Eid-e-Milad prophet Mohammed (PBUH) the paradigm  

Eid-e-Milad; prophet Mohammed (PBUH) the paradigm  


Eid-e-Milad which is known to be one of the most important festivals marks the birthday of Prophet Mohammed who is referred to as the messenger of Allah.

 This day is an occasion to remember the teachings and kindness of holy prophet and lovers to show their love and reverence of him by holding prayers, preparing feasts and planning a family get-together. Eid-e-Milad is also called ‘Maulid’ since ‘naat’ and hymns are sung in praise of prophet.

                            In a large Muslim population, mawlid is celebrated with grant-level street processions and decorations of homes or mosques. Food and other offerings are distributed, and stories about the life of prophet Mohammad are narrated. Poetry or naat are recited after the prayers and sweets are distributed among the poor.


All the people have a goal and role model in their life. they do specific and right things such as routine good habits by following good people`s intentions and actions. Prophet Muhammad is the best role model for the people in the world.

Many instances show his kindness and gentleness, especially to the week and the poor. Anas, who was his helper, said; ’I served Allah’s Messenger for ten years and he never said to me, ‘shame’ or ‘why did you do such-and-such a thing?’ or ‘why did you not do such-and-such a thing?’’


Once he said to his wife: Aisha! Never turn away any needy man from your door empty-handed. Aisha! ‘’Love the poor; bring them near to you. God will bring you to him on the day of Resurrection’’. He took a great interest in the welfare of all the people and great compassion for people in trouble. The kindness is extensive and encompasses all things and all beings without any discrimination. Lot of time he spent on thinking in one purpose. he said: If you intend to do anything, it should be thinking before that. He was the source of knowledge. He teaches the people all things to do which from awakened until the lie-down. just one man who is reporters has reported by more than a million Hadis from the prophet as the words of prophet.


                          God has appointed him as a model for the people. His poly was to fight evil with good, even his enemies called him loyal. It is because of his characteristic attitude that it is a good remuneration to smile while seeing your brother. he excelled more than others in knowledge and extracurricular such as sports and martial arts. At the age of seven, he learned to swim and Surprising others on horseback, he came to the front.


  people are not one of us who do not search what conditions the neighborhood if he was starving. he has the best culture that helps and loves others. He worked as the model for the followers by working from the front. Therefore, he has the best quality of leadership.

He highlighted that human life should be provided the key to learning and teaching. Although we cannot do as he did, this humble mind wants to learn and love him.




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