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Searching for writer..... - 15

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After a long time spent some happy time with family makes Janani feel better 💕. Now they get back to India. Charan's gifts and surprise become a great memories for her. Not knowing when they were going to fight again, Athul fought with his sister as best he could. Varun and priya also make some fights like tom and Jerry.

Janani : oh god i can't believe my eyes. I just get 10 k followers in one night 🌙 😱.

Charan : this is the way of life, how celebrities are live. Now you are also a celebrity 😘😘.

J : celebrity ? How can i become celebrity ? Okay leave it. Can i ask something ?

Charan : yaa dear, sure.

J : what about Varun bro ?

Charan : Varun..... He has been my best friend ever since I was in school. Very nice guy dear . But nothing is nice in his life 😕. He lost his parents in a car accident at his 10. He was raised up by his grandfather. The nostalgia of not having parents made him very vulnerable. But now he is alright. I damn sure he will reach the high level in his life.

Janani : you are right 😀. He may be in this house with us, can't he?

Charan : yaa, i already requested him for many times. But he never accept my request 😔. He loves me but he never ready to change his mind.

Janani : self-pro guy.

Charan : The woman who comes into his life should be someone who can change his life beautifully.

Janani : surely he finds his true love 💘.

Charan : 🥰🥰

Days move very faster. Janani love her new life ( as a CEO ). She spent her whole day in office and night time with Rohan. Of course now Charan get some extra time with his love. But still he doesn't get her answer that makes him feel bad 😕.

" Knock Knock "

Charan : yaa, come in.

Varun : oh c'mon charan, are you in this world ? Or gone somewhere ? again you did the same mistake.

Charan : what can I do, Varun ? I just forgot this whole world when I see her. But there is no response from her 😕.

Varun : Charan, everybody knows how you loves each other. Just confess your love once again. Surely she accept it.

Charan : oh dear Varun, please concentrate on your love.

Varun : my love........... even she don't know what is my name 😑😔. Then How can i say this as a love.

Charan : Varun, she really suitable for you. Please let me to do this.

Varun : no you can't. Let it go.


Nusha laughed loudly, she can't control her laughter🤣.

Janani : what's happening here nusha? What makes you laugh like this ?

Nusha ( controlled her laugh ) : it's.... it's just nothing mam.

J : nusha.... 🤨🤨

Nusha : mam, i just hand over the files to Charan sir for get his signature. But he ...

J : he...

Nusha : He has written your name on everything where he has to put his signature.

J : ☺☺☺

Nusha : and this is the second time, mam 😁😆😆. Love is totally blind.

J : Charan you..... Why shouldn't I spend tonight dinner with Charan ? Surly it's become a nice time 🙈🙈. Let's talk to him.

She entered into his cabin with joy.

Charan : 😄 now only i think about you darling 😘.

J ( with smile): for what ?

Charan : you know Harvey bo, right ?

J : he.... one of our sponsor, right ?

Charan : yaa , he invited us for his daughter aarohi's birthday party 🎉. She is my friend also. So we have to go. Is there any problem with this ?

J ( with upset ) : no , nothing is wrong 😔.

Charan : that's good ( atleast i get some valuable time with her )

In evening...

Charan and varun entered into the party hall with Janani. It's not look like birthday party. It's like big festival. Aarohi is a one and only daughter for Harvey bo. Everyone in that party are looks rich. Their dresses and jewelries are mentioned that their staus. But janani dressed in simple manner that separates her from others. Charan makes some healthy discussions with Harvey bo. Janani gets boring. Varun comforted himself in sofa and watch around. Janani sat down next to him.

J : what's in your mind bro ? I noted you in those days you're always in day dreaming.

Varun : nothing is like that j. I'm alright 🙂.

J : no... something is wrong. When are you going to get married ? Don't forget brother, as a sister you have to get permission from me before choosing your girl.

Varun : okay sister, then find my girl soon.

Janani : 😁 let's start from here. How is that red dress ?

Varun : not bad.

Janani : the white, she looks too pretty 😍.

