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A Flying Mountain - 4

A Flying Mountain

Episode 4

The Moon Trap

Seeing Momo's confidence and enthusiasm, Hoyo and Siha finally get ready to join the project. The reason for Hoyo's concern is nothing but that if something goes wrong, he can't do anything special to save his friends. Because Hoyo has not yet learned anything about his power, on the contrary, he can be a burden to his friends. However, in spite of this, he also gets ready to accompany his friends and the five friends get together and reach their secret meeting place. Their secret place is a nest built on a giant Ashopalav tree which all the peacock birds of Sinhalayaya got together and built for them, we will talk about it again sometime.

Now after sitting inside the nest and making sure no one is listening, the plan to capture the moon has begun in secret. Rebaku, believing in his own power, wants to hold the moon alone and tie it to a huge banyan tree. But Zoga and Hoyo believe that no one knows the power of the moon so it can be really dangerous to fight the moon directly without judging its power. Momo says with great enthusiasm and tremendous courage that the power he has will probably come in handy to measure the power of the moon. Momo introduces that as soon as the moon goes to bathe in the Shivika river I will first strike at it and try to catch it. And if the moon strikes me back, nothing is going to happen to me anyway because of my power of never getting hurt by anything. The rest of the friends like Momo's trick but if the moon turns out to be more powerful than expected and it takes a few more moments for Rebaku to reach Momo, then the moon will definitely be released from Momo's loop and fly back into the sky immediately. To prevent this from happening, Zoga advises that we first build a net of wonderful and very strong vines found in the forests around Sinhalayaya and lay them at the bottom of the river. As soon as the moon reaches the trap, it will be trapped in the net and then Momo will be able to do his job easily. The plan now seems to be taking a really nice shape but what if the moon just doesn’t come to that arrangement? That was a big question. Siha accepts the responsibility of bringing the moon to that trap. Siha will use her power to talk to the Riva fish, an extremely rare and unprecedented creature of nature living in the Shivika river, and persuade them to lure the moon with its wonderful form and beauty and bring it to the trap. It is not possible for anyone to stay away from this fish after seeing its structure and beauty. Zoga will also use her power. She will disappear and guide the Riva fish as planned. The five friends were very impressed with this plan and they thought that now we will become the heroes of Sinhalayaya. There will be discussions of our prowess in all four directions and we will be applauded.

While these five friends were still conversing, the messenger of Sinhalayaya, whom the people of Sinhalayaya affectionately called Bubu, arrives. Bubu is a very beautiful butterfly. The large rainbow-colored soft velvet-like wings, the golden artwork on it, seem to have been made by God with His own hands. It is the only butterfly in Sinhalayaya that can understand and speak the language of the people there. So Bubu is the chief of all the butterflies of Sinhalayaya. Bubu acts as a messenger for the inhabitants of Sinhalayaya and in return they grow thousands of varieties of sweet, succulent flowers for Bubu and his species. Bubu comes to the five friends and says that the lunar light festival is about to start soon so your parents have called you, come quickly and get ready. Preparations for today's festival are very well done and now we all have to come together to enjoy it. Rebaku says with a smirk in his sarcasm, "Yes, it's true. Today's preparations are complete, and we are determined to enjoy the Moonlight Festival today in a way we have never enjoyed before." Bubu, you go, we are following you, saying this, Bubu is given leave.

As soon as Bubu goes away, the five friends go to work as planned. Siha goes to the Riva fish and performs all of today's program and enchants the Riva fish with her special powers to do the job. At the same time, other friends also get together to form a trap to catch the moon and arrange it at a designated place in the river Shivika. After completing all the preparations, everyone goes home to get ready for the festival.

Children, our stage is set to catch the moon. What do you think? Will the moon be caught?

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The next part will be very interesting because the trap is ready, now it is time for the moon to come .. let's catch it when it comes ...

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