Interview with Meher Malik‍ (Gods Instruction) - 01 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Interview with Meher Malik‍ (Gods Instruction) - 01

(The True Story)
"Interview with Meher Malik?‍?"
(?‍♂️God's instruction)
"Hello sir, I was watching your ad for job on facebook, I called for the job" it was a soft and slow voice.
"Yes, yes, but where do you speak from? And what is your qualification?"
"Sir, myself i am Meher Malik, and I am living in Juhapura (Ahmedabad) now, I am a Diploma Civil Holder."
"How many years of experience you had and in what field (means quality, site execution etc) you had, Meher?"
"I have one year experience in building line sir"
"OK, what kind of work you want to see there, & what was the profile of your work? As a Junior Civil Engineer?"
"Sir, I had to line up the site management i.e giving Steel , Shuttering subcontractor line along with unskilled labour and also look for site quality works."
"Okay, I understand. But what's the name of your company?"
"Sir, my company name is Zx-Construction"
"Oh, .. that's a good company as far as I know, Meher !!,
OK ... whatever it might be, you can come tomorrow between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. & come before five o'clock"
"No sir, but I will come to one day later, because I have some hospital work for mom,"
"Doesn't matter"
"But sir, please give your address"
"I will send you my current location in your mobile, OK, but whenever you leave for interview, call me first and then leave, OK"
"Yes sir, I do so"
(Meher cut the phone.)
And I get involved in my work.
(As far As possible I always to avoid these types questioning those who really want a Job, because I personally believed that whether or not to do a job is a matter of each person's own his/her internal self-decision, such as they might have no job satisfaction, economic or social reason, it could be anything, just like a company do generally they will keep or leave their own employees whenever they wishes & want. If you remind him of the oath of loyalty toward the company, then he is not a slave to the company or the employer. Work can only be done in teamwork. How they treat, it is mutual treatment. So he/she may leave the Job on the spot, day after tomorrow or after giving notice that is depending upon own his/her wishes)
Two days later,
At nine o'clock in the morning, my phone rang, and after seeing the number, it was revealed that Meher Malik was there. I received the phone (it was Monday that day and I was on leave).
From the front, "Hello sir, Meher Malik speaking, may I come today for interview?"
"Good morning, Meher but I'm on leave today, so you will come tomorrow"
He said "OK sir" & cut the phone.
By noon the next day,
"Hello sir may I reach till five o'clock, does it ok,"
"No, if you come before four o'clock the it would be ok & moreover this time only 2:00p.m So even if you come on bike then after you can reach at my place"
"Yes, sir I don't have a bike, I have to come on rickshaw.
"Yes Meher, you can still arrive at four o'clock before, if you rent the rickshaw at my sent location to you."
(To be continue….)