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The Girl - Roma - 1 - 11

The Girl – Roma (1/11)


Ketan J Mehta


“The Girl - Roma” is a simple story written keeping in mind the lines quoted by Leo Tolstoy who said “There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, truth and goodness.”

So the greatness of this story lies in its simplicity. The story of “The Girl - Roma” is the uncommon story of common people like Aqeel, Roma and Karan.

Success is the worst kind of intoxicant. Usually when someone tastes success, he becomes high-headed with arrogance, false pride and overconfidence, but Aqeel is an exception. He is a man from a very modest background but after being separated from his joint family, he rises to a respectable social status due to sheer hard work and consistent endeavour. Aqeel does not become arrogant or proud. On the contrary, his success makes him more modest and amiable than before. His ambition does not turn into greed. Being from an underprivileged background himself, he understands the difficulties and problems of the lower class people and is very considerate and charitable towards them.

Destiny brings Aqeel in contact with Roma, the girl in auto rickshaw, who was so frustrated by her miserable condition that she was on the verge of committing suicide. Aqeel not only assists her financially but morally also, giving her a new hope in life.

But after attaining financial freedom and becoming independent, Roma, instead of being grateful to Aqeel, becomes self-centred. She forgets all her obligations and in order to satisfy the unending hunger to earn more and more money, she moves away from Aqeel.

At this stage, Karan, a happy-go-lucky and jolly type of person, enters Roma’s life. Karan develops a liking for Roma and wants to marry her but Roma is undecided.

How Aqeel, Roma and Karan get entangled in a web of uncontrollable circumstances and how they struggle to get out of it forms the rest of this interesting story.

“The Girl - Roma” takes the reader on a wonderful, emotional journey. It keeps the question “What will happen next?” alive up to the very end.

As the saying goes “The proof of pudding is in eating” similarly, the proof of a book is in reading so, dear readers I will no longer stay between you and “The Girl - Roma” Go ahead and enjoy it.

The Day in Auto Rickshaw

Aqeel is a 5’10” tall, Fair, Lean, average looking guy. Current age of Aqeel Babban Khan is 34 years. This story is not a biography of Aqeel. We want to share an event, which happened in Aqeel’s life. Before we start narrating the event we must specify who Aqeel is.

Aqeel’s family comprises of father, mother, elder brother, younger brother and a sweet little sister. Father and Elder brother are labour contractors at a jute bag factory. Younger brother and sister are studying. Aqeel is a college dropout working as labour in a local fabrication shop. Aqeel started working with the fabricator at the age of 15 just to earn some pocket money.

After marriage of his elder brother, Aqeel had a dispute with his family. Aqeel had left his home with his mother and sister and had said that he will prove to his elder brother and also to the world, his ability to achieve a respectful place in the society and to build a better and bigger house than his elder brother’s house.

In order to achieve his goal Aqeel had started a new journey which was full of hurdles and struggle. Nobody helped him. It took 4 years to get stable in his job. Now Aqeel is a freelance contractor for fabrication works. Aqeel has his own company. He has also purchased a bigger house than his brother’s 25 Kilometres away from a developing city. Soon these 25 kilometres will be inside the city.

While progressing in life, Aqeel has not become proud and arrogant, on the contrary he has become a nice and helpful man and he always contributes to noble causes like giving charity to the poor and needy. He sponsors deserving students for further studies. He also helps people to start new business and helps those who have incurred losses in their businesses, to restart them. He also provides medical help to people those who can’t afford costly treatment and grocery to the needy. As a result of all his good deeds, he has gained a great respect among common people.

After separation from his family, Aqeel is settled 25 kilometres away from the city. He uses a bike for daily work. Today Aqeel’s bike is in garage for repair. This is winter season but today is a sunny day. At 4 Pm, Aqeel receives an urgent call to visit his fabrication work site for some measurement of next workload.

Aqeel leaves home, which is situated in a vast expanse of picturesque hilly area, at 4.15 Pm. The sun is yet to set but the horizon is already ablaze with red-orange rays ending one more day. The atmosphere is alive with tweeting and chirping of a thousand species of birds. Aqeel smiles and looks at the horizon and sees a pale sun getting ready to set. He has a gut feeling that something good is going to happen today. He comes walking to the road.

