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Searching for writer..... - 6

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Now Janani was totally confused 😕.  Her wedding tomorrow but she is confused as to whether it will happen or not. Her confusions and tragedies together did not let her sleep. Only her pillow knows her tears and pain. 

It was the time when the morning sun was throwing its rays. But She didn't want to get out of bed. 
Athul was watching her actions. He know his sister very well. So he went her room. 

Athul : what happened to you j ? You are getting married today but there is no happiness on your face. Charan is just as sad as you. Is there any problem between the two of you?. Tell me what happened  to you  j. 

J : actually athul....

His mother called him while they were talking.

Athul  : listen j, i have to leave now.  But I have to tell you one thing. At first I had no interest in this marriage. But now i really happy for you  j . Charan is too good and He can be the best life partner  for you. No one but Charan can give you a better life. Never lose him in life. I know j.  You have lost so much in your life.  But keep one thing in mind.  Now if you lose Charan there is nothing to lose anymore.

Athul smirking at her and leave that place. Janani is the only one who knows what happened between the two of them. 

Then she leave her room and downstairs.   The hall was decorated with flowers 💐 and lights ✨.  Every corner of the house 🏠 is Shone like stars. It was very 😘 beautiful. It looks  very grand. There was joy in the eyes of everyone there. Of course not in Janani' s eyes. 

Her mother forced her to eat something. So she complete her breakfast without interest. Then she went to her room and shut the door.  After a while there was a knock at the door.  
When she opened the door she saw Priya standing there with nusha.  Of course her wedding dress get ready.  It's look truly amazing.  It was Well designed by  nusha.  Priya  forced Janani to wear that dress right now. In order to know if the dress is properly designed. Oh god no doubt in it....
That dress fit her wonderfully and she looks like an angel 😇 💖.  

Priya  : wow j. You look really awesome.  I have no words to describe your beauty. No one will say I will not marry you after seeing you in this dress. You are really great nusha.  

Nusha  : Thank you soo much mam. But all greetings goes to Charan sir, mam. Because  the clothes material,  design patterns,  embroidery everything selected by Charan sir. He has the best taste. 

Priya  : really  ?? Wow j 😍.  He is really sweet 😍.  

Nusha  : I want to start beautifying you now mam. After that I have to go.  There are still a few hours to your wedding. You have to get ready right now because there are a lot more rituals. 

Priya  : You do not need to ask her permission so you can start your work now. 

Nusha  : sure mam. Thank you 😊. 

Nusha took  more than an hour to beautify Janani. After makeup 💄 Janani look more beautiful 😍.  

After that the three of them went down the stairs and came to the hall.

Now Janani's eyes were searching for Charan.  When she heard Charan's voice , She turned her head in the direction of hearing his voice.

Oh god..... as usual Charan look truly awesome and handsome in his red  color groom's dress.  He was standing on the stairs and talking on the phone to someone. Surprisingly with big smile 😀.  

Janani  : what makes him smile ?. He is not like he was yesterday. Has he forgiven me?. 

Athul  : wow B-Law 😍 you look truly awesome. 

Charan  : oh thank you 😊 you too look handsome. 

Athul  : C'mon B-Law stop talking about me. Just answer me how is my j ? 

Charan  : as usual Athul.  My baby look too gorgeous 😍 💕.

Athul says something in charan's ear. And they laugh loudly. 

Devi aunty  :  guys what's going on here.  Whether or not you remember your wedding today Charan. 

Athul  : oh c'mon aunty 🙄.  It's not B-Law's mistake and There is still more time for marriage. Before that there is one important work that needs to be done by B-Law. 

Charan  : what's that  ?? 

Athul  : of course B-Law. It's very important.  You have to propose my lovely sister 💕 . Then she has to tell you consent. After that you both have to dance together. This marriage will take place after all these are completed. 

Priya  : i agree with athul.  Surely you have to propose j. 

Now Charan looks at Janani with his cute smile and said,  " why not " 
Priya grabbed both of them and led them into the middle of the crowd. And hand over the big flower 🌼  💐  bouquet to the charan.  The relatives who have gathered here are eagerly waiting for that proposal 😀 😉. 

Charan sitting on his knees with flower bouquet 💐 in his hands asking Janani to be his partner for the rest of his life.  

Charan  : Actually life is full of ups and downs, but I want to overcome them by holding your hands. I know,   I can not solve  your all problems, but I make a promise to you, I will never let you solve any problem in alone,  situation is not a matter but i will  always be with you . Now tell me dear  will you marry me .... ? 

Everyone was waiting to see if she would pick up the bouquet 💐 or not. 

Surprisingly Janani accept his proposal and bouquet with smile  😊 ( without hesitate ). 

Her smile does not mean that she accepts Charan.  Just because there is no problem in this marriage now means she is happy now.

This is a time to dance 💃 🎶.  She forgot everything that happened yesterday and got ready to dance with Charan holding his hand. The music was too romantic.  Most important matter is this time She had no hesitation in dancing with him. 
In between during the dance Charan was talking to Janani in husky voice. 

Charan  :  what is in your mind darling  ? Don't think too much.  Because it's totally worthless.  The moment I saw you,  I decided that you are my wife. I never change my mind. So you have no choice but to accept what is happening. 

Janani  ( in her mind  ) : You don't have to worry. I will make no effort to stop this marriage. This marriage is sure to happen. That is my destiny.

Charan  :  but i have to say this,  you look more beautiful when you stare.😘😘

Janani stared at him  but Charan totally busy with his cute smile 😊. 

Finally the dance ends with full of cheers and clapping.   
This is a time for marriage 💑. 

Now the priest handed garlands to both of them and asked them to exchange.  After that the priest standing next to Janani and chanting  " mangalyam thantunane.... " 
After some rituals priest handed         " mangal suthra " to Charan. Charan was really excited but Janani's eyes filled with tears.  When Charan completed the 3 sacred knots,  tears flowed from her eyes and fell into Charan's hand . Charan looked at her without blinking. Janani noticed him and wiped her tears.  The priest asked Charan to keep  " kumkum " over the mangal suthra.
Everyone blessing them with the ritual " akshatha " .
The two then went around the sacred fire 7 times and made promises for the husband and wife.

Finally they both touched the feet of the elders and parents and get the blessing. 😍

Eventually this marriage ended without any hindrance.

Searching for writer......


Finally the marriage get ends.....

But when love starts its game in their life.....
If Charan really love Janani or its a revenge 🤔 

Let's see..........

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