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This story does not contain any promotional or awareness material regarding the corona virus spread in the world. It does not contain any information about Covid-19 or Corona Virus. This story is written only for entertainment purpose. If any of the characters or story line matches with real life, then it should be considered as mere coincidence.


First of all, I would like to thank to all our frontline fighters- Doctors, Nurses, Policemen, CISF, and Cleaners for being selfless and helping our nation to rise as a healthier star. In the midst of the corona virus pandemic, first responders and health care employees continue to work and keep us safe and healthy.

There is very nice quote said by Chanakiya “A good leader does not stop until he finishes his task”. He is not afraid of failure, we are very blessed that we have one such Lion leading us to a better tomorrow - Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi who is working day and night to protect our county from Corona Virus. Thank you so much sir for your selfless service.

I would like to say thanks to my good friend Vani Patel who has helped me in editing my stories. She has made this collection a little special by writing and giving her story – Covid Love. Your story “Covid Love” adds a beautiful touch in “Lock Down” collection. I would like to inform my readers that Vani Patel is a beautiful soul and a very good writer. She is a daughter of Dr.Kamini Patel & Dr.Rajnish Patel. Dr Kamini Patel is owner and Gynecologist at Vani IVF Centre,Ahmedabad started with a vision to help the parents suffering from the pain of childless.

I would also like to say thanks to people of our country who has played a big role in controlling the Covid spread, for being responsible and taking appropriate instructions as per the guidelines. Isolating yourself for 21days is not easy task but I am confident that slowly but surely our India will win and shine brighter than the star.


Being a responsible citizen I would like to request all my fellow Indians to kindly follow instructions given by the government and medical fraternity. Maintain Social Distancing – Stay Home Stay Safe. Please wash your hands frequently, wear a mask and eat healthy. Make sure to take special care of children and elderly as the virus is known to be vulnerable in these age group.

One more request, due to Lock down situation Thalassemia patients are now suffering from lack of blood transfusion facilities. If you know any Thalassemia patients around you, please help them as they require blood in every 15 days. You can call Red Cross- vehicle or staff in your society and help them.


(1) Her Touch

(2) Life

(3) The Curse

(4) Cheater

(5) Covid Love –Vani Patel



Empty streets, Empty Roads, Empty offices.

Everyone wants to hear only one voice, the voice of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Amongst many pandemics and natural calamities this was one of the times where everyone was scared for their living and had no idea about the coming fear. This fear was neither born by war nor by natural epidemic but it was about the fight that had to win against a 0.14 microns virus called “CORONA”. This virus had showed its effect first in China than slowly moving towards America, Canada, and Italy and now had reached our India.

Everyone in and around India had their eyes fixed on the screens at 6:00 IST to hear what our Indian Lion Modiji had to announce about the current pandemic. Anxiety was at peak, hear rate was rushing and clock had no time to rest. With ticking clock, it was hope of our Indians to see the way we are going to fight it out. India had proved to be the biggest fighter against any pandemic or natural calamity in the history. Thus this speech was a feather to our cap naming India as – The warrior. It was 6:00 P.M. and the lion roared with “Namaste mere pyare janta vasi.”He had announced as Social Distancing day on 23/03/2020 to start the war and be prepared against the Corona.

It was a sign of unity when we Indians had successfully completed the day 23/03/2020 of social distancing. But this was not enough to defeat the corona, along with #gobackcorona slogans we had to do something more to fight it back. We slowly found out with the increasing number of cases each day and each hour we will have to be a little stricter for our own good. Came Mr. Modi for the rescue again at 24/03/2020 to have a word with the nation. He started his speech with “Mere pyare janta vasi” explaining about what and how corona works, he finished is speech by giving the most difficult task for Indians – Complete Lockdown for 21 Days. He had taken this bold step to save us, save the nation and make it brighter, better, stronger than ever.

But, Indians along with their health had other issues to sort and questions to be answered - What will happen in 21 days? Can we find any solution? How can we isolate our self for 21 days?



City is screaming at 8:30 PM with the sound of cars honking louder than our feelings and skies colored darker than our souls. In one of the houses in the streets of Ahmedabad Radhika is shouting at the peak of her voice.

“Joy, it’s enough. I don’t want to live with you anymore”

Joy was baffled, he could not believe what Radhika just said but he was readily into the fight so he forgot all his love and vows and uttered,

“What? You don’t want to live with me? Then why don’t you go to your parent’s home.” He left the room hitting his hand hard on the table. Engrossed in his anger he did not realize how hurt he was & how swollen his hand had got.

“Sure, I am going to leave you right now.”Radhika angrily said and rushed to her room with eyes full of tears.

12 years is a long time, 12 years of their relation at now flushed love out and anger, frustration, disagreement had entered. It was time when Radhika and Joy were deeply in love they still loved each other but life but given its way in their love. They were college sweethearts and it was Joy who made their love valuable, he was known by his madness for her & she was known by her loyalty for him. They were #couplegoals in 2020. Often love is lost in the needs and wants of humans, such happened with Radhika and Joy too.

