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What is god - 1

Dhoomketu left his home at 10 morning

Sun is looking from sky and see who is

Coming out at 7.00 and who is coming

Out at 10. Sun was thinking why this

Human doesn't come out early when

All birds animals and all comes out from

Home at 7.00 and when human says

They are intelligent than why this people

Is doing so laziness if man has to go

Out at 10 for work it is o k but why they

Doesn't come out at early for walking

Or playing or jogging or excercises that

Sun never understand how anyone can

Say humanbeing are intelligent.

Dhoomketu looks at sun and speak see

I will do excercises from tomorrow at

Morning 7 at that time sun laughs and
Speak I hear this since last four years.

Dhoomketu is going to his office with

Tremendous thoughts why this world ?

Who has created this world why this all ?

I am doing business now I will
Get marry i have my father and mother

And one small sister now i will do for my

Father mother and when I marry my wife my one child

Will come and one day after years i will

Die than what is the meaning of life

This is only life and only this is life than
Why this all nonsense why why why

Who has created all. Some people run

Away from this life and become saint

And getting nothing . they gives all trouble

To their body and thinking they are doing

Well but they are fool they even don't

Brush don't getting bath and doing all

Nonsense. Only they want heaven. now

This is foolishness when nobody knows

What will happen in next moment how

You can have heaven by doing this all

Nonsense they are spoiling their lives

For next life so this is not way to find

God or truth than what is truth. Further

Dhoomketu thoughts one day I

Heard one prophet was telling god has

Created world just he knows that god

Has created he should talk like that way

I don't know who has created this world

I don't know I am searching when I know

I will come to you let's start we all will

Search than it was ok but he was telling

Like he knows everything and foolish

People are listing like anything. Nobody

Had guts to ask any question.

Dhoomketu talk to himself like everybody

Lives I will not live I will one day search

What is truth what is life what is god

God is there or no god is there if god

Is there than why he is doing all this

Foolishness why why why this is life if

I will become anything but what it does

Means. Dhoomketu went to his office

And told his secretary don't disturb me

Today. He sit in his office and one by

One he starts to write and first he write

God is there or not and after so many

Many question and answer he finally

Come in conclusion that NO THERE IS