Aqeel is looking for auto rickshaw and finds a share auto till half way. Now after reaching half way he is looking for an auto but no auto stops. Aqeel sees an auto rickshaw parked opposite the lane. As he approaches the auto, he finds Raju sitting in the driver’s seat.

Raju is delighted to see Aqeel. There was a time when Raju had lost all his money in gambling and at that time Aqeel helped him to pay the mortgage loan on auto rickshaw and set the business back.

Aqeel crosses the road and asks Raju if he can drop him to his destination. Raju replies “Sir, this is your rickshaw, just order and I will take you to where ever you wish to go”. Aqeel notices that a girl is already sitting in auto rickshaw. Aqeel says “But Raju, you already have a passenger” Raju replies “She is not a passenger Sir, she is friend like you, please be comfortable.”

Raju introduces Aqeel to the girl sitting in the auto. Raju says “Roma, this is Mr. Aqeel. He is a very helpful person, this rickshaw was financed by him and he did not charge any interest on his investment. In short he is the owner of this rickshaw. He also has good fabrication business”

Roma smiles and says “Pleased to meet you Mr. Aqeel.” now Raju introduces Roma and says “Aqeel Sir, this is Roma, She is wife of Munna the mechanic. Munna married another girl and left her with a small daughter, now Roma is looking for a job”

Aqeel says “Nice to meet you Madam, hope you will find a good job soon.”

Roma says “Thank you Sir”

Raju asks Aqeel “Sir, where is your bike?”

Aqeel replies “It is in the garage. Raju I request you not to suggest Roma madam any unfair or immoral job.”

Raju says “Brother Aqeel there is no shortcut to make money. Today is her first day and I am looking for some people who can enjoy with her and pay her for their enjoyment. She needs money badly as her father is in hospital.”

Aqeel is shocked, now he looks at the girl properly. Roma is short in height, sweet looking, slim body, a killing smile on her face hiding the pain that’s in her heart. Aqeel thinks this girl is so pretty and she is yet not spoilt, just because of some money problem she is ready to become a prostitute. I should help her and take her out of this mind-set and if not at least I can save her for few days or months.

As Aqeel is thinking all this, the auto rickshaw reaches his destination. Raju says “Brother Aqeel now you have arrived at your destination, can I leave you and go ahead?

Aqeel says “No please don’t go. You wait here with Roma madam. I will come back in a few minutes.

While Aqeel is gone for his work Raju says “Roma. Aqeel is a gem of a person, he is a self-made man and helpful to people. If a person like him has told you to wait it means he must have thought something for you. This can be your luckiest day. It is a co-incidence that his bike is in the garage and he was looking for an auto, otherwise he wouldn’t have met you”

Roma says “Yes Raju, I also have the same feeling, but why did you say that he is the owner of this auto.”

Raju says “Roma, as I have already told you, he financed this auto, therefore he is the owner. I had many bad habits but, Aqeel Sir helped me without expectations of returns. My life was transformed due to him.”

While Raju and Roma are talking, Aqeel is taking the measurements for fabrication at the work site and giving work order to his labour for next day. After 25 minutes Aqeel returns and asks Raju to take them to Silent Beach.

Silent beach is not a kind of beach you can see at any sea in fact this city has no direct connectivity to sea. There is a river flowing from this city called NAG River. Sand of this river is similar to sea sand that’s the reason over the time a few places near this river bank were developed into tourist spots visited by local residents and tourists during weekend this place never remained silent.

Raju drives the auto towards Silent Beach while in auto Aqeel is looking at the girl. The killing smile is missing on her face and her legs are tightened, sweating in this winter season. She is afraid of what’s going to happen next. Aqeel senses her tension and assures her that she should not worry as he doesn’t have any intention of harming her.

Meanwhile auto rickshaw reaches Silent Beach. Raju parks the auto rickshaw on one side. Aqeel steps down from the auto and says “Roma please come with me, I want to talk to you. Roma is afraid to step down from the rickshaw and says “Raju you will come with us?” Raju replies “Yes” and then only she manages to step down from the auto rickshaw. Raju makes a move to come with both of them but Aqeel stops him, saying “Raju you wait here, I want to talk to Roma separately.”

