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When We Met - EP - 11 (Too Much Teasing)

Emily's POV:

I woke up early, my legs entangled with Edward's, his arms scooping me up till our cheeks were touching. I gasped, feeling something poking on my lower stomach. I put hands on my mouth from making any sort of noise.

I knew very well what it was, I was once a medical student for Merlin's sake!

I tried to remove his hands, my fingers grabbing his arms carefully to his side only to sigh in vain. He scooped me closer instead, his hot breath fanning my neck, tickling my senses and producing goosebumps on my arms. I tried to wriggle again after several attempts going in vain, I huffed.

"Edward, I am being suffocated, can you move a little?" I whispered.

"Mmm," he mumbled, only to pull me closer, his hands dangerously close to my chest. I tried not to squeak.

I breathed heavily, his morning erection doing nothing to hide my blush. I stared at his sleeping face, falling asleep once again.

I woke up again at 6. This time I saw Edward sprawled on his side of the bed. I quickly removed the blanket covering us, placed it carefully over him, ruffling his hair and went into the washroom. I did the daily routine and ran to the beach after changing into shorts.

I personally opted for shorts because I didn't like to wear a bikini. Though my mother bought a bunch of them for me, I always found some excuse to escape from wearing it. I suppose I am not much of an exposing person.

I never had figure problems pertaining to the fact that Edward never actually let me off a day without jogging, except for these days when he himself got no time for it.

I reached the beach and put a hand over my eyes, shielding them from the sun. Sun rays fell vertical on the sand, which glistened with reflection. Palm and coconut trees surrounded the ambient, and people were starting to gather.

I took my time to stare at the atmosphere and surroundings and made myself comfortable on a nearby seat, pulling out a book to read.

After about an hour later, Edward came down wearing his swim shorts, Lara dangling on his arm wearing thing people call 'two-piece bikini'.

I took in her appearance. She was clad in a pink-purple bikini, wrists covered in matching bracelet, her breasts spilling out of her garment making her look sexy with the toned stomach of hers.

Her smile was doing wonders to nearby males who started to gather a long time ago. She whispered something to Edward, to which he smiled, kissing her on the cheek, her blush evident even from afar.

Get a room, guys!

Shouting in excitement, she ran towards the sea and jumped into the water, pulling Edward with her, much to his disapproval. I knew he didn't like to get wet in public. That's why he hated going on family trips to the beach. He told me he liked to tour the beach only because I was with him. I smiled to myself and resumed reading the book.

"Wouldn't you dip in the water? It's cold and fresh for this summer!" Lara said as she came over to me, her skin dripping of water, the bikini top sticking to her breasts. She didn't look even a tad bit uncomfortable even though she was practically flashing herself in the public.

I shook my head in response to her question.

"Why do you never wear a bikini? Is it because you are uncomfortable with your body or because you are actually a guy?" she said, pointing at my covered chest, laughing at her own comment.

The sudden urge of getting up and strangling her coursed through my veins but I fought it. What happened to sweet tongues she had been sharing with Edward all this time?

"Trust me, Lara, she is very much girly, I am afraid she had gotten a size even bigger than yours," I heard Edward say as he came over to us. He winked at me, my face blushing a thousand shades of tomato and Lara's face flushed with anger.

"Let's enjoy Emi, we haven't got many days. You can continue being an Encyclopedia when we return home," he said, not waiting for my response. He directly took my hand and pulled me over towards the water. I struggled but he had this firm grip on me, pulling me into the water.

Just as I entered the water, my leg slipped. My hands involuntarily gripped his shoulders, my fingers curled around his neck, our chests pressing harder against each other.

My breath hitched when I realised how close our faces were, our noses practically touching. I could smell his minty breath fanning my face. His arms were wrapped protectively around my waist, his eyes boring holes into mine.

I always loved those blue orbs; they reminded me of water I'm standing in. My lips parted on seeing water dripping from his forehead and making its way to his lips. I raised my hand to touch his face, his smile doing wonders on me but then I closed my eyes and put my head on his chest, to avoid doing anything which might cost me twenty long years of my friendship.

We stayed like this until I caught Lara running towards us, calling us for breakfast, not going before she pulled Edward away from me. We went and ate, laughing and enjoying.

After breakfast, we went to an amusement park to enjoy further. Lara was afraid of swings and big rides. She was wailing like a pathetic girl, giving me and Edward an opportunity to laugh our butts off. We teased her like how she is a girl sometimes to which she barked at us.

Running away from her, we enjoyed swings and long rides by ourselves, shouting and laughing like the old days. We didn't care if we looked childish. Having fun was more important.

It was evening when we found Lara in a karaoke room, dancing and singing crazily, her sexy moves getting comments from Edward. We also took our microphones and started to sing like there was no tomorrow.

