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A Flying Mountain - 3

My motive behind writing this sotry is to encourage young kids to read and to improve their imagination power. If your kid is loving this story then please ask them to write what they think of it and if they wish to give me some ideas to include in my next episodes.

A Flying Mountain

Episode 3

Five Friends & Their Powers

It was morning and with the first rays of the sun, the blue sky of Sinhalaya resounded with the melodious music of birds. Today, the climate of Sinhalaya was full of joy and exhilaration. Why not? Today was everyone's favourite moon light festival. Everyone was busy preparing for the celebration, unaware that five naughty friends had conspired to capture the moon. And if those five friends managed to capture the moon, perhaps the future of Sinhalaya could change forever, and in a very serious way.

Momo, Rebaku, Zoga, Hoyo and Siha were very close friends, of whom Momo, Rebaku and Hoyo were boys and Zoga and Siha were girls. If any one of these five had any problem or any kind of obstacle, then all the other friends would risk their lives and help each other without a moment's thought. That is called true friendship. The Sinhalese people were very annoyed by this friendship as they often got together and caused some trouble, but they also praised the same friendship a lot. Because their friendship was very true and loving.

Today was the day to create more trouble for this naughty team. Rebaku immediately finishes his morning routine and goes straight to Momo's house and sees that Momo is still asleep. He grabs Momo with one hand and throws him in the direction where the river Shivika flows and Momo falls straight into the river. In the early hours of the morning, Momo wakes up from this dangerous attack of Rebaku and finds himself lying in the river Shivika. But all this is very common for both of them, they are always playing a game of power with each other in this way. Because Momo has the power to never get hurt. Any blows do not affect Momo's body, even if poison is eaten, nothing happens to Momo. Rebaku, on the other hand, has a formidable force. Rebaku can easily lift anything that is visible to the naked eye with one hand, even if it is a Himalayan mountain.

Zoga, Hoyo and Siha, on the other hand, had finished all their chores in the morning and were collecting gutllas from the mysterious mangoes to feed the ferocious lions. Siha was very fond of every animal and bird there so she always arranged food especially for the huge lions. Siha could get along with any animal, understand their mind and ride them. This was the power in Siha, while Zoga could disappear. Whenever there was a situation that could be solved secretly, the people of Sinhalaya used to take the help of Zoga. Hoyo is a friend who is still unaware of his power. The villagers did thousands of experiments to identify the power of Hoyo but the power of Hoyo could not be identified. So it is still an unsolved riddle.

Momo is just out of the Shivika river when Zoga, Hoyo and Siha arrive along with Rebaku. An angry Momo runs after Rebaku to hit him and the two wrestle with each other in jest. "I am not affected by any kind of attack, it does not mean that you can throw me like a ball," says Momo. Stopping the wrestling of the two, Hoyo says, we are not doing this right, I think now we will definitely be deported from the village. Rebaku asks Hoyo, "What are we not doing right?" We are going to do good for our village. Just think, if we keep the moon tied here, our Sinhalaya will never be dark at night. The sun during the day is enough and the moon at night will give us light forever. Zoga Says, “I am just excited by the thought that I will get to touch the moon. The moon I see every day will be in front of me today and I will talk and play with it whenever I feel like it." Siha also expressed her concern, saying, "You realize that the last time we were caught trying to climb a flying mountain, we escaped deportation with good luck and hard work." And we were also instructed that it was our last chance, now if we get caught up in anything else we will be abandoned directly across the river.

Momo reassures everyone that don't be afraid, one day we will definitely reach the flying mountain and tonight we will definitely catch the moon. Don't know why these elders stop us all the way. But today's plans will be surpassed. Rebaku also agrees with Momo's talk and asks everyone to work on a plan to capture the moon first.

Wait for the next issue to know what these five friends plan to do to capture the moon and what the result is ... don't forget to write in the comments below whether you like this story or not.

I don't know yet whether the dream of these five friends to reach the flying mountain will come true or not, but if you want to know, keep reading the next episodes...