Be happy every moment. 1. books and stories free download online pdf in English

Be happy every moment. 1.

Happieness is the word beautiful. Each and every person wants happieness. Every effort, every work man does to find happiness. But it is hard to find a happy person. We should think deep about this.

See, each and every person have wish at any age. When we are studying in s.s.c. at that time we have wish to pass exam in s.s.c. when we paased s.s.c. we have futher wish to have pass in graduttion. When we finish study, we wish ro have wife or husband. When we get this than next more money, more power, more fame. So from s.s.c. to end we all always in rat race. To have more, to have goal is not bad things but this all should be with awaremess with happieness.

I strongly suggest before making any goal, yes I am saying before making any goal make one mental goal that I will be happy always by 24 × 7× 365. Yes make this goal. All motivator says make goal to have more money, more power, more fame and name. I am saying totally different. I am saying first make goal to be happy in each and every moment. Till you don't achive this don't think of anything.

Nobody never tell you this thing. But I strongly recommend you to make this goal first. This is not easy task, this is very tough. It is very easy to even climb a mountain or it is easy to become a millionare. Or it is even easy to become a very big man but it is not easy to be happy in each and every situation. Because what happen our mind is very very unstable, it is always wandering from here amd there and most of time, really most of time we are thinking only and only neagative thoughts. But if you want somthing you have to work hard. This is very hard work. But try try and try you will get sure success.

Suppose you are in s.s.c. Now you have to give exam. In s.s.c. all students are in tension. Now you make a goal to get 80 %. First of forget all the marks and all the goal and make first goal I will be happy all the time. And remember all the time I have to be happy from moment to moment. Whenever you take your book to read, your mind will think oh my god this very tough subject, if I will not pass than what happen If paper will tough than what I will do, my all friends pass and I will fail than what I will do, this type of all negative thoughts will come and you will be in tension. At that time put your book aside and be aware and think oh, what I am thinking ? I have decided to be happy first and be happy and than start to read. Throw all your negative thoughts and say yourself yaar I am enjoying this book to read. Wow, what a pleasure to read this book. Each and every word of books give me too much enjoyments. If you tell your mind this sentences, your mood will automatically chage and all negative thoughts run away and you will be in happy mood. Our mind is our servant if you don't treat it well, it will become your boss and ruin you immidietly. be continue