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When We Met - EP - 16 (My Little Dreams)

Emily's POV:

It had been a week since we last came to Mauritius. Sure, we enjoyed a lot if that 'we' includes Lara and Edward's short night visits, not to mention her throaty moans which I could hear even while peeing, and my long night walks across the streets of Mauritius alone, enjoying the view of metropolitan cities, driving in the car by myself.

It was the last night of our stay, so I started to stuff my clothes back into the suitcase, ransacking the hotel closet neatly to find any other belongings. My fingers were then entangled with something which when I pulled out my hand from the pile, found it to be Lara's lacy black underwear. I instantly tossed it away, only to pick it up this time by my one finger, fully grabbing it before walking to Lara's room and turning the knob.

I regretted as soon as I opened the door of Lara's room, ignoring the 'Do not disturb' sign as I saw Lara without her top, lying below Edward whose mouth was ravishing hers in a hot passionate kiss, and his hands were on her boobs, massaging them filling the room with her loud hard moans.

Quickly, I averted my gaze, raising my hands slowly to show them the reason for my interruption before tossing her underwear at the nearby couch without a second glance. I hurried to my heels, covering my mouth to stifle a sob, which would expose my secret feelings so readily.

Next day, we travelled all the way to our home, with Lara clinging to Edward, kissing his chest in front of the driver, much to his annoyance. I knew that Edward never liked to show public affection, the reason he never takes Lara with him to his office no matter how much she begs for it. She even fought with him often yelling at him to tell him why I visited his office more readily when she didn't even get to see it.

Though she was his girlfriend, Edward never hid anything about her from me. In fact, he always came to me to help him decide what to give Lara on her birthdays. He knows she loves luxurious accessories so we never really had any problems picking it out.

So, dear Lara, the bags, dresses or earrings you sway at me every time I wear a shirt or pants were actually brought to you by me, Emily Willows...err now Jones, by his desperate request, not by my choice, of course.

We reached home late night after eating at a nearby restaurant and I slumped on the bed like a pig and slept my night off, with Edward joining me later after dropping Lara off. Hush! This love!

I woke to find it was already afternoon, sun rays seeping strongly and brightly on both of our faces. I pried myself from Edward's cuddling, finding it hard to ignore his lips which were touching my neck, his hot breath still making my nerves go havoc! I quickly got up and got ready and went downstairs.

I went into the kitchen and poured myself some water. Miranda had already made our lunch. I was munching on it quietly, my thoughts elsewhere on how I would be able to leave Edward after two years when I already was sharing enough closeness which was making me crazy. I smacked myself hard, muttering 'oww' after realising I was sexually frustrated!

How can I not be? I mean I am a virgin girl married to her love of eternity for-

Urgent Correction: Fake married to my best friend, ugh, God forbid my wolf-ish hormones and my potato-sized ovaries for being saint-ly patient with him all this time!

Edward came downstairs after some time, we talked about some random things when the doorbell rang. Miranda opened it to see my parents.

My parents were demanding too much from their son-in-law, weren't they now? I mean who wants their grandson too soon. Even I am not ready to be a mother, not when the person who will be helping me with it doesn't even know he is supposed to do it with me!

They kept on asking if we had some family plans but I am a doctor for god's sake. I am not going with more than one child, I told them smoothly, of course when Edward went upstairs to change.

"Of course mom, we enjoyed a lot. Who asks such a question? We go on a honeymoon to enjoy, don't we?" I said, quietly grabbing Edward's phone to stuff it my pocket which was blinking with Lara's messages. I excused myself and went upstairs.

I tossed his phone at the bed, angrily turning towards him.

"What the hell, Edward? They almost caught us! That was a close call!" I yelled at him, who was buttoning his shirt now. He smiled at me, before leaning to give me a kiss on the cheek, his lips lingering on my already flushed cheek before lifting me up in his arms. I shrieked, gripping his shoulders in reflex afraid that I might fall and he twirled me around. His laughter was like music to my ears.