We reached our rooms by midnight. Lara was horribly drunk. She was pushing her weight on Edward, mumbling something incoherent in her breath. We made her lay in her room, pulling a blanket over her.

Minutes later, we were in our room. I had to change but I didn't get much decent spare clothes to wear so I borrowed some of Edward's. As I was changing, I heard my phone ringing.

I escaped the bathroom to pick up the call. Edward was speaking to someone on his own phone. He looked up and stared at me for some time before going back into speaking in his call. I picked up my own phone. It was Mia.

"Emi! I need your help!"

I chuckled. "Hello to you too, honey. What do you want?"

"How do I nurse a guy?!" her voice was frantic as she spoke those words.

I raised an eyebrow. "Why do you ask? Who are you nursing? Spill the beans before I cut your-"

"I am nursing Jake. He is having a fever," Mia responded quickly.

"Oh. Is he ok-"

"He isn't. Tell me fast," she said, her breath erratic as if she had run a mile. "His fever is invariably high. I think he got the flu: his nose Is stuffed and he had been sneezing for hours. His forehead is burning hell, Emily I am worried sick he might die-" she shouted from the phone.

I felt like laughing over how scared she was. "Calm down Mia. It's just flu. I wish I were there to check," I said.

"For starters, just put wet strips on his forehead in ten minutes interval, cover him in something warm, make him something warm to eat and don't forget to close the windows," I explained. "Also, feed him Azithromycin or Domperidone if he vomits or something," Mia said 'alright', probably writing notes.

I hung up after assuring her that Jake would be fine. But what can I say, huh? I would probably be the same as her if it were Edward, maybe going as far as breaking something to ease up my frustration. Typical me!

I combed my hair and pulled it up in a high ponytail, and then applied some lip gloss.

"What are you doing?" Edward asked, from behind me. I shrieked and fell from my seat.

"Edward, you scared the hell out of me!" I yelled, calming my beating heart down. I comprehended his question a little late.

"I'm not doing anything specific. Why would you think that?" I said, confused.

He cleared his throat. "Then if you think of sleeping next to me like this then have mercy on my hormones. I am just a man after all, and a man can endure only a little, Emi," he said, pointing at my shirt before winking at me. Confused, I looked down at my attire.

Oh. My. God.

I had been talking in front of Edward wearing his see-through swimming shirt all this time!

And what was even worse was that it was unbuttoned from front ones at the top of it! I could see my red bra clearly hugging my breasts, giving a nice view of my cleavage and my red underwear peeping out of my jeans. I buried myself mentally, throwing mud at my imaginable corpse.

Damn you, Mia!

Oh great. Now he would think I am seducing him or something.

How humiliating!

I quickly covered my chest with my hands, running with speed of light, grabbing nearby curtain. I dropped a vase in the process, cursing myself in my breath. I closed my eyes, putting hands on my chest.

Take deep breaths, Emily.

No way! How can I? I showed too much skin today! That's too much to endure in one day! I need weeks... no, months to digest it.

I heard Edward chuckling. I peeked from the curtains to see him doubled in laughter, rolling on the floor. He stopped laughing and stared at me for some time, probably thinking about something before standing up from the floor and walking towards me. My eyes widened in surprise.

No way! He wouldn't do anything, right?


"Ed, what are you doing?" I whispered. My voice came out rather croaked.

He didn't respond but continued to walk instead. I gripped curtains in my fingers tighter, seeing his eyes turn into a shade darker.

"Eddie? What the heck are you doing? You are scaring me," I cried, my fingers boring nails into the curtain.

He walked beside me, his breath tickling my face, his eyes showing unknown emotions. For the moment, I was sure he didn't come for something which he did after.

He pulled a blanket around me, wrapping it protectively around my body till I looked like a cacoon and picked me up in his arms. My arms instinctively went to wrap around his neck, his on my thighs to hold me properly. I looked into his chest, afraid to look into his eyes for I might melt into them once again.

But when I felt his fingers holding me tightly, I eventually looked up to look at him staring at me, his blue orbs reflecting something mischievous. Before I could even comprehend his plans, I felt myself being dumped into something wet, making my clothes all dripping.

He threw me in a bathtub! How dare he! And here I thought he was actually-

"Next time when you try to tease me, remember I could do much better than this," he warned. He was joking, but the evil gleam in his eyes told me otherwise.

I gasped. The nerve of the guy!

"Come out faster, let's have some fun before this weekend ends," he said, walking out but not before turning the hot water tap and throwing a towel at me.

I glared at him, wailing my arms in water like fish, throwing some water at the door, as if it could harm it

Oh just wait, Edward. You will pay for it!