He tired of his life and upset about his own behavior lights a cigarette and pulls in a drag of satisfaction. The pain in his hand now triggers his brain and his hand was swollen with that hit on the table. He was staring at the starless sky when he hears PM Modi’s address to the nation where he had announced 21 days of lockdown. He was too caught up in his own world to even notice the seriousness of the pandemic in the world.

“Bhaiya ab kya hoga”(Brother, what will happen now?) Raju asked Joy with a softened tone.

Raju, a 23 year old servant who takes care of almost any said thing in their house. He was with them since they moved in this house and thus now has been their member of happiness and bitterness in life.

Radhika come out from her bed room with two big luggage. She looked at Joy and his smoky eyes. She was thinking in her head what has happened to Radhika and Joy, where are they?

“Raju, drop me at airport” She shouted

“Par didi” (but sister)

“What Raju?? Are you coming or not?”Her anger and her eyes scared Raju to even utter a word.

“Didi…sare raste or fight bandh ho chuke hai. Modiji ne corona virus ki vajah se karva ae hai”(Sister…all road and flights are closed. Modijihas taken this decision due to corona virus)

“Dekho didi news vale dikha rahe hai pure india me 21 din tak sab jagah curfew hai.”(See, sister on news channel all India lockdown for 21 days). Raju increases volume of TV.

After hearing news Radhika drops her luggage in hall and locks herself in the bed room. Their walls echoed with her sound of crying. The night was quite but their hearts spoke, her eyes wiped and his cigarette box got emptier. In the middle of the night Joy was whispering to Raju, “Slowly Raju, It hurts.” Raju was trying to bandage Joy’s hand to help him give some relief in pain.

It was lockdown morning, Radhika opened her bedroom door with all messed up look on her face. Not bothered about her kajal she enters the living room and asks Raju to turn on the TV. She was looking out for Joy and finding him with a cup of tea and a cigarette she felt a little peace.

Good morning, I am Dipak Sharma from news 19, welcome to our special report on corona virus. As PM Modi ordered you can see on your TV screen how lockdown started from today. All bus, train and transportation system are shutdown. Now times to see how many no of people are effected by corona virus. Gujarat have 33 cases, Maharashtra have 65 cases…..

“Didi…khana taiyar ho to table par lagadu?” (Sister food is ready, shall I serve?)

“Haa…give me 10 min”she said and continued watching the news.

Raju arranged the table. This was not the first time when Joy and Radhika were having food together. This table was the sign on her passion for design and his skill to make her design to reality, it was a sign of their love. 10 months of discussion, had got this table to their home. It was after a long time that they had the chance to seat on this table and enjoy their food but unfortunately their hearts were numb at the moment.

Joy was fond of her cooking and was in love with her cooked food since their college days. Joy tries to eat with his swollen hand but as soon as he lifts his hand, food falls on his lap. Radhika watches him struggle. Radhika pull her chair a little closer to him, drags his dish and feeds him with her hands. Joy looks at her eyes and thinks that these are the same eyes that I fell in love with. Her messed kajal had just added on more beauty to her. Joy after 12 years in marriage realizes that he would have given up any fancy restaurants for this moment.

“Bhaiya…apse kuch baat karni hai”(Brother…I want to tell you something)

“Haa Raju…kya baat hai?”(Yes Raju, what happened?)

“Bhaiya gao me maa or bahen akele hai muje jana padega” (Brother, I will have to rush to my village as my mother and sister are alone)

“Haa sure… be careful and if you will need any help just call me”

“Thank you bhaiya..me didi ko bol deta hu”(thank you brother.. I will inform sister)

She said, “No problem Raju, go to your home and take care of your mother and sister” She handed him so money for the travel.

Day ends without any screaming. Next morning, Radhika came running listening to Joy’s scream. Looking at her half banded hand, she sat near him and helped him bandage the wound properly. Two days have passed, but there was still silence among them. Her every touch reminded him of the time when Joy once was climbing the tree near her house to reach to her balcony in their collefe days and one day his hand got cut by broken window in her room.Softly Radhika removed glass from his hand and she bandaged him fearlessly. He thinks what happened now? Where is that fearlessness gone? What is reason behind tear in her eye? Is my love making her weak? Does my words hurt her more than anything?

It was third day and Modiji was constantly urging people to Stay Home Stay Safe to fight this pandemic as one nation. Joy screamed from bedroom again. Radhika runs to the bedroom from kitchen. Joy looks at her face of fear, she is standing near bedroom’s door with “belan” in one hand and her saree tightly knot to her waist.

“What happened?”Radhika asks him.

Joy stands up from bed, he grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him and hugged her tightly. Joy’s tight hug breaks all her anger. She starts crying to on his shoulder. Joy kissed on her forehead and wipes her tear from her cheeks. He apologizes her and give her big kiss

Khoya hua ho jo mera safar,

kuda se guzaris hai,

meri, manzil tum hi ho.