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The Mysterious island - 22

what is this place I cant move and can barely talk? What kind of trick is this I dont know? What have you done? says manjari

hah this is where your demise is written. A place where no one can come without my permission besides, here, you can die peacefully. Says kalagni

this place is suffocating me. If you are man enough to fight me then pick a place where we both are comfortable to do the combat.

well if you are god enough then fight me here, and show me how much of a godly power you have.

you coward, I will fight you here dont worry you will die here and you are going to regret for committing such a heinous.

you talk big.

and your words mean nothing to me.

see you just talk while I do what I say. (kaalagni kicks manjari in the face)
aaahhhhh (he goes flying, a little way off the place.)

I told you, you do the talking thing that you know best. (says while hitting him in his face.)

On the other hand

Harini looks agitated, she is shaking.

the shadow, now is your turn, you are ready to go through the man who had harmed you says harini

mother I am ready to show him what I am. Says the shadow

mother where are sending him? asks toy anxiously

he going to the place where he fights best and to save your brother.

well, I dont want to interrupt but here I could not stop myself to let you know, toy that your mother is sending a scapegoat into a pit of death so that she could save you fragile brother. Says agnisharp

the gourd of your evil deeds and sins is going to fill soon, and the moment its oozing out your demise is sure. Says harini with a calm voice

your words are totally incongruous to me.

While talking to agnisharp she sends the shadow to the place where manjari and kaalagni are.
manjari, manjari where are you? What kind of place is this? It is so dark.

aaahh I can here a voice. (says kaalagni holding him by the neck)

mother harini has sent me to rescue manjari, I must find him. Though this place is dark but I can see everything, moreover I think I can sense the direction where he actually is now I think I should south from here.

hey you dont you worry, I heard your voice from miles away so I decided not come to, to welcome you besides I didnt want to suffer in the process of finding me.

first of all put him down.

oh, him, he will be of no worth very soon.

I said put him down, you runt.

how dare you, you will have to pay for this misbehaviour. (kaalagni groans)

it is enough. (with that his the shadow begins to glow, his eyes glows in blue colour and he strikes with his fist with the speed of light that kaalagni goes flaying)

aaaaahhh, he is strong this time. (kaalagni says to whispers to himself)

you are going to pay for your unforgivable sins. (says the shadow groaning and throws a lightening following a fire ball which hits him one by one which puts more damage on kaalagni.)

you, how dare you, you have crossed your lines. (he casts a spell and the entire place becomes smoky a few seconds later he strikes the shadow with his scaly tale followed by vicious punches.)

aaahhh, you didnt get me what I meant here. ( with that he grabs kaalagni by the neck and slams him on the ground then begins to squeeze his neck.)

what have you become this time? (he says while being chocked)

All of a sudden he disappears from there and with that his spell also breaks down after that the shadow brings manjari back to the main land.

To be continued

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