"Lily, Lily, Lily, today I am so happy," he said, still twirling me his arms draped around my waist protectively.

"What?! Eddie put me down first, I am afraid I might vomit on your face," I said, huffing. He put me down, putting an elbow on my shoulders this time, his fingers lifting my chin. He stared at me, his blue eyes mesmerising me when I averted my gaze to avoid falling for him again!

He put his hands around my cheeks, puffing them up, before pushing my hairs aside to kiss me on the forehead. What the hell is wrong with him! Did he drink or something?

I merely stared at him in shock. I have seen happy Edward many times but not once I had seen him this crazy about it.

He was beaming with joy, excitement rolling off his body. "So what I wanted to tell you was this: today, our company signed a deal with International Digital Corporations and I couldn't wait to tell you about it!"

"What? Really?!" I exclaimed. "You mean you signed that deal you worked so hard for? Yay, I am so happy for you!" I said, my own happiness suddenly returning.

I knew how much Edward wanted to have this deal, he worked several hours to design up routes for it. He won't even let me go my own home whole month for it, just because he believed I would be the only one who would not let him be lazy, even if it was opposite, and also that I was his lucky charm or something.

Although being a billionaire, he used to have this dream of expanding his company worldwide. He also promised me to take me on World Tour once he accomplishes that but that was a long time ago. I bet today he wouldn't even remember our age when he made that promise!

He shook his head. "No, we worked hard for it, together," he said, suddenly serious, making me look up. I bet my eyes are teary now. I looked down to hide them.

"Emi, I am really happy today," he whispered again staring at me, his gaze making me want to crawl under the ground.

I gulped. "I know."

"But I see you're not," he whispered to make me look up.

"Ed, that's never -

He grabbed my hand in his, intertwining our fingers before pulling me with him down the stairs.

"Owe dear, see how lovely they look," my mom compliments, seeing us coming down the stairs.

"I was just coming to ask for you when your mom stopped me, saying that you must be having a post-honeymoonic amusing side effects."

Does such a thing even exist?

We smiled at him, Edward pulling me closer than usual.

"Oh dear, you wouldn't believe when I told you how he would also love you back. Now you see for yourself. That boy can't even stay away from you," my mother said laughing to herself.

At her words, the smile adorning my face was wiped off abruptly. I instantly looked at Edward who was gazing at my mom with a confused expression.

No way! She won't tell it to-

"Oh right! I knew she wouldn't tell you but now you must know for how long she loved-" I clapped my hand shut over her mouth, huffing heavily from running by the speed of sound. I lifted her by the arm pulling her to my room.

"Let's have a daughter-mother time!" I shouted, making myself clear to two men who must be thinking I ate crap in my breakfast today.

It was tough to lie to mom but I did it anyway. Like a mom, she worried but as a daughter, I cleared all her doubts.

"Mom, I am really happy. So don't worry and don't you dare cry in front of me. He really is the one for me. He keeps me happy and we have fun all day until we fall asleep tired," I said hugging her, my own eyes spilling tears now. I snorted and put my head on her shoulder.

"He really keeps me happy, Mom. He really does," I whispered.

I was making dinner when I heard the doorbell ring. Edward put the bottle of wine on my hand, kissing my cheek before walking to the dinner table, drumming his fingers over it. He motioned me to sit, his face full of merry stars.

"Lily, I want to ask you something," he said, his hands taking mine and squeezing them. I was confused. Why the hell is he asking me if he could ask something? That's so formal!

I nodded. He smiled and stuffed his hands on his coat before pulling out a velvet coloured box, wrapped in ribbons. He slid it towards me.

Opening it, I gasped. It was a beautiful diamond ring, stoned heavily with millions of carats. I looked at him, his eyes searching answers from me.

"Would Lara like this ring? Tomorrow is her birthday and I really want to gift her this."

And my broken heart once again crashed into millions of pieces but this time I knew one thing...

...That I don't have energy left to pick up its pieces again.


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