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The Mission of Chambal Ghati - 4

The Mission of Chambal Ghati 4

Ketki was engaged in creating a kitchen immersed in the memories of her husband. His pallu had fallen into the ground at Bedhyani and the wide throat of Sindhuri blouse started appearing. While blowing the staining stove, she looked very upset and used to repeatedly wipe her eyes with her left hand, sometimes she used to follow the strands of hair scattered on the forehead. Suddenly he felt that someone's piercing eyes were piercing him, he looked shocked and the robber whom Kriparam called as Shyambabu was going to stare at Ketki.

Shyambabu had taken a lump of ghee in the anjali of his hand, and was eating it strangely, licking it a little after taking out his long tongue. A thin stream of ghee flowed from both the corners of the arms, which had started soaking his shirt, but Shyambabu did not care about it.

Suddenly Ketki became aware and she dropped down and took Pallu and placed it on the forehead.

"Shyamababu and Ajai, you count the earnings of both." Would you think of being able to meet the bus? ”Kriparam gave his two companions the spade and spread himself on the bare ground and lay down.

Shyambabu and Ajay of the potli shell took out all the stuff. Then took the notes on one side and the other stuff on the other side, then heaped the jewelry on the third side. Girraj used to look at the food there, he realized that Shyam Babu and Ajay were not very educated, they did not know more than twenty. Everything was counted by one and two bisis. Due to this, they were not able to count properly. He tried several times, but could not count the money, he fretted and threw all the money as soon as he saw other things.

"The chief, rupees, is the kau ginny levego, five by one bis silver anklet, ten chains, and eight eighths."

Kriparam issued a fatwa saying, "You doi wake up, saro mota lala ginego rupee paisa."

Girraj and Lalla started counting the number of hundred, fifty, ten and five-five Nantas separately. ... and by the time the vegetable was made, the notates had been counted. Girraj said - "Chief, this note is fifteen thousand four hundred eighty, meaning fifteen thousand rupees."

Kriparam looked satisfied with the amount looted today, while Shyambabu's twig was upstage, "Dada Tihari Mukhiya is the biggest mess in Giri, Kai Tum Lugaayi to bring the jewels off at their will! If we would have redeemed the jewels from our own, we would have got at least five ser silver today. And Dari Lugaiye Sono was completely hidden, take it at least a kilo of Sono Milo! "

Kriparam laughed - "You are very greedy, Shyam Babu!" Hey, look at my madman! Jay is the real product. Guarantees over a million. "

All the rebels laughed in a frightful way when Kriparam was fulfilled. While the six abducted people trembled within - in the eyes of the rebels, each of them cost a million and a half! "

Shyambabu first tasted the food to Ketki, he had cooked food today, and it was an essential condition of the rugged life that whatever to eat. Then the dacoit who started bawling, Girraj pressed his finger under his teeth, he was chewing it like a demon, swallowing puri on the puri. He guessed that each rebel must have beaten twenty-five or twenty-five puris.

After weary of the abducted, all of them were tired for the night. The rebel slept in the side, and lay the kidnapped person in the middle… while Ketki went to a corner and sat down with her head in his knees.

The rebel soon rang his nose like a charkha in the voice of a housekeeper, but where did the needy come in the eyes of the kidnapped people! Everyone had thoughts of mourning prevailing in their homes.

Girraj also saw visions of his house in front of closed eyes, where without him the people of the house would have become very sad and distraught.

Don't know how to find out, his kidnapping!

... The police may have sent the news, or some acquaintance may have come and called home.

Shes cut as soon as they were asleep. Ketaki could not sleep, she was missing her house, ... Father must have heard, he must have been distraught, and mother! Amma must have gone mad Take the young daughter to the killer dacoit, what else would be worse for a mother? Chhota Bhaiya was lying near the bus, when the dacoits dragged him and left from there. Most of all, his condition will be worse, how he came with enthusiasm to get Ketki off! And the robber in front of that ...

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