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Lock Down 2




“What happen beta?”Krupa looks at her 3 year old daughterAnvi with confusion. She was turning blue and could barely breathe. Her body was heating up at 100 degrees. She could not speak and was fainting.

“Samir, come here fast” Krupa started shouting at the peak of her voice. Samir came to the bedroom running and sees Krupa crying alongside of his daughter.

“Samir immediately call on 104” She says. 104 is government special helpline number for corona virus. Ambulance reaches them in 10 minutes and the medical staff without wasting a minute started investigating their daughter in the ambulance. The sound of the speeding ambulance and its siren sounded all around. Not only in Krupa and Samir’s hearts are beating faster than ambulance speed but wherever these ambulance were passing through the people who look this scenario from their home’s windows they also start praying to God for their daughter’s wellbeing.

With the help of police and medical team ambulance safely reached hospital. Ambulance team already informed hospital team about patient’s current situation. Not only doctors and nurses but media was also waiting for them because this was first noted cases in the age group of below 18 years. On reaching the hospital, ward boys had already arranged the stretcher for shifting purpose. Ward boys shifted Anvi on the stretcher and took her straight to the special ward where other Covid fighters were admitted. Head nurse of the ward informed Krupa and Samir to kindly maintain appropriate distance. She assured the tensed parents that they will take optimum care of their little daughter.

“But … ma’am may I know who is the doctor? Can I meet him?”Worried mother was not sure about anything and now all she could see was her daughter. She was curious who the treating doctor was and was he/she treating her well or not. But the head nurse informed “No, sorry I can’t give you permission to meet doctor. Don’t worry Dr. Sharma is the treating doctor for your child and he is one of the best doctor in our hospital. Please seat here till I call you and kindly keep your hand sanitized also keep your masks tight. Mr.Samir please take care of your wife”

Samir and Krupa are moved to the waiting area with other relatives of the covid fighters. Krupa could not stop crying and thinking about Anvi, Samir maturely tries to handle the situation. Almost 4 hours passed but there was no information about Anvi. Waiting area had only the sound the news reporter updating the city about the increasing number of cases and it was now when Krupa heard her daughter’s name titled “Anvi – First Corona Case below 18 years” She could not resist now and she ran to the administrator arguing and forcing to meet Dr. Sharma.

“I want to meet Dr.Sharma. Please help me. My daughter is inside the isolation ward. Please try to understand I want to meet him….please” She was not able to control her anxiety and felt dizzy. Within seconds Samir realized that she had fainted and fell at the reception area. Next day when she opened her eyes she is on bed with needle in her hand which is connected to bottle

She opened her eyes to the next morning and it took her time to realize that she was admitted in the same hospital. She saw Samir beside her bed seated with tired and worried face. He was brushing his hand against her hair to calm her down and make her strong. Samir give her glass of water and informed her that he met Dr. Sharma when he came to our room.

“He told me situation is now under control so don’t worry our daughter will be fine in some time trust on god and keep praying”

“Thank god. God give him long lives. Sorry Samir for my behaviour. I was so upset I couldn’t control on myself”

“It’s ok, I can understand. After all you are a mother how can you see your child like this?”

“Thank you Samir. By the way how is he?”


“I am talking about Dr.Sharma. I mean is he old or young? Nurse told me that he is one of the best doctors in this hospital”

“He is young just like our age infect he is smart”

It was about 15 days post admission of Anvi, she was getting better. Better than ever before. Krupa and Samir had their smiles and brain back to work.

“Excuse me nurse can you tell me who is Dr.Sharma”

Nurse pointed her finger to Dr. Sharma. Krupa carefully examined him, she saw his body was fully covered with blue suits and some in white suits. His face was also covered. Eyes sparkly eyes were the only things that Krupa could see. She observed all his movements carefully. She saw how hardworking he is and how much personal care he was taking for all the patients. When he came to Anvi, Krupa’s attention got stronger. She was in awe with the way he was making Anvi comfortable and having fun with her. He had no time to eat, majority of the time she could see him rest on the chairs or stairs.

“Mr. Smir and Mrs.Krupa, please come in Doctor’s cabin 2 -Dr.Sharma wants to meet you. But before you enter in cabin kindly follow these instructions. First sanitize your hand wear your mask and the most important is when you meet Doctor kindly keep maintain distance.”Nurses after giving the instructions opened the door. As usual krupa see Dr.Sharma is full covered with his suits. As per nurse instruction they maintain specific distance.

“Mr Samir and Mrs Krupa I have good news for you. But first I want to tell you Mrs Krupa your daughter is such brave girl and cute too”

“Thank you so much doctor” Krupa said feeling proud and happy.

“Now time to tell you good news your daughter is absolutely fine now she is free from corona infection you can take her home. But be careful she is just cure from corona doesn’t mean she will not be affected again. You have to take precautions. Still we don’t have any medicine for corona. Your daughter is one of the lucky souls who get this new life” Dr. Sharma informed Krupa and Samir.

“Thank you so much Doctor. You have made us live again.”Krupa said with teary eyes.

“No, please it is my duty. Now please take your daughter home so I can be back on duty to help others in need”

Doctor can I ask you one last question? Krupa asked.

“Yes, sure”

I was observing you with care, that you take personal care in treating all the patients, and you work with you heart to it. It is not common. May I know the inspiration behind your passion or any specific reason? Krupa asked

Dr. Sharma took a deep breath. I know the pain of losing a loved one. I know the pain you have in your heart. When I was in college my left part of body was paralyzed. I was hospitalised. At that time someone whom I loved a lot left me losing hope that I might be well again. She left in my bad times and married her perfect guy. She is happy now. She has a beautiful daughter now. But I can never forget that pain of loneliness.

Dr. Sharma removed the masks and his head cover.

Rahul….Krupa exclaimed with a surprise in her voice.

No, it’s Dr. Rahul Sharma.

Puchh apane rooh se

Kya vo Sazaaae jawaz thi?

Jiss gunaah ke tum mufti ban bethe,

Kya tum bhi usske hisse-ae-dar nai the?