Varun : no

J : all are look nice, that birthday girl also looks beautiful 😍. What's her name ? " aarohi "

Varun : Did I do something wrong? So are you angry with me?

J : why did you speak like this🙄 ?

Varun : then why did you suggest that girl aarohi. Such a arrogant .

J : oh i see, then tell me who is she ? Who is that girl in your mind?

Varun : she......

J : When are you going to introduce that girl to me ?

Varun : no need for intro, you already know her.

Charan : hey darling , shall we dance together ?

Varun : Charan don't disturb us.

Aarohi : hey Charan, come on let's dance.

Charan : me.... ?

Aarohi : Do you need your wife's permission ?

Janani : no its ok, no problem 😊

Charan : are you sure ?

J : hmm

Aarohi : why are you waiting Charan ? Let's dance 💃.

Aarohi grabbed charan's hands and dragged him to the stage. Their dance made janani little possessive. But she didn't show anything. Varun received a call, so he gone somewhere. Janani watch their dance silently.

End of of the dance, aarohi hugged Charan and kissed 💋on his cheek. Charan didn't expect this sudden attitude of aarohi, so he stunned silently. But this made janani over possessive and she leave that place quickly with angry and also with possessive.

Charan : oh no...... 😶😑

Aarohi : what's wrong ?

Charan follows janani, aarohi follows Charan. Charan grabbed Janani's hand to stop her.

Charan : baby please stop, don't do like this. Actually I never expect this attitude of aarohi.

J : I'm not ready to hear anything. I have to go.

Charan : okay it's enough. Wait for me. I just back in 5 minutes.

She nodded.

Aarohi come close to janani.

Aarohi : what's wrong ? Hugging is an culture. Don't over react for this simple matter. After all i spent lots of nights with Charan. Ridiculous....

Aarohi left that place with devil smile 😈.

Tears rolled down from Janani's eyes. She feel heart broken 💔😢. She was tormented by the thought of her fate. That words " After all i spent lots of nights with Charan. " again and again sounds in her ears.

Janani : True love is never going to be available to me and i never find it in my life. Charan... You should not did this.

Charan : dear, let's go.

She wiped her tears and silently get into the car.
Charan noticed her tears.

Charan : dear please, it's just a small thing here. Why are you crying for this little thing? Please dear don't cry.

Janani : I have no right to even cry here.

Charan : baby, why did you speak like this ?

Janani : can you please stop calling me like that 😠. I just became tired and irritated because of this words baby, dear, darling....

Charan : but why ?

Janani : you're right. Why should I be angry ? I have no right in your life.

Charan : please dear, relax.

Janani : relax ? Do you know Charan ? Even I don't want to see your face. I just want to leave you forever.

Charan : oh.... ( Now there is no use for words. )

Her words shut down Charan.

On the way, cop's stop their car for checking process. Charan get out of the car and talk with police officers. Janani gets out of the car and started walking in opposite direction. ( small narrow road, with dim lights. It's already mid night 🌙. People were not found there. )

When Charan returns to his car noted that Janani was not there. He shouted her name out loud. And search her with nervous. When he finds her, she was surrounded by five local rowdys. They try to misbehave to her. She try to come out, but she can't.

Charan : dear, what are you doing here ?

Rowdy 1 : who are you ?

Rowdy 2 : oh c'mon buddy, look at him what a handsome guy. Definitely he is an hero come to save this angel.

Charan ( with angry tone ) : she is my wife.

Rowdy 3 : what a beautiful wife ?

Charan : just leave her. Don’t even try to touch her.

Rowdy 4 : haha can you stop me ? Then try your best.

R 4 try to grab her hand. Charan punch R 3 . he felt down in one punch and became unconscious. R 2 and R 1 try to stop him but they can't, they also get perfect rewards from Charan.

Charan : wait for me in car.

J : but...

Charan : i said go.

Janani slowly moved from there.

Again R 2 and R 1 try to attack, Charan punch on their stomach. R 5 silently leave that place. R 4 took the knife he had hidden in his pants and stabbed Charan in the stomach and ran away from there and disappeared.

Charan was drenched in blood and became unconscious in few seconds.

Searching for writer.....


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