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The Stone Blasters - 1

( ℙ𝔸ℝ𝕋 𝟙 )

{The growing threat towards Earth is the Phantom} . Which is the most dangerous in space which is extremely powerful in the whole space and it is the God of devils and evils. It wants to become even more powerful so that it can rule the entire space, so those three powerful Was in search of the stone and did not know that this stone is on Earth. Three friends who he has known each other since his childhood all lived in a hostel near the mysterious forest of North America in an orphanage. One night, suddenly one of the boys had a very bad dream. He woke up and his friends also got up on hearing that the boy said that he saw something very bad in the dream and he woke up and saw that he was slowly going towards the forest. Was staying and shouted at seeing a dangerous animal, all three of them went towards the forest through the window of the hostel, when they saw that there was some movement in the forest, they decided that they should go to the forest and go to the forest without telling anyone. The sound of the dangerous animal was disturbing them, suddenly one of the legs got stuck in the roots of the tree and it fell.A tree branch was pulled from his hands, which opened the way for intelligence in the ground and he went inside it. He saw that now they have reached a strange place where there is no one except a small thing at a place there. - Small four stones were placed, all three of them picked up stones one by one and read the names of the stones on the wall, the name of the red stone is Syfreon stone.Sareon stone name of white and name of blue stone Tromeon stone and Pink's Metereion. Suddenly they remembered that he must be looking for someone, he went to his hostel, this time he survived because there is no place and nobody has seen him.For several days, the theft of banks in North America was increasing. One day, all three of them were walking on the street, suddenly they saw a theft in a nearby bank and they started running after the thief. They started chasing the three vans. They saw That they started running very fast. They tied the thieves with a rope before anyone else came and they all got very upset now. They thought that we should go there again. One of them said, where did you go?We should again go to the same place from where we have picked up this stone. You guys have not seen how fast these stones were shining when we were running to catch the thieves and how fast we started running. The rest also said okay Let's go to the forest again tonight in that secret night time When everyone was asleep in the hostel, when I started going towards the forest, they found the tree on which they had made a mark.And he pressed the branch of the tree so that they all went down the same path again. What they saw there, they could not believe their eyes. They saw that the creature of space which is standing on both the legs which could walk. He is also speaking and is speaking in our language, the only question was on the three of them who are you????

Dracox is my name, who are the three of you, how did you come here and where did you guys take the stones that were kept here, tell me where is that stone, those three said that the stone is with us and this morning a strange incident happened When we were catching the thieves, we started running very fast and this stone was shining..You three are the owners of these great powerful stones because you have the power of a powerful warrior and these stones have also chosen you. Now another powerful warrior is needed to complete this team. Dracox asked the name of the three. He named his name Viavan, Chromos and Mereon. Viavan has red stone. Mereon has blue and Chromos has white stone. Now that team needed a leader, Dracox tested all three. Viavan was successful in testing.Now there was a need to find just one warrior that one night a fire broke out in a building, the dracox reported the three boys together, as if the dracox said that now they have turned into a knight. Wearing a suit that is made of the energy of that stone.They became stronger and faster than before and saved the people trapped in that building and called the fire brigade and helped to extinguish the people.People are surprised and happy to see him. People asked him his name. He told the name of the team. Stone Blasters. Then he went to the forest in the same secret and went to the place inside the ground near the dracox. The time has come to start tomorrow, then a girl came out of the room where the meterion stone is pink stone. Mereon said, "Who is this girl now? Then this girl said that I will work with these boys." dracox said when all three of you had gone to your hostel, then I went out in search of heroic warrior, I saw this girl is very skilled in fighting so I brought here.Viavan said that this forest is very mysterious, while stopping Viavan, the girl i.e. Celevia said if you guys do not even know the name of this forest, the name of the forest is Harleys, so Mereon said we know we are just taking your test.Dracox said let's go to the training room, Viavan told Mereon, my friend will cry.Then Chromos said, follow him. Dracox told Chromos that you can teleport anyone, but not to those who have this stone, because their powers will not affect their suit and someone has a stone and that in their suit If not, then it will be effective, so you have to keep your mind calm, so Dracox sent him to a room where there is a waterfall. Chromos have to sit under him. Mereon said you have powers of water, so he was sent to such a room. Where the horror was like the sea and there were some dangerous animals with whom Mereon had to befriend and also learn to breathe in water.Dracox told Viavan you have the powers of fire, if you want, you can recognize your powers. When Viavan touched the door, his hand burned, then Dracox opened the door there is a volcano.So Viavan sat there on top of a stone in the volcano. He was terrified to see the opening lava. When the three of them became calm, their stones started glowing and they were having a slight effect on the Chromos disappearing the apples placed in front of them. Was able to get it back And Mereon was at first breathing out of the water but was now able to breathe under water for a long time, Viavan then learned to draw round fire with his hands and he named it Fire Ball. Viavan felt very hot. Was going to Chromos room and said it is getting very hot Viavan told Chromos that you learned something or not, I learned to take out the fire ball, Chromos said that yes I can send the apple to another place and then bring it back, that is, I am also learning to teleport. I can but friend first close your eyesChromos closes his eyes and Viavan eats apples in front of him, then tells Chromos that you open your eyes Chromos says where the apple placed here went. Viavan said that you have seen my strength now next time you practice with mango bananas. So that I can teach you well Chromose said, I know very well you ate apples. Celevia has magical powers, so Dracox gave her a magical book from which she is still practicing. She taught defense shield for a long time. Viavan from Dracox Said that what other powers do we have, when the time comes, I will tell you everything. Phantom is going madly in every galaxy across the space and looking for those three great stones, then Dracox realizes that the train somewhere The accident is going to happen because the train brake has failed, then these heroes go and stop the train, due to some incident, they became famous all over the world and people believe that they are our protectors.Phantom realizes from his powers that a man in Russia in the planet Earth has powers to lift those stones. Phantom thinks that no matter what it will deal with, it is as easy as me to mash a small worm slowly. - Slowly moves towards the earth, the businessman who is known as Carel Jhonsen, the businessman went to North America for some work, here Viavan and his friends are saving the city from the terrorist attack and capturing the terrorists and putting them in jail. Carel Jhonsen was right there So Viavan turned his attention to the CJ. He saw that the businessman had a mark in his hand that he made after touching the stone in his hand. Viavan went to Dracox and asked the same question, Dracox said that he had come. Who had the same question on everyone's tongue ???

Dracox replied that he is the one who deserves the Black Stone. Viavan asked where the Black Stone is. He is on the planet Saxeon. We need that warrior that all four of you find him and they go out to find him. CJ's work is over. Waiting for a flight to the airport for Information came that the flight to Russia is coming in 5 minutes, these people arrive there, the door of the flight opens, Viavan and Chromose stop CJ and tell him about his stone, then both he and CJ accompany him to Dracox. Let's say black stone will bring now.So Mereon said Chief everyone looked at him carefully and then Chromose said why are you calling Dracox as Chief Mereon said that I made up my mind then he asks Dracox if you have any problem Dracox said I have no problem Then the Chief i.e. Dracox asked Mereon you were about to say something. Mereon said, first let the stone come, then I will tell you, Mereon and Celevia goto Saxeon Planet. It takes 3 days to find the stone. Finally it is inside a box in a cave.They both bring that stone to Dracox. Dracox gives that stone to Carel Johnsen. He also sends CJ to thetarraning room where he has tooccasion recognize his powers. Dracox tells him that there is a power of power in you. Day software company catches fire.Dracox tells them all where there is a fire,they all go there C.J is also present on that occasion.

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Animax Lot of fun anime

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