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Loving Father term - 2

change in writing method

As you read in previous part that how sweet and sour relationship between brother and sister lies and on it expectations of father... Now this is Arman who is telling next about his life as himself before this he was telling about his life as another person


new inspiration to get new

As I told my sister always inspired me for my dream. She always thought on the favor of mine. My dad and mother always decreased my confidence level but my sister always told me that you should improve your skills every time when they scold you. So I did it.

By the way, let me come on the story again. That was the first day of my dream class. Yes, I opted PCM as my subject and started my own way but it was too difficult to make my father happy.

Riya," dad! Believe on me he is good in these subjects. And he can do something in it."
Jai," oh! You think so Riya but I don't think so. You know what PCM is good but so difficult subject. So how can he do something in it?"
( long pause)
Jai," tell Riya to tell?? No answer if you have then told me??"
Riya," I have. listen dad do you believe on me??"
Jai," yeah I believe on you my child but......"
Riya," no but, I believe on my brother so please give him a chance to grew up."
Jai," for your happiness mine yes."
( we both became happy)
Jai," but-but-but I wanna results."
Riya," OK dad he'll give you results."
I couldn't believe that my sister has a lot believe on me even more than me. This incident changed my point of view and gave me a new inspiration to do new.
Yes it is true that my sister is with me and I love my this inspiration.

starting for a new session of life

(After lunch)
Riya," Armaan!!"
Arman," yaa sis"
Riya," see Arman! as you can see our parents....."
Arman," yours not mine."
Riya," no Arman don't say like this. They are ours. And listen to me."
Arman," say."
Riya," you are now in 11th right..??"
Arman," right."
Riya," which subject you wanna opt.??"
Arman," PCM."
Riya," ok ok and what is your dream??."
Arman," di! My dream is what you can't believe."
Riya," but I wanna listen."
Arman, "I wanna do first engineering than research and at last, I wanna be a writer."
Riya, "wow! That's great. You should be and I will help you and appreciate you."
(Riya went)
Di always help me to do something that's why I started writing.

smooth start with a lot trouble

After my admission to climb up high school in science maths department I started hard work. Day per day I increased my energy, improved my self and developed my self.
This was the session when I got my true friends. Yeah, first time I got a friend. Names are Rakshit and Aarav. My friend circle is small but have all the quality.
In our circle Rakshit is a top class comedian, Aarav is the best sports personality and at last, I am the guy who is serious about studies. Our teachers used to say that you three are the group of quality. We are so extremely high energetic. The schools of eleventh are on the air. We three prepared ourselves for the best. Time was with us.
But it is said that you have to pass through a bad phase of life. But I never thought that I also had to. Yes, that was a bad phase. The phase of a lot of trouble. My dad got the transfer in a small CBSE high secondary school. Which was a hundred miles far from climb up high. So I have to leave that school for that small school. And changed my board to CBSE from ICSE.

I was too depressed from it. Education level was so down. And I had to compromise with that.
My sister knew that what was my problems so she came to me.....

Riya," I know Arman what is your problem."
Arman," so tell me di what should I do??"
Riya," listen, Arman, every big personality had not to have all facility. They started with less and got more. And thank god that he gave you this phase. Work hard and prove that you can do everything in any type of conditions. Ok so work from now. Got it."
Arman," yeah di got it. I'll work from now."

This conversation gave me a lot of enthusiasm for hard work. And I also started work hard.

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