smile on your face.


If there is a beautiful evening in your name.


You will come to the gathering to trade your heart.


Auction the mansion of love today.


If you feel it from your heart, you will love me.




It takes time to write the words of the heart.


It takes time to call you mine.


Beautiful desires keep searching for companionship.


It takes time to win love.


Friends are needed to laugh.


It takes time to stitch the wounds of the heart.


Never let go of hope.


It takes time to learn for the first time.


Ups and downs keep coming and going in life.


It takes time to experience victory and defeat.


On hearing intoxicating songs in a crowded gathering.


It takes time to look cheerful.


Sometimes even a lifetime is not enough.


It takes time to erase memories from the mind.




Clouds of memories have started gathering.


Old melodies have started to sing.


Thinking about meeting.


The days of separation have started to seem appealing. l


After many days I regained consciousness.


I have started getting peace and comfort.


The clouds are showing their style.


The days of suffering are going away.


The memories of the beautiful moments gone by.


They have started bringing a smile on my lips.


If I meet my childhood friends.


The perfect moments have started coming.




Let's meet in the wet moonlit night.


Let's start life in a new way.


If we spend our life, it is life.


So let's create situations to live happily.


Naughty winds are blowing, so come and sit.


Let's talk about our heart in this mischievous evening.


The weather demands a gathering today.


Let's express our feelings by looking into each other's eyes.


We are always in search of peace.


Think about your own feelings. ll



The matter remained almost on the lips.


Then the eyes said it in gestures.


The pain kept smelling like flowers.


All the hope was washed away in the test.


The breath is scared, the feet tremble still.


The friend endured the moments of separation laughingly.


Holding the hands of others, she went towards the destination.


She had a little happiness with her.


Don't count who committed what crime.


The goodness of both got absorbed in love.




To celebrate victory, one should make a positive contribution.


Whether it is a game or something else in life,


One should participate with full dedication.


Be it a war or a game, one person alone is enough


To reach the destination.


Winning and defeat keep on happening, there should be a passion to win in the heart.


When the passion to win is in the head Then victory becomes the only goal.


To get the desired result, courage should be sown in the heart and mind.


One's own boat sinks in its own ocean one day.


Even if you get to win life, you should live it smilingly.


Whatever you do, do it with full preparation and with heartfelt attachment.


Wherever you are, you should give your whole body, mind, money and attention.