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Loving Father term - 1

Hey readers!! After "Story Of A Teen Love" I am here with my another hit story of wattpad. This story is about a son and father... And I request you to read every part carefully... This story with 5 parts will give a message at last... So here we go...

a son and father's relationship is so odd externally and careful internally from the side of father . and only a daughter is a string of this relationship.

this story is on the basis of this relationship where is hate, love and lots of drama with some twists. so keep reading it. and give me your suggestion for storyline and next part.

relationship of father and son

Jai," Arman come here(shouting)... I said come here, you idiot."
Arman," ya..ya..yes dad(mouth frozen) "
Jai," what is this? What is this? You idiot again 9.8 CGPA..... You are such a disguising child."
Arman," but dad I made improvement ......."
Jai, "yeah! The improvement you duffer. kanta see your duffer son what he got? Only 9.8 CGPA."
Kanta," let me check"
(Reads the report card)
Kanta," yeah such so duffer child... Do you know what, Arman? You will be so cheap earning boy . may be a disguising person."
(And slaps Arman)
Arman, "yeah! Kill me you both are not my parents."
Jai," you are so big right"
( and Jai also slaps Arman )
Arman usually faces this behavior by parents. So he always is alone in his own house. He always thinks that why his father and mother always pretend him even he works very well and with excellence. He even thinks that why they give a lot of love to his sister Riya.

respect of sister towards brother

No one in the family of Arman loves Arman instead his sister Riya.
Riya is the only person who understands Arman listens to him and also takes care of Arman. So that's why Arman loves his is a sister but also feels jealous with her in the case of love of parents. But still he loves her sister a lot.

After his parents slapped him he was weeping but suddenly his sister saw him with tears in his eyes. so she came to Arman and said
," Hey! My little bro why are you crying? "
Arman," please don't be innocent. You know that what is the reason."
Riya," OK OK so sorry. I got your reason. But don't cry my bro, do you know what I can't see you in these conditions, just laugh bro."
Arman," ( laughing) yeah and you to my sis."
Riya," OK OK so let go for lunch."
Armañ," ok let's go sis."
( both was taking dinner but....)
Jai," oh! Riya here is you with this duffer."
Riya," dad! Don't say that my brother is excellent he can do everything."
Jai," so you are saying that this duffer can do everything see his performance only 9.8 CGPA, such so low and disguised guy ."
Riya," dad! Please, 9.8 CGPA is not bad. it is quite well marked.... By the way, I believe on my brother."
Jai," OK OK you believe on a useless."

To be continued... Next part is coming soon