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The Mysterious island - 23

Wow I didnt know you have become so powerful that you defeated kaalagni so easily. It is interesting. But whatever all this effort will soon go in vain when I come down on the battle ground. Says agnisharp

You have done enough agnisharp now your time is going to over soon you know. Says harini

Put him down here. Says toy (they put him against a broken wall.)

I think we should start what you have come here for because all this, is boring me now and I want this over as soon as possible. All these tricks that you and your stooge are playing are nothing but the act of 10 year old foolish kid. Says triptsya

Well why dont you then, I am here waiting for you. Just come and show what you have got right. Says agnisharp

Yes you are right, the time has finally come when this all futile things should over. Says harini

With that being said all four sons of harini begin to fly in the sky, they are glowing now, harini is also preparing for something this time.

Sons this time show him what you have become, give him a taste of your strength. Says harini

We are ready mother. All four sons speak unanimously

On the other hand he angnisharp also gets ready to face the strike of harinis sons. He is also glowing with fire he has stretched his arms, he becomes more dangerous when he opens up his mouth and blow out fire.

Hell yeah it is always relaxing and pleasing to be here and stretching out. Finally I have a chance to destroy you all. Says agnisharp

No you wont do anything this time, and with that being said toy, triptsya and manjari attack him with full force, manjari and toy strike him on his head while triptsya hits him in the neck.
All that force just push him a bit back while he shakes his head and blows fire on all four sons but shesha blows chilly breeze which totally counters agnisharps offence.

But agnisharp is not intimidated at all he catches manjari by the neck when he tries to hit him in the face with his stone fist.

Hahahah no no no not all time you are going to connect your worthless punches. Says agnisharp

With that being said he takes manjari into the sky and disappears.

Where has he taken lets follow him fast. Says shesha

The shadow come and stand by my three sons. Now the time has come when I have to do this in order to protect this world from this monster. Says harini

Yes mother as you wish. Says the shadow

So the shadow does what she says him to do and when he does so harini begins to chant some kind of mantras and while seeing all four of them merges to become a single being.

They become huge, all powers of all four become one.

Now you are ready to face him go my sons. Says harini

To be continued..

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