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A Flying Mountain - 5

A Flying Mountain

Episode 5

The Curse

As the sun gathers its rays back, the enthusiasm and happiness in the hearts of the people of Sinhalaya reaches its peak. Now in a few moments the beautiful moon will come to bathe in the river Shivika and with it the whole Sinhalaya will shine in a miraculous way. Cool moonlight will spread all around and Sinhalaya will shine like a precious ruby ​​shining on the crown of Indradev, the king of the gods. Gradually, people and animals began to gather on the banks of the Shivika River. Everyone is wearing very beautiful clothes and ornaments made with their own hands. Throughout the year they make special costumes and ornaments for the occasion, you can imagine how elegant and beautiful the people of Sinhalaya would look today. Hoyo, Zoga, Siha, Momo and Rebaku also arrive at the venue in very beautiful attire.

Artists from Sinhalaya start the festivities with the melodious sound of different types of instruments. From the sound of these instruments, the animals, birds and aquatic animals living in the surrounding area also arrive there in amazement and join in the celebration with the people of Sinhalaya.

The last ray of the sun now seems to be slowly returning to the sun. As that ray goes after the sun, a thick darkness can be seen moving behind it. Such a supernatural night arrives. And with that comes the dense darkness in Sinhalaya. All the instruments and dancing go quiet for a few moments. Darkness is all around, only the self-illuminated beetles on the branches of some trees are shining like stars in the dark sky. All the children of Sinhalaya are amazed to see such a miraculous form of beetles, especially those who are enjoying the festival for the first time. Children feel like they are having a dream full of wonderful beauty.

At that moment, the giant moon is seen slowly moving towards the river Shivika sitting on the chariot of his white horses. The dense darkness of the Sinhalaya is now slowly receding and is being replaced by a beautiful moonlight. The first rays of the moonlight fall on the Sinhalaya and all the beauty there changes. With that, the melodious music and dance begins again. People who know how to sing well get together and start singing very melodious songs. The giant wings of the moon's horses increase the wind speed there. The chariot of the moon descends on the bank of the river and a huge circular moon emerges from it. Seeing the moon so closely, everyone becomes enchanted and feels like going to the moon. But no one dares to do so because it is against the rule of the ancestors of Sinhalaya.

The moon slowly bathes in the river. And the people of Sinhalaya are engrossed in the celebration of the festival. The five friends now leave the festival venue as per their plan and reach the place where the plan is to be carried out. According to the plan, Zoga uses her power and disappears to guide the Riva fish to the moon. When the moon is bathed in the cool waters of the river Shivika, it sees the most beautiful fish hovering around it. The moon has never seen such fish before. The orange-colored fish looked very beautiful and fickle, while glistening in the water as if it were a rare gem. The moon thinks that this fish should stay across me so that my beauty is greatly enhanced. Thinking that, Moon goes to catch the fish, but Zoga, according to her plan, tells the fish to move slowly away from the moon and towards that trap. Riva fish lead the moon to the trap. And the moon, bewildered by the beauty of those fish, seems to follow them. All five friends are very happy because they think their plan is going well. The people of Sinhalaya are still rejoicing in the festival, completely unaware of what is to come.

According to the plan, the Riva fish succeed in leading the moon to the trap where all five friends are ready for the next process. As soon as the moon reaches the trap, all the friends start pulling the spray rope and the moon immediately falls into the trap. There is no end to the happiness of the five friends. But this pleasure is only temporary. Momo catches Moon in the bath as planned but Moon is much stronger than Momo and punches Momo hard with a terrifying roar and pushes him away. The roar of the moon is so terrible that as soon as it was heard, the people of Sinhalaya trembled with fear and realized that something is going to go wrong. They immediately run in the direction of the roar and see that the moon is beating Momo very badly. The moon trapped in the trap looks very angry, its color has changed from white to a little reddish. Even today, when the moon remembers this event, it rises a little red. The moon catches Momo and throws him in all four directions, sometimes hitting the stones and sometimes the moon crushes Momo under itself. How can Momo's friends stay calm when they see this happening? Zoga disappears and strikes the moon according to her power, but nothing makes a difference. Siha uses her power to call all the giant lions of Sinhalaya for help but they also lose the battle against the moon. And all attempts to free Momo from the hands of the moon fail. Seeing this, the people of Sinhalaya are terrified and tremble at the thought of what will happen next. The moon breaks the trap with one more roar. Now Rebaku has no choice but to fight the moon directly. Rebaku makes the first roar of his life. The moon, including the people of Sinhalaya, is surprised to hear the roar as it has a serious sound like that of a very great warrior. In the process, Rebaku crashes directly into the moon with his full force. Rebaku's power is so great that for two moments the moon is shattered by Rebaku's blow and begins to faint. Seeing this, all the people of Sinhalaya, including Rebaku's four friends, are amazed and impressed by Rebaku's power. Rebaku can't lift the moon with one hand but with great effort he lifts it and hangs it on the Banyan tree. Seeing this glorious event, everyone is amazed by Rebaku's strength and praises Rebaku's bravery. Then the moon comes back to its senses and becomes very angry and burns the tree on which it is tied with its own rage. Seeing this, the people of Sinhalaya understand that no one can stop the moon now. Just before Moon becomes more angry and kills Rebaku, the elders of Sinhalaya surrender to Moon and pray for Moon to calm down. The elders beg Moon to forgive the five children of Sinhalaya for their foolishness and also assure Moon that this will never happen again.

Moon's anger subsides a little on hearing this but now he will never come to bathe in Shivika river. He leaves Rebaku and his friends but curses Sinhalayaya that all the miraculous things that Sinhalayaya has due to its own rays will now cease for Sinhalayaya. The Shivika river is also extremely distressed and saddened by this incident. It too will now become a common river in the Sinhalaya to justify the curse of the moon and its miraculous flow will now be confined to the flying mountain. As soon as its water reaches Sinhalaya from a flying mountain, it will immediately turn into a normal river. Now the moon disappears and the river Shavika also takes its miraculous form back from the Sinhalaya and runs away to live in the "flying mountain".

Today's festival, which should have been one of the happiest days in the life of the people of Sinhalaya, has now turned into a day of great sorrow. The whole village is very sad and very angry at Rebaku and his gang.

Now we have to wait for the next issue to know what will happen to Sinhalaya...

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