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The Rainbow of life...1

The Rainbow of life..

Anuja Kulkarni.

Copyright 2017

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidences are products of author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events locales, or persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


What to say about a love story? Putting love in few sentences is a very difficult task. Love is not about talking, love is a feeling, which has to be felt by the heart. Love is very delicate and blooms up like a flower, and when the flower is fully bloomed, it spreads the fragrance. Same is the case of a love story. Every love story is different still it has its own flavor. Everybody's life keeps on changing. It is the same case with the relationships and love too. Love is the essence of life. Everybody's life is full of colors and everybody has a beautiful love story. "Every person falls in love with someone deeply."- A very true saying. But does the love remain same always? The answer is No. Few incidences change the love but a moment comes, when you realize importance of the true love in your life and then again love starts flowering between the two.

"The rainbow of life..." is a simple love story of Aabha and Rohan. It's not a love triangle or any complex love story. It is about pure feelings. The feeling of love in the husband and wife. I feel, many of you can get involved in the story. You just need to connect with it. Love is not complex if you know what true love is! And every love story should have a positive end so is the case in my story.

Love is always around us and that makes our life beautiful every day. Love is always around us just keep your eyes open to feel the love. Feel the love and stay blessed...

Hope, you enjoy the book. :-)

A small poem-

Once try falling in love.

Once try falling in love, You will find the world is so beautiful,

Once try falling in love,You will need nothing after that,

Once try falling in love,You will see only good things around you,

Once try falling in love,You will start finding joy in small things,

But for all this once u have to fall in love,Then you also will tell someone else,"Once try falling in love".


This book is dedicated

to my loving family

and all the loving people around me. * Contents-



1. 1st day of college.

2. Aabha a very helping girl.

3. Engineering completed.

4. Rohan and Aabha meet after a long time.

5. Aabha and Rohan meet in an restaurant.

6. What was wrong with Aabha?

7. Aabha and Rohan get married.

8. Happily Married?

9. A huge fight.

10. Love is in the air.

Thank you for reading.

The Rainbow of life..


1- 1st day of college-

"Mumma.." Aabha entered the kitchen early morning and started talking to her mom.

"Aabha, how you got up so early?" Aabha's mom exclaimed ..

"You forgot mumma? today is the 1st day of my engineering college. "

"Oh yes! I remember, what would you like to have for breakfast?"

"Something light mumma. I just came to remind you that today need to leave early. Now I will go and get ready. "

Aabha said this and left the kitchen. She started getting ready without wasting time. Aabha was getting ready to go to the college. She was very excited as she got engineering admission in her favourite college without any trouble. Aabha got ready and She was about to leave the home but at the same time her mom called her,

"Aabha", Aabha heard her mom's voice and she was irritated. Aabha was not interested in talking to anyone as she wanted to reach the college early but then also she replied unwilling,

"What mumma? You have any work? Please tell it after I come back from the college. you know I hate to go late anywhere. And today is 1st day of my college. I can't be late. Then also why you stopped me? Do you want that I should be late today? Is there anything so important that you have to stop my while going to college?"

"I know Aabha but today is 1st day of your college. Just wanted to wish a happy day. And wanted to tell you that this college will be different so do not trust anyone without knowing him/her.. and don't think of bunking your classes. Pay attention on your studies. You know your pappa wants to see you becoming a successful engineer so that you can join our business "

"Mumma," Aabha shouted, "Please do not start your instructions . Let me enjoy my college . I know everything. And you also know my views as well. I never want to settle in our business. I always wanted to be an author. Learning new things is always good so decided to go for engineering. But I will not be happy doing work in our office. I might work but that will be for money only and if anytime I feel like joining our office, can do that anytime. . But right now my priorities are different . Money is not what I want right now. I want to fulfil my writing dream 1st. Only money, that cannot give me happiness. Writing is my passion. That is my dream. and why you think, I do not understand people? I am not a small girl now. I know, college life will be different. And I can handle any situation. Why you and pappa don't trust me?"

"Ok ok.. and it's not about trust. It is our duty to make you aware of the few facts " her mom smiled and said to Aabha.. "You enjoy your 1st day of college. Do complete your engineering and do whatever you wish to... But, bunking the college will not be tolerated by me n your pappa. Remember that.."

"Yes yes.. mumma. love you. I am very much excited to go to the college . and no bunking for sure. trust me. Now need to leave. " Aabha replied and rushed out. She started her journey towards her college. There were so many thoughts in her mind but she concentrated on only the positive ones. She was dreaming becoming an successful engineer while going to college.

Aabha entered her college. She had a look at the whole campus. College campus was huge and green. A smile rested on her face. She entered the building. She was walking in the corridor. And she was in her own thoughts. That time she collided with a handsome boy. She felt like shouting at him but somehow she managed to overcome that feeling and started walking without saying anything. It was Aabha's mistake but the boy apologised. She didn't expect a sorry from him and Aabha's mood changed,

"It's ok.. but please be careful while walking " she said.. "now need to leave.."

"Hey.. wait. " That boy stopped Aabha.. and started talking, "btw.. it was not my fault still I said sorry and why your are giving me lecture.." The boy raised his eyebrows and started laughing.. Aabha joined him in laughter..."It is out 1st meeting.. and our 1st interaction. I never thought that I would start my college like this. "

"Same here..."

"Btw, Your name please...." The boy asked with curiosity. Aabha smiled and replied.. "I am Aabha.. and you?"

"I am Rohan . By the way, nice meeting you...are you in computer brach?" Aabha only smiled but went from there without answering Rohan. Rohan was expecting some answer from Aabha but she didn't respond him. Rohan was a bit confused but didn't pay attention on that and he also left. And both started their life again as if nothing happened.

In some time Aabha and Rohan forgot about their 1st meet and they both went in their class. They both started their own life without having any memories about each other.


Anuja Kulkarni.

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