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Searching for writer..... - 16

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After 24 hours....

Doctor : He is now out of danger. But he needs to take a complete rest.

Varun : thank you soo much Doctor.

Doctor : I do not even have 10% confidence that he will survive. You have to thank God. Take care of him.

Varun : sure doctor, once again thank you.

Doctor leave that place with smile. Now only janani get relieved. She blamed herself for this incident. Varun filed a case against that rowdys. Police take over them.

Varun : don't worry sister, now he is alright, please go home and take some rest. I'm here to take care of him.

J : no brother, everything is my mistake. Everything will happen because of me. I'm an big unlucky.

Varun : oh c'mon j, stop blaming yourself. This is what you have been saying for the last 24 hours.

J : but...

Varun : this is my order. Just go home and take some rest. I'm here to take care of him.

Janani never want to go. But varun was very stubborn so she decide to leave.

After 10 minutes,
Charan came to consciousness. He slowly opened his eyes and noticed varun.

Varun : hey idiot, what are you doing here ? There is lot of works in office. But you.....

Charan didn't answer, he remembered his last night, that party, her words and that fight everything. Her words again and again sounds in his ears " Even I don't want to see your face. I just want to leave you forever. "

Charan : where is janani ? Is she alright ?

Varun : Not a word was heard about me. Didn’t even asked about you and your injuries. You always have the thought of her.

He got up and tried to sit up.

Varun : Charan... You are not healed yet. Don't strain.

Varun helps Charan to sit and Sat in front of him. Charan try to hide his tears but he can't. Unknowingly tears rolled down from his eyes. He wiped his tears 😢.

Varun : Charan.... why are you crying dude.... ? It’s okay, it's just an accident. Everything will be fine soon. And Janani also fine. She had just gone home. Nothing went wrong.

Charan : that's my problem 🥺🥺.

Varun : What ?

Charan hugged varun tightly. And starts crying more.

Charan : If something happens wrong, I would be happy.

Varun try to lose the hug but he can't. It clearly shows something is wrong. But he don't know what is that.

Varun : hey Charan, what's wrong ? Why did you speak like this ? You have never acted like this before. Are you okay ?

Charan loses the hug and simply act like nothing. Varun forced him to say the truth. Then only Charan explained everything.

Charan : I'm an looser varun. She wants to leave me. She even not ready to see my face anymore 😭😭. I just destroyed her life.

Varun : hey Charan, stop talking like this. I think it's just a misunderstanding.

Charan : yaa, misunderstanding . I thought she loved me, but refused to tell me about it. But everything is my imagination. She never love me . 🥺🥺

Varun : Charan please don't cry. It affects your health.

Charan : do you know varun ? How much i love her ? All the moments of her life, i want to be a part of it. I want to be with her all my life even after my life too. I just need her like a heart need it's beat 💓. But she even not ready to see my face. What a hell.... what can I do without her varun ? Death is better than separate from her.

Varun : Charan, Don't speak like that. I talk to her. Surely she will understand and she never leave you okay ?

Charan : no varun. You can't. It's nothing about love it's all about trust. She never ready to trust me atleast 1 % . Forcing is not love. So leave her in her own way.

Varun hugged his friend in soft manner and try to make him comfort.

Varun : it's okay. Everything will be fine soon. And i never leave you alone. After all You are my partners right ?

Charan nodded with little smile.

Varun : that's good, take some rest and i will be back in 10 minutes.

Charan close his eyes and comfort himself in bed. Again and again her thoughts come to his mind. Their first meeting , dance, that 24 hours, their wedding and also this accident.

Charan : what can I do now ?

When he opens his eyes, he saw janani was standing there. She make some fruit juice for him. He don't know how to face her. But she looks too calm.

J ( silent tone ) : have it.

Charan : no I'm not feel hungry.

J : it's doctor's advice. The doctor advises you to eat only liquid foods. No solid foods. So you have to drink it now.

Charan silently keep the juice and have a sip.

Charan : Janani......

Janani was stunned for a second because of surprises. She never heard her name from his mouth. It clearly shows how her words hurts his heart.

Charan : I'm sorry.....

Suddenly they hear a voice from the back side.

Ravi : sorry..... for what ?

Charan : dad you're here.

J : uncle you....😶😶. Actually uncle...

Charan : it's nothing dad. Janani become stressed because of this. Even she don't sleep. That's why I ask sorry to her.

Janani was wondered because again and again Charan try to save her. She knows she was the one and only reason for this incident, and pulled him into trouble. But he try to save her.

Ravi : Janani ? When did you start calling her by name ?

Charan : oh dad, you are always care for your girl. I'm a patient here. But you never ask questions about my health....

Ravi : okay relax, I'm sorry. Don't be strained. It's not good for you. And i never let them go easily 😠. How dare to touch my child 😤.

Varun entered into the room.

Varun : dad, finally you're here. But don't worry about it dad, already police arrested them.

Charan : long time Varun. Good to see you my boy.

Varun : really miss you dad 🙁.

Ravi hugged varun,

Ravi : me too miss you.

Charan : dad It's a small thing. Why did you struggled yourself for this.... ?

Ravi : stop your nonsense taking. Take some rest. Varun come with me.

They both leave that place Janani also follow them.

rani ma and Rohan also come to see Charan. Rohan softly touch charan's wound and starts crying.

Rohan : Does it hurt 🥺 ?

Charan : it's okay kutty, I'm alright. It's just an small wound.

Charan hugged Rohan to calm him. Then Rohan started his innocent talking with cute expressions. That makes Charan feel good.

When Janani is back, she saw aarohi is standing front of the room ( Charan's room ) with tears. When saw janani she wiped her tears and try to move.

Janani : what happened 😳 ? Why are you crying ?

Aarohi : just go to the hell.....

She leave that place quickly. Rohan and rani ma both are standing there. So she enquiry to them.

J : kutty... why she was crying ?

Rohan : because Charan uncle slapped on her cheek with angry.

J : but why ?

Rohan : she makes some wrong statements about you.

Rani ma : leave it dear, she deserves it. Charan is right.

Janani was confused. Why everyone is become angry after hearing her name.

J : rani ma please tell me. What's wrong with her ?

Rani ma : aarohi, Such an arrogant girl. She wants to marry charan. But Charan don't have any interest on her. She tries a lot to marry him but Charan not accept. Of course there is no love. The one and only reason is money 💰. One day she knew, her thoughts were not true anymore. So she started threatened him. Charan wants to end this, so he admits he loves a girl.

J : love ?

Rani ma : yaa.

J : Did he really love a girl ?

Rani ma : Ask your husband if you need an answer.

J : but rani ma....

Rani ma : we have to leave now. Bye bye dear.

J : rani ma you...... oh god.... Did aarohi do this with any intention? Is she makes me fool ? Did I misunderstand him again ? 😳😳🥺. Did he lie? Or Is there any love story in his past?

Her confusion makes her sleepless.

Thoughts about her keep him from falling asleep.

Searching for writer.....


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