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The Girl - Roma - 2 - 11

The Girl – Roma (2/11)


Ketan J Mehta


“The Girl - Roma” is a simple story written keeping in mind the lines quoted by Leo Tolstoy who said “There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, truth and goodness.”

So the greatness of this story lies in its simplicity. The story of “The Girl - Roma” is the uncommon story of common people like Aqeel, Roma and Karan.

Success is the worst kind of intoxicant. Usually when someone tastes success, he becomes high-headed with arrogance, false pride and overconfidence, but Aqeel is an exception. He is a man from a very modest background but after being separated from his joint family, he rises to a respectable social status due to sheer hard work and consistent endeavour. Aqeel does not become arrogant or proud. On the contrary, his success makes him more modest and amiable than before. His ambition does not turn into greed. Being from an underprivileged background himself, he understands the difficulties and problems of the lower class people and is very considerate and charitable towards them.

Destiny brings Aqeel in contact with Roma, the girl in auto rickshaw, who was so frustrated by her miserable condition that she was on the verge of committing suicide. Aqeel not only assists her financially but morally also, giving her a new hope in life.

But after attaining financial freedom and becoming independent, Roma, instead of being grateful to Aqeel, becomes self-centred. She forgets all her obligations and in order to satisfy the unending hunger to earn more and more money, she moves away from Aqeel.

At this stage, Karan, a happy-go-lucky and jolly type of person, enters Roma’s life. Karan develops a liking for Roma and wants to marry her but Roma is undecided.

How Aqeel, Roma and Karan get entangled in a web of uncontrollable circumstances and how they struggle to get out of it forms the rest of this interesting story.

“The Girl - Roma” takes the reader on a wonderful, emotional journey. It keeps the question “What will happen next?” alive up to the very end.

As the saying goes “The proof of pudding is in eating” similarly, the proof of a book is in reading so, dear readers I will no longer stay between you and “The Girl - Roma” Go ahead and enjoy it.

The Other Day in Auto Rickshaw

Whole night Aqeel thinks how to help Roma. Helping her with money is a temporary solution. I have to arrange a permanent work suitable to her skills. To arrange a suitable work I will have to know her background and abilities. In the morning Aqeel goes to work and finishes his part of the job to meet Roma at 02:00 Pm.

Early in the morning, Roma purchases the medicine and goes to hospital. She hands over the medicines to nurse on duty. She comes and relieves her mother and asks her to relieve her at 01:00 Pm. Roma’s mother’s name is Kashibai.

Raju is also out early morning with his auto rickshaw to cover up the income as he has to meet Aqeel at 2 Pm. As after that he will not be able to earn and he did not want to charge Aqeel.

When everything is working right in order, the destiny will work like a tailor-made time sequences.

Kashibai arrives at 01:10 Pm to relieve Roma from hospital. Roma quickly finishes her lunch and gets ready to meet Aqeel. Sharp at 01:40 Pm Raju enters the hospital and says politely “Roma I am waiting for you in the parking area.”

Roma goes with Raju and sits in the auto rickshaw. Raju starts auto rickshaw. On the way Raju asks “Roma what do you think, why did brother Aqeel call us to meet him again?”

Roma replies “I don’t know why Aqeel has called us, but I know he must have thought something good otherwise after helping he wouldn’t have called us today.”

Raju says “You are right”

The auto rickshaw reaches the destination at 01:55 Pm. Both are sitting in the auto rickshaw at the same place where they stood yesterday. Sharp at 02:00 Pm Aqeel arrives in a hurry, a little office bag in hand, wearing specks, blue shirt, black trousers and black shoes which suits his personality. Aqeel sits in auto rickshaw asks Raju to take auto rickshaw to Silent Beach. Raju starts the auto rickshaw, saying “Yes brother”

While auto rickshaw reaches Silent Beach Roma is watching Aqeel. Today Aqeel is looking like a handsome gentleman. Aqeel is busy in his work calculating measurement and required material etc. He finishes the work just before the auto rickshaw reaches silent beach. Aqeel says “Sorry, I had to complete this work now I am free.” Roma is silently staring at Aqeel with no expressions. Meanwhile auto rickshaw reaches Silent Beach. Raju happily says “We have reached Silent Beach”. Aqeel and Roma step down from the auto rickshaw. Aqeel asks Raju to stay there. Raju replies “Yes brother”.

Aqeel and Roma sit on the same rock on which they sat yesterday, the difference is that today Aqeel is tensed and cannot find words to speak. Roma is not tensed; she is relaxed silently looking at Aqeel as he was the saviour yesterday. She has the feeling that something good is going to happen. There is a silence and only river voice is heard. Aqeel is throwing small stones into river; Roma is watching Aqeel, while Raju is waiting near the auto rickshaw.

After 10 – 15 minutes Roma breaks the silence and asks Aqeel “You have called me today to watch how far you can throw these stone in the river?”

Aqeel smiles and says “No. Actually I want to hear the story of your life but can’t find the right words to ask you to do so” Roma replies “I feel you are one of my good friends and friends can ask anything from anywhere. You can ask me what you want to ask.”

Finally Aqeel got the words he wanted to say. “Roma tell me all about you. Everything you can remember right from your childhood till now, all the good times and bad times. What is your education, what kind of work you can do and what kind of skills you have, tell me everything about your family. Please do not feel bad about me asking your personal things. But if I want to become your friend I will have to know you very well. Only after I know about your abilities I will be able to help you to live a respectful life.

Roma is stunned looking at Aqeel. She cries and says “As a third person you thought so much for me while none of our relatives stood by me to help us. I will tell everything about myself to you like an open book.”

Now it’s time for Aqeel to listen silently like an audience.

At every nook and corner of life, thorns are always found.

It is amidst these thorns, rose’s blossom.