Raju says “As you wish Sir” he goes back to the auto and sits in it.

Roma looks scared. Raju smiles and says “Don’t worry Roma; Aqeel Sir is a thorough gentleman. He just wants to help you”

Roma is re-assured and goes with Aqeel. Roma and Aqeel walk to a big stone and sit on it

Aqeel says “Tell me Roma, what, do you think I am going to talk about?”

Roma is silent. Aqeel says “This silence will not work for you Roma. Reply to my question. What do you think I am going to talk with you?”

Roma replies “I feel you will offer to have some kind of relationship with me”.

Aqeel says “That’s true. I am asking you to become my friend.”

On hearing this, Roma’s face re-gains the lost smile.”

Aqeel says “It is good to see you smile, now tell me Roma, what compelled you to take this extreme step to sell yourself for money? How did you come in contact with Raju? Tell me about your family members”.

Roma’s eyes are moist. She starts narrating her woeful story. She says “Sir, today morning I had decided to end my miserable life by jumping into a well. As I was about to jump, Raju saw me and stopped me. Raju was my husband’s friend and used to visit him frequently. When he came to know how desperately I needed money he suggested that the easiest and quickest way to earn money is to sell myself. His intention was to get 20% commission from the clients he will bring to me.”

Roma wipes her tears. Aqeel watches her with sympathy. After a while, she starts speaking again. “I have mother, father, and a little two years old daughter with me. My father has retired from a cloth mill. Due to shut down of the mill my father is jobless. Right now my father is admitted to government hospital because of a major heart attack. I needed to buy medicine for him. My mother is working as house maid. I have to pay nursery school fee for my daughter.”

Aqeel is sad to hear Roma’s story. Now there is deep silence only the noise of water flowing is heard. Aqeel is in deep thought how to help Roma that she shall never ever think of suicide and her financial problem will be solved. She has all the right to live a respectful life. Roma needed instant solution. Roma is watching Aqeel with respect and hope.

After a long deep thought Aqeel breaks the silence and asks “Roma, what is the cost of the medicine that you need for your father.”

Roma replies “Currently I need to buy medicine worth Rupees. 2600/-”.

Aqeel pull outs a wallet from his back pocket of his jeans and gives Rupees. 5000/- to Roma and says “Keep this for today; meet me tomorrow at 02:00 Pm at my working site where I had gone today.”

Without any hesitation Roma takes the money and keeps it in her purse. Roma is smiling and can’t express her happiness in words.

Aqeel says “Roma one thing you have to promise me that you will never ever think of suicide or any kind of immoral activities for you and your family.” Roma nods her head saying yes.

Aqeel and Roma walk towards the auto rickshaw. Aqeel asks Raju to drop Roma at her home first. Both Roma and Aqeel sit’s in auto rickshaw. Raju is happy to see Roma happy and says “Brother Aqeel you are a great person, you brought a big smile on her face.”

Aqeel says “Raju can you promise me one thing?”

Raju says bowing his head “You just order my Lord.”

Aqeel says “Promise me you will never ever suggest this kind of immoral business to any girl either in trouble or not.”

Raju says “Brother next time I will bring the person in trouble to you. One thing I know is you will definitely solve the problem”. Aqeel says “I am just a normal human being, now start the auto rickshaw and first drop the lady at her home.”

Raju starts the auto rickshaw. In the way Aqeel asks Raju to do one thing tomorrow, that is to pick up Roma and bring her to Aqeel’s work site at 02 pm. Raju agrees to do this. He stops auto rickshaw a little far from Roma’s house. Raju asks Roma “From where shall I pick you tomorrow?”

Roma replies “I will be at the Government Hospital, I will meet you there.”

Aqeel wishes Roma good luck. Roma thanks him and says goodbye. Raju starts the auto rickshaw and drops Aqeel to his home. When Aqeel steps down, he asks “Raju please tell how much fare should I pay for the auto rickshaw service?”

Raju says “I salute you brother. You are a man with a golden heart. You are helping the girl and this auto rickshaw is all yours, no fare”

Nobody understands the circumstances

Nobody understands the emotions

This is a matter of one’s own understanding

Someone can read a blank paper

Someone can’t read even a Para from the entire book