The Vikramaditya Secret - Chapter 5







All the characters, places, incidents and adventures narrated in this novel are totally fictions. It has been totally imaginative of the author.

There is no any resemblance of anything of this novel to the history.

This has been created for entertainment of readers only.

Summary of the last chapter

An intruder demanded to hand over the secret. Mahaveer Shah denied that he is not having anything. In the minister’s bungalows at Racecourse road the young minister of youth, culture & education Chirag Gandhi and his father cum political mentor Hasmukh Gandhi the ex Chief Minister of state were discussing about the ‘ Shadow’ the mystery man who is busy doing his assigned job. At the same time deputy of Yuvraj Sinh Khuman inquired about the change of plans. Here in the office of Mahaveer Shah , an intruder has fired the shot..

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An intruder fired a shot towards Mahaveer Shah.

He was anticipating the same so he moved from his position. The bullet missed him. 

In reply he hit the baseball bat on him. The bat hit hard on his hand. The blow was very powerful. An intruder felt the high level of pain in his hand.

“You old fart. How dare you hit me? “He expressed loudly. Even though the hit was massive he had not lose the grip of the weapon.

He was in very deep pain but little after he again back with his composure and he aimed the revolver to Mahaveer Shah.

“Look Old man! I have cleared instruction to end your game at any point of time if you didn’t cooperate with me. “He paused and waited for the implication of his threat on the old man.

Mahaveer Shah looked un-impressed. He politely said to an intruder,

“I am not having anything. Why you are not accepting that fact? “Mr. Shah again tried to convince him.

That had led to the serious situation. An intruder was losing the tempo. By nature he was very short tempered and this situation was getting him more and more anxious.

He shook his head and tried to be the normal.

An intruder took the very long breath. He tried to keep him cool and calm. He knew the limitation of his nature. But he was bound with orders.

He said very politely “Look Mr. Shah, I am requesting you please hand me that thing please”


Poorva again checked the time. It was 10.30 in the night.

“Why Dadu has not arrived yet?” She said to herself.

Sometimes he would be working late. But it was only on rare times. He would at least inform her if he would be going too late.

But at this time she had not get any communication from her grandfather. That was adding the misery to her.

She again checked the watch. It shows 10:45 in the night.

She dialed his number. The ring went on but no one was answering the call.

She started too worried. She was not able to focus on anything.

She sat still for the while and made the call on the land line of the office.

The result was the same. No answer.

She was now becoming more and more anxious and very tense.

As she thinking what do the next, her cell phone started to ring.


Yuvraj Sinh Khuman and his deputy were on their way to the Imperial Heights.

They were going for the kill.

Earlier they had healthy discussion with each other about change in the course of the actions.

Yuvraj Sinh had some another plans of executions. 

He asked his deputy to meet him at his home. Once he arrived they both quickly hit on the road.

There was the firm determination on the face of Yuvraj Sinh Khuman.

They were on the way to the Imperial Heights, the office of Mahaveer Shah.

At the same time at the bungalow on Racecourse the Gandhi father and son were still in the discussion.

“Still we have received any news from the shadow. Now it is getting late." Hasmukh Gandhi said to his son Chirag Gandhi.

“Yes. I am also thinking about the same, Papa “His son also confirmed.

He thought something and said

“Wait for some more time than after we would decide what to do the next” 


The cell phone of Poorva started to ring.

She answered it without looking at the mobile screen. She was in such a state of the mind that she assumed that it must be from her Dadu.

“Hey Dadu where are you? Why you are not picking my calls? Are you all right? “She asked in one breath.

She was taken aback from an answer she received from opposite connection.

“Poorva I am Professor Dev Raval here. I think you have mistaken me as your grandfather. “Dev Raval said to her.

“Sorry to call you at this late hours of the night but I need to inform you that the date of submission of final project has announced so I thought I share the same to you once “Professor informed her.

He did not receive any reply from other end.

“Hey Poorva are you there?” He confirmed his doubts.

“Hmmm yes sir “Poorva answered with the little sob.

“What happened? Why you are upset? Please tell me I would help “Professor asked her.

Poorva now totally broke up and started to cry.

“Dadu had not arrived yet. He is not answering calls on his cell phone. “Poorva informed to professor.

“Probably he must be engaged in some important work.” Professor said

“He would answer my call in any situation. I have also tried on the office land line but the result was the same there too. “She said between the sob.

The professor Dev Raval understood the matter of urgency. He thought something and said to Poorva.

“Look my home is near to your grandfather’s office. I am going there right now. You too come there with the driver" Professor Dev Raval said to her

“Thanks Sir. I am coming there right now “Poorva disconnected the call and she quickly rushed to the car.

At the same time Professor Dev Raval took his Royal Enfield classic 350 bullet and hit the road towards the office of Mahaveer Shah.



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