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    Love Story
    by Vaghela Nita Balubhai
    • (7)
    • 206

    Dear Boyfriend, My life has become quite interesting since you came into my life. You have supported me in every bad or good situation so far and first I ...

    Love story
    by Vaghela Nita Balubhai
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    New Delhi: A love story on Facebook is winning the hearts of people. This story is so romantic that you may also want to fall in love. The special ...

    Night Mare - 1
    by Janu Reddy
    • (7)
    • 298

    Water drops are touching my hands which are below my face..those are the tears rolling from my eyes,,,,,     Yes what you are thinking is correct, I am crying ...

    by Sapana Kharod
    • (19)
    • 387

            It was a last day of school. Few of the students were    clicking picture. Few of the students were signing on each other's t-shirt. ...

    by Adisha Verma
    • (16)
    • 690

    Love and love are not exactly what it is. I was also involved in these questions, if anyone comes to answer the question. When I searched the answer to ...

    New beginning
    by Sapana Kharod
    • (17)
    • 449

    It was a season of autum . chilli Wind was blowing and imara was standing near her office thinking about her past few months.her friend called her :"imara late ...

    a betrayal love - a betrayal love continue
    by Chandragupta Priyadarshi
    • (6)
    • 277

    I don't know what was not letting me sleep. My family and her family have a joint plan for visiting rajgirah on 1st jan. I have one more day ...

    Serendipity, Entirely
    by Parag Kansara
    • (2)
    • 197

    He was restless when she first saw him. They were traveling from Mumbai to Delhi by a train. Rajdhani Express was waiting for the green signal to begin its ...

    school days - school love story
    by Janu Reddy
    • (27)
    • 676

    I don't know why I am stading here,Everyone left to their respective classrooms, my friend came to me and asked to come to class, then I